Water Treatment Solutions Case Study: Granite Source of Michigan

Water Treatment Solutions presents this video case study of Granite Source of Michigan. George Matei, Production Manager at Granite Source, talks about the company’s experience with the installation of a new water treatment system. Matei highlights how the Water Treatment Solutions team assisted with identifying their water needs and usage, and then fitting them with the system that would work within their limited space.


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Get to Know Moraware

What started out as a brotherly favor, is now a series of proven products that has helped thousands of growing countertop fabricators across North America, and the World, sell professionally, streamline their shop processes, and get to the next level. Here at Moraware, we take a consultative approach, to ensure shop owners are selecting the right solutions to their problems, and then support them through onboarding and implementation.

Every year, we have thousands of conversations with fabricators about their processes and business problems, keeping Moraware aligned with best practices and aware of pain points. As a result, we invest in improving our products’ functionality and reliability to solve more of our customers’ problems over time. Today we are proud to have over 14,000 users, in more than 2,000 shops, creating over 30,000 quotes and 30,000 jobs a week! Learn more about how our products, CounterGo and Systemize, can take your shop to the next level at www.moraware.com.

Water Treatment Solutions Case Study: Hard Rock Stone Works

Water Treatment Solutions presents this video case study of the installation for Michigan-based fabricator Hard Rock Stone Works. Robert Finn, V.P. of Operations, describes the issues the company was experiencing with water filtration and the seamless installation of new water treatment systems. Finn also discusses the customer service they received, … Read more

Porcelain Scratch Repair

Porcelain is a strong and scratch-resistant surface. But, it is possible for an object with equal or greater hardness to scratch it during use. Cookware and plates that drag on the countertop can scratch it. This video from Chemical Concepts demonstrates how to repair scratches in porcelain countertops using SurfaceRenu … Read more

Video: Porcelain Countertop Discussion

This episode of Tile Tech Talk presented by Crossville focuses on some of the most frequently asked questions about the company receives about Porcelain Countertops. Although this conversation is specific to Crossville, much of the information is applicable to other porcelain products. Noah Chitty, Crossville’s Director of Technical Services, addresses … Read more

Solid Surface Seamless Sink Trimming

In this video Andy Graves of TheFabricatorNetwork.com shows how trimming a solid surface sink can be made easy with the right tooling. He uses a 10 degree flush trim router bit to cut the excess solid surface countertop flush with the Corian sink. This procedure will make sanding the sink … Read more

Video: Solid Surface Double Cut Seam

TheFabricatorNetwork.com offers a wide variety of informative fabrication videos. In this particular video, Andy Graves takes you through the steps to double cut a seam to create the perfect joint, ready for adhesive. Although this process may take some time to set up, you can achieve invisible solid surface joints, … Read more

Preview of ASST Virtual Shop Tour Taking Place Jan. 13

In response to the inability to safely travel and hold in-person meetings, ISFA has been having monthly virtual shop tours, and recently announced it will feature world-class fabricator ASST at 1pm EST on January 13, 2021. ISFA released a teaser video showing the high-end work performed by ASST, based in … Read more

Video: How to Install Formica Writable Surfaces Cabinets

This video from Formica provides step-by-step instruction on how to apply Writable Surfaces laminate to kitchen cabinets. Although this video says it’s for DIY, the complexity and equipment required make it seem more like something a customer would want to hire a professional for.      

Video: “Designing Your Covid Life”

In their book Designing Your Work Life, Bill Burnett, Executive Director of the Design Program at Stanford, and Dave Evans, Lecturer, Product Design Program at Stanford, Management Consultant and co-founder of Electronic Arts, discuss how design thinking can help transform our present job and our experience of work by utilizing … Read more