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IPS Adhesives Establishes Center of Excellence

Posted on 07 May 2020 by cradmin3

IPS Adhesives, provider of premium quality adhesives, has established a manufacturing Center of Excellence in its North Carolina, ISO 9001:2015 Certified facility. This coincides with the company’s recent investments in production as well as the centralization of the R&D and customer service activities for North America at the Durham facility.

The inception of the Center of Excellence was inspired by IPS Adhesives’ drive for continuous improvement to serve and support customers through lean and innovative practices. In addition to enhancing on-time delivery, customers should see faster response times through new, more agile processes. Part of this includes an established standard stocking of 165 of the company’s best-selling colors along with the ability to quickly produce another 100+ made-to-order colors.

Creating the Center of Excellence also included several changes following the Continuous Improvement process that added more production cells and increased output. It also involved the implementation of a new QC tinting/testing lab dedicated to surfacing adhesives and hosting the latest color-matching and verification technology.

With these upgrades, the transition of the manufacturing of surfacing adhesives under the Integra Adhesives brand from Abbotsford, Canada to Durham will be complete. This move allows production and customer support teams to be geographically closer to the majority of the market, thereby boosting service.

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Tenax Introduces Glaxs 2+1 Colored Cartridges

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Tenax Introduces Glaxs 2+1 Colored Cartridges

Posted on 18 June 2018 by cradmin

Tenax has introduced Glaxs 2+1 Colored Cartridges as the newest addition to its line of adhesive dispensing systems. Glaxs fast glues are two-part cartridge glues that are suitable for stone, marble, granite and ceramic. Once inserted into the proper dispenser gun (Use with M200XMR cartridge gun), the product is ready for use. It can be used for bonding and mending. Includes 2 extrusion nozzles.

Product features include:
• Zero yellowing to sunlight
• Excellent adhesion
• No gray lines or shadowing
• Approx. 20 minute cure time
• Pre color matched – ready to use
• Indoor/outdoor use
• Zero VOC
• 50+ colors available – most popular colors matched

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Tenax Introduces Titanium Glue

Posted on 18 August 2017 by cradmin

1AAA00BM01-2TTenax Titanium glue has been developed with the latest Vinyl Ester technology.  According to the company Titanium is ideal for seaming, laminations, miter cuts, and chip repair on all granite, marbles, quartz and quartzite materials.

Tenax Titanium boasts workability and easy ability to stir and spread. It is available in knife grade and flowing formulas. The material reportedly has excellent adhesion in a short amount of time which enables the stone to be handled quickly even at low temperatures. Titanium works on white and light colored marble, quartz, and quartzite materials and can also take color for darker stones.

After the addition of the hardener the glue will change color but will return to the original white color after a few minutes. This can be used as a catalyst indicator. To retain the white color after curing it is important to not use more than the recommended amount of hardener. Tenax Titanium contains a UV absorber.

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Tenax Offers Mastidek Indoor/Outdoor Cartridge Glue for Cosentino Dekton

Posted on 09 February 2017 by cradmin

Mastidek Dekton GlueTenax’s Mastidek Indoor/Outdoor Cartridge Glue for Cosentino Dekton is a new generation bi-component adhesive used to glue Dekton, and the only one specifically made for Dekton. The glue is officially approved by Cosentino and is on the Cosentino product list. It is the only cartridge glue that carries the Dekton Logo because it was developed by Cosentino Spain.

Mastidek has a very high adhesion in a short amount of time which allows for cutting and polishing the assembled parts in a short time. The hardened product is very shiny and is very polishable. This product is produced in cartridges with a 2:1 mix ratio. The glue and hardener are pre-colored in the cartridge with the Cosentino approved color match.The adhesive requires use of a 2:1 cartridge gun.It has been fully tested to withstand 15 years outdoors with zero yellowing.

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SCIGRIP Announces Acquisition of Glue Boss

Posted on 07 February 2017 by cradmin

gluebossSCIGRIP, a manufacturer of specialty methacrylate adhesives, announced that it has completed the acquisition of Glue Boss Incorporated. Glue Boss will join Integra Adhesives and Glue Warehouse, which have both been bought out in recent years. In addition to the surfacing industry, SCIGRIP is also a provider of adhesive for use in marine, transportation, product assembly and building and construction markets.

Headquartered in Elkhart, Ind., Glue Boss is an established name in the manufacture and supply of surfacing adhesives. SeamPro, SeamBoss and StoneBond brands are reported as being high strength and reliable for bonding quartz, granite, marble, sintered stone, porcelain and acrylic surfaces.

According to SCIGRIP, the purchase of Glue Boss represents a strategic step in the company’s long term growth plan to supply high quality, innovative products to the stone and solid surface industry, and will provide significant benefits for new and existing customers of both organizations.

The Glue Boss name will remain, with products available for order through the current Glue Boss and SCIGRIP distribution outlets. Manufacturing will remain in Indiana for the immediate future, but will eventually move to SCIGRIP.

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Tenax Offers Mastidek Cartridge Glue for Cosentino Dekton

Posted on 15 August 2016 by cradmin

TenaxMastidek offered by Tenax is a new generation bi-component resin used to glue Dekton. Dekton Mastidek Fast Outdoor Cartridge glue has a very high adhesion in a short amount of time, which allows for cutting and polishing the assembled parts in approximately 45 to 60 minutes. The hardened product is shiny and is very polishable. This product is produced in special 215 ml cartridges with a 2:1 bi-axial quantity. The glue and hardener are pre-dosed in the cartridge which, once inserted in the proper gun, with the special mixer fixed on top, allows the correct extrusion and mixing of the product. It requires use of special M200XMR Cartridge Gun, and is suitable for use outdoors.

