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Location Near Savannah, Georgia, Chosen For New U.S. Caesarstone Plant

Posted on 31 October 2013 by cradmin

Caesarstone has reportedly selected Richmond Hill, Ga., (just outside of Savannah) as the location for its first quartz surfacing plant in the United States. This is the first plant the company has built outside of its home country of Israel, and it is said to be an investment of between $70 million and $100 million, and will be operational by the fourth quarter of 2014.

A formal announcement has yet to be made by Caesarstone, but the Savannah Morning News ran a story on October 29 quoting county officials that an agreement had been reached (read the story here).

The new quartz surfacing plant is expected to create up to 200 new jobs, and the site was reportedly chosen over other locations in Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee and South Carolina.

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All Star Adhesives Offers V-Groove Tape

Posted on 29 October 2013 by cradmin

all start v-groove-carbon-fiberAll Star Adhesives offers v-groove tape for solid surface applications. The tape comes in two versions – Hand Held Rolls and Machine Grade Rolls. The Hand Held Rolls of v-groove tape vary in length from 90 to 105 yards, depending on the product. The rolls are small and light weight, making them suitable for fabricators who are doing v-grooving without the aid of a dedicated v-groove machine. The smaller nature of the roll makes it easier for those using CNC routers and hand-held routers. The Machine Grade Rolls vary in length from 500 to 1,025 yards, depending on the product. They all measure roughly 14 in. in diameter and are intended for the large v-grooving machines with dedicated taping heads. The large size of the rolls allows a fabricator to put the tape on the machine and get maximum, continued application without downtime.

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Omni Cubed Offers Pro-Cart Tool Tray Accessory

Posted on 28 October 2013 by cradmin

omni cubed tool tray accessory 3Omni Cubed now offers a new Tool Tray Accessory for use with its Pro-Cart AT1 and AT2. The accessory enables transportation of heavy tool bags/cases to the install location without interfering with the cart’s ability to carry countertops. The product increases efficiency by reducing the number of trips to and from the truck, plus reduces worker strain. The trays set in place on each side of the cart and are quickly added or removed without tools. The trays are compact and lightweight for easy storage, are made of non-rusting aluminum and each set includes two tool trays. Weight capacity per tray is 150 lbs.


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Using a Poultice to Remove Stains in Granite

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Using a Poultice to Remove Stains in Granite

Posted on 25 October 2013 by cradmin

This video, presented by Great Lakes Granite & Marble in Redford, Mich., is a useful look at the steps of stain removal from granite and stone countertops using a poultice. The video lists what types of poultice to use on what type of stain; tells what to make a poultice out of, and then walks through the steps, from mixing to the final process, to remove a stain.

While I’m not sure it is the best idea for a homeowner to try this, certainly any granite fabricator should probably understand the process and be able to perform it, should the need arise.

If you have a good tips video to share, please send us your YouTube link at [email protected] for consideration.

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You’re the Owner, You’re the Expert

Posted on 24 October 2013 by CRadmin2

Five Ways to Leverage Your Business Acumen Locally

For William, finally hanging the ‘grand opening’ banner on the facade of his business was a dream realized. After years of drafting and redrafting plans and budgets, applying for loans and acquiring the initial capital to break ground on his new property, he was able to turn his goal of owning and operating a local business into a reality.

At a recent chamber of commerce meeting, William found himself in a conversation with a colleague that proved invaluable. Amidst discussion of business tactics and customer development techniques, he was clued in on a spectrum of opportunities to generate brand recognition and supplemental revenue that he was previously unaware of.

As the proprietor, William’s expertise not only applies to the daily operations of his business but to the wider scope of finding success in the small-business sector as a whole – and in a bipolar economic landscape, there is tangible demand for individuals with proven accomplishments in this area. Regardless of his status as a neophyte to the world of business ownership, there are opportunities available to leverage his knowledge.

Here are a few of the ways that you, as a business owner, can employ your unique brand of expertise to build your local reputation and secure a stout customer base:

1. Speaking at Service Clubs

Getting involved with speaking at local service clubs is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to the professional-minded public and to share your business savvy with others. The first step is to research service clubs in your area and start contacting the necessary parties about guest-speaking opportunities.

Now, the initial hang-up most business owners find is that they do not see how sharing the inner-workings of their specific business will be of value to anyone else. When speaking, you need to stretch your expertise so that it applies to a wider audience – not just those in your immediate industry. You do not need to delve into the intricate details of how your particular trade is run – there are overarching principles that apply to operating a flourishing business – and as an example of the payoff that comes with applying them, you are qualified to educate others (while subtlety promoting yourself).