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SCIGRIP Acquires Integra Adhesives, Consolidation Effect on Future Unsure

Posted on 08 April 2016 by cradmin

3 glue logosAccording to a recent press release, Integra Adhesvies, one of the largest adhesives companies serving the countertop/surfacing market, was bought out this month by SCIGRIP Smarter Adhesives Solutions, a global manufacturer of structural and engineered adhesive products and a wholly owned subsidiary of IPS Corporation. Known already for acquiring top talent in this segment of the surfacing market, such as its acquisition of GlueWarehouse.com, which included industry icons Chad Thomas and Ray Aleksic, as well as hiring well known surfacing adhesives expert Bryan Stannard, formerly of ITW Polymers Sealants North America (previously known as Plexus), SCIGRIP is definitely making a move to dominate the market. Integra Adhesives has a solid reputation and years of experience serving the countertop/surfacing market providing adhesive for solid surface, quartz and natural stone. It remains to be seen if SCIGRIP can now maintain its hold on all of the top talent it has on board. In this reporter’s estimation, doing any less would open doors for its diminishing number of competitors to point to the size, but lack of specific long-term industry expertise.

According to the release, Integra Adhesives will maintain its headquarters in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, and manufacturing will take place both there and in Durham, N.C., but it is fair to wonder how long that can take place before a shift to a single facility and the cost reduction of economies of scale will come into play.

Also fair to wonder is how GlueWarehouse.com will be affected in the face of this buyout of its largest North American competitor. Some speculate SCIGRIP will fold the two entities together creating a powerhouse of knowledge, experience, salesmanship and industry respect. However, others say this will mean cutting some of the most industry-trusted staff in one or both companies – Integra and/or GlueWarehouse.com, which would likely weaken its position, especially considering it also has a European arm requiring expertise.

This move, while going against what we’ve been seeing in the market with more and more adhesive companies coming into play in the past half a dozen years, is not really all that surprising. That is once you take into account the team-up recently announced between TENAX and GlueBoss, as well as the fact that Colt Industries dropped Corian and Zodiaq in 17 states, dropping SCIGRIP (private-labeled) along with the DuPont materials and replacing it with GlueBoss.

One move that may be expected is a price drop in the SCIGRIP products to undercut GlueBoss and force it out of the market, giving the former a near-monopoly in the marketplace. However, 0ne may also wonder if other foreign players, such as Confiad, which seems to be making a move to increase its awareness in the marketplace, might now have an opportunity. Also, although ITW PSNA (formerly Plexus) is appearing to be withdrawing from the surfacing industry as of late, this may prove to be an opportunity for it to get back in the game. Of course, only time will tell how this all plays out, but fabricators we have spoken with appear to be nervous that they will have less choice along with less expertise. Of course Jean Poisson of Integra seems to have done well during his tenure in the industry and with the likes of Thomas, Stannard and Aleksic can certainly take on all comers.

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Gluewarehouse.com Earns Greenguard Certification, Makes Environmental Product Declaration

Posted on 10 December 2015 by cradmin

Gluewarehouse.com earned GREENGUARD Gold Certification and released an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for its countertop/surfacing adhesives. The EPD, done via UL Environment, provides users with comprehensive information the environmental impact pf a product, including it’s impact on acidification, eutrophication, depletion of natural resources and energy consumption, as well as its carbon footprint, . The EPD required the company to undergo an extensive audit conducted by UL Environment, an independent organization that performs environmental testing and certification. “We have seen a significant increase in projects that are specified to include the Greenguard certification, especially commercial projects,” said Chad Thomas of Gluewarehouse.com “Our advanced formulation has achieved Gold certification and can be specified for use in facilities that demand the lowest level of VOC’s such as schools and medical facilities.”

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Chemical Concepts Introduces C-30 Seam Adhesive for Marble and Marble-like Quartz/Stone

Posted on 24 November 2015 by cradmin

chemical concepts c30 marblemaster adhesiveChemical Concepts introduced its C-30 Marblemaster seaming adhesive, designed to form a strong bond and a good color match with a variety of marbles and marble-like quartz, granite and other natural stones. It is suitable for fabricating countertops, bathroom vanities, and other marblesque surfaces, and is usable on mitre joints, laminated edges and seams. Available in a range of colors that are specifically blended to match many popular types of marble looks, including many shades of white that are often difficult to match. Depending on the color, they cure to either an opaque or translucent finish.

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Integra Adhesives Launches New Versatile Surface Bonder ULTRA

Posted on 04 November 2015 by cradmin

integra surface bonder adhesiveIntegra Adhesives launched Surface Bonder ULTRA, a new adhesive made for an wide range of surfaces and applications. The adhesive works in extreme weather conditions, indoor and outdoor and has a high UV resistance, so colors will not fade in the sun. Surface Bonder ULTRA can be fabricated to provide a honed, gloss or textured finish during cure helping to create invisible seams on any surface. With more than 4,000PSI bond strength, it will bond to multiple surfaces, including quartz natural stone, ceramic, ultra-compact materials and glass. And it won’t stain or yellow and so is ideal for white material.

Offered pre-colored in a 215ml 2:1 cartridges or as a tintable clear adhesive in a quart can, Surface Bonder Ultra is the newest addition to Integra’s line of adhesives and accessories. Color charts can be downloaded from the company’s website or app.

Visit Integra Adhesives at www.integra-adhesives.com/products/surface-bonder-ultra/ for more details.

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