Starting to speak at the local level can also catalyze a larger speaking career. Begin crafting a presentation and approaching the necessary parties to get your voice heard.

2. Stir the Pot by Writing Op-Eds

Tossing a bit of proverbial kerosene on a contentious conversation is an assured way to cause your name to resonate within your community. There are numerous hot-button business issues that continuously circulate in the media and spur lively debates  – minimum wage, unions and mandatory insurance, to name a few. By writing an opinion-editorial that could possibly be placed in daily newspapers with large circulations, you can state your position on a variety of relevant issues, and establish a wider-range of name-recognition.

3. Foster a Thriving Business Community with Mentoring

What better way is there to put your skills on display than to take an aspiring business owner under your wing? Businesses thrive when there is a layer of mutual support, and that often involves working together for a common goal: carving a niche in the community for profitable, locally-owned companies. Attend networking events and connect with others who are in the same position you were in before your dream became an actuality – an individual with an idea and an implementable plan, and coach them through the process that you experienced.

Starting a business can be a painstaking and oft frustrating progression; by acting in a mentoring and advisory role for others, you can help navigate some of the roadblocks that come along the way and create a tightknit community of proprietors and reciprocal customers for life.

4. Guest Columns in Local Publications

Weekly and monthly tabloid-sized publications are regularly seeking fresh content with local angles to fill space on their pages, and submitting guest columns reinforces your identity as a stalwart in the local business arena. Common themes can include commercial trends, regional events or opportunities – essentially any topic that allows you to provide your unique insight.

The readership of homegrown newspapers and magazines is extremely diverse. From the college student seeking weekend plans to the local business magnate in the market for legitimate sales prospects, there is a forum to offer your advice and expertise to a varied audience, which brings a wide-ranging customer base through your doors.

5. Participate in Regional Radio Interviews

While guest columns and opinion-editorials in print have a longer-lasting impact toward your business aims – it is a permanent medium for your thoughts and know-how – radio interviews can provide an immediate boon to your profit margins.

Connecting with decision makers with local radio outlets – via social media or email – is a fantastic first step to donning headphones and contributing in-studio. Many producers and personalities are also active at community networking events, and a brief conversation and a number exchange may lead to an on-air interview.

After his enlightening conversation, William began employing the techniques outlined by his colleague, and saw a significant increase in his bottom-line and local profile. By utilizing his distinct set of expertise to contribute in other facets of the business realm, he has amplified his reach and cemented his position as an erudite force in the local community.

About the Author:

Russell Trahan is president of PR/PR, a boutique public relations agency specializing in positioning clients in front of their target market in print and online. PR/PR represents experts of all kinds who are seeking national exposure for their business or organization. Trahan and PR/PR will raise your business’ awareness in the eyes of your clients and customers.  For more information, visit or email [email protected] for a free consultation.

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StonExpo Joined By 3rd Show, Expands To Twice Annually

Posted on 23 October 2013 by cradmin

Hanley Wood announced that a new, third show, will join with its combined StonExpo and Surfaces event in January, and that it is launching a second StonExpo show on the East Coast in October. The new third leg of the event, TileExpo, will be housed alongside of the two previous shows in a mega trade show event Hanley Wood is calling “The International Surface Event.” Additionally, the show will be held twice in 2014 (and presumably beyond) with the second instance October 19 to 22  in the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami Beach, Fla., and monikered as “The International Surface Event East.”

“We are thrilled to launch these two events. TileExpo will be the perfect complement to SURFACES and StonExpo/Marmomacc Americas,” said Dana Teague, Vice President of Hanley Wood Exhibitions. “Launching The International Surface Event East diversifies our geographic and market segment reach, and creates new opportunities for our audiences to engage with the industry.”

According to a release by the company, TileExpo will have an array of  innovative, trend-setting and distinctive tile products. It will offer an education program that includes hands-on demonstrations and on-floor education.

Industry trade groups seemed to have favorable reaction to the second, eastern, event. “The International Surface Event East will fill a void that has been missing,” said Jim Hieb, executive vice president and CEO of The Marble Institute of America (MIA). “We are eager to see all of our members and industry colleagues in Miami Beach.”

Matt Lansing, executive director of the Stone Fabricators Alliance (SFA) said, “The SFA is very pleased with Hanley Wood’s decision to launch The International Surface Event East. We believe in a Fall show that allows businesses to take advantage of annual fiscal tax opportunities, which are beneficial to suppliers and customers alike. We look forward to this expansion and are confident that this show will be appreciated and embraced by all involved.”

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Stone and Tile Pros Offers Stone and Tile Field Guide

Posted on 22 October 2013 by cradmin

dimension stone guideStone and Tile Pros has issued a new reference manual – the Dimension Stone and Tile Field Guide: Failures Troubleshooting, Investigation and Analysis Reference Manual, recommended for anyone that works with stone or tile. A wealth of information can be found in this manual, with contributions from seasoned experts with many decades of cumulative experience. The field guide will arm the reader with the tools and information to diagnose failures, including essential forensic testing procedures, charts and illustrations, exhaustive glossary of terms, and includes current and valuable resources at your disposal.

 The Manual Includes:
• Reference guide for forensic testing—what tests are for what, how to do them, what instruments or tools are needed, and lab tests you may need
• Hi-res images and illustrations throughout
• Charts and tables
• Glossary of terms
• Interactive DVD with voice over video presentations
• Articles section
• Lifetime access to Resource Library
• Mobile APP for smart phones and tablets

Click Here for more information about the guide.

Click Here to Purchase the Stone and Tile Field Guide.

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New Cosentino Dekton Product Makes U.S. Debut

Posted on 21 October 2013 by cradmin

Cosentino Dekton NaoneCosentino has been focusing much of its recent efforts on its roll out of the new Dekton surfacing product. The product, has been the buzz of the hard surfaces industry since a sneak peak was given of the product at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) earlier this year. According to the company, it is the most significant new product launch for Cosentino in over a decade, representing more than 22,000 hours of research and development and investment of $172 million. The product is made from a blend of raw materials used in the production of refined glass, porcelain, and quartz, and uses a new proprietary process deemed “Particle Sintering Technology” (PST), which the company describes as an accelerated version of the metamorphic rock formation process that occurs in nature, where rock is subjected to intense heat and pressure over thousands of years. To manufacture Dekton, Cosentino has reduced this process to four hours with extreme heat and pressure. The result is an ultra-compact surface with UV resistance, high strength and performance, high resistance to impact, scratches and abrasion and very low water absorption. It also provides thermal shock resistance against heat, frost and thawing. These properties make it suitable for interior countertop and flooring applications as well as exterior applications in virtually any climate.

At a recent press event and exhibition opening at the New York Center for Architecture, Cosentino announced the global launch of its new Dekton surfacing product, as well as the construction of a state-of-the-art factory at the company’s manufacturing headquarters in Spain. It will reportedly be offered in 56- by 126-in. slabs, in thicknesses from 1.2- to 3-cm, and in several finishes, and will be available in the United States in December. Dekton is being manufactured in three collections containing 14 different colors total. The Solids collection includes three lighter colors, Halo, Zenith, Ariane, and four darker colors, Spectra, Sirius, Domoos and Ananke. The Natural Collection includes four colors that feature subtle swirls and veining, Danae, Sirocco, Aura and Naone (pictured here). The Tech Collection, which has an industrial look of browns and grays, includes the colors Kadum, Keranium and Strato.

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Amazing and Unique Countertop Projects

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Amazing and Unique Countertop Projects

Posted on 18 October 2013 by cradmin

We ran across this video of some amazing work done by Gene McDonald, of Refresh Interiors, located in Florida. The work is very unique and is truly “art.” Using a variety of techniques, such as various edge treatments, inlays, thermoforming, layering, backlighting, unusual shapes and more, the company truly gives its customers one-of-a-kind creations, personalized just for them.

Another thing you will note when you watch this video is that the company uses a variety of materials including stone, quartz, solid surface, glass, recycled glass, paper-based composites, bamboo, metals, concrete, semi-precious stones and even a material that glows in the dark.

This is just one of many videos showcasing the talent at Refresh Interiors, but you should get the picture by viewing it. And while we may not be the biggest fans of the music choice on the video, we here at are certainly fans of the work…

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Glue Warehouse Changes Name, Adds New Product Offering

Posted on 17 October 2013 by cradmin

glue warehouseGlue Warehouse has added sinks to its line-up of product offerings. In addition to adhesive products for use with granite, other natural stone, solid surface and quartz surfacing, the company will now offer Fürst stainless steel and vitreous china sinks, Gemstone Solid Surface sinks and Blanco SilGranite sinks. Along with the addition of sinks the company will operate under the new name “Sink and Glue Warehouse” and will continue to ship its products from its network of eight national warehouses.

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