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Park Industries Introduces HydroClear Pro Water Systems

Posted on 10 August 2021 by cradmin4

The HydroClear PRO Water Systems from Park Industries represent a new generation of water recycling. The PRO Series saves floor space with an all-in-one design that eliminates the need for a separate holding tank. It is available in six different models and is customizable to meet varying shop’s water needs. The HydroClear PRO can accommodate up to 170 gallons of water per minute.

According to Park Industries, industrial activity accounts for about 20 percent of global water consumption. The HydroClear Systems utilize a closed loop recycling system that will enable you to reduce your water consumption by as much as 90 percent.

The HydroClear PRO series includes a four chemical system that manages coagulant, flocculent, bromine, and pH levels.  Each of the chemicals are monitored and automatically dispensed to ensure that the water is in spec. 

The HydroClear PRO is also loaded with new upgrades including a touch screen monitor with real-time metrics(flow rate, water levels, etc), a pit stir system that continuously stirs the water (this eliminates solids from settling in the pit, removing the need to clean out the slurry pit), an optional second stage polymer feed which allows for dosing precise quantities of flocculant to the system, a status notification light indicator and an optional limited ceiling height installation kit for shops with low ceilings or cranes to work around.

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Video: Park Industries Messaging During Tough Times

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Video: Park Industries Messaging During Tough Times

Posted on 29 April 2020 by cradmin

During the current troubled times that not only this industry, but virtually all industries are facing, it is critical to establish clear messaging that you are there for your customer and will be for the long haul. Park Industries recently put out such a video that is a prime example of just such a message.

It’s critical that the message is honest and genuine, while also comforting, which Park seemed to capture in very good form. Take a look at it and think about your own organization’s position.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and what messages you are putting out during this uncertain situation. At the same time, the company has continued to launch new products and push forward, optimistic about the future.

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Park Industries TITAN 3000

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Park Industries Introduces TITAN 3000 Series

Posted on 21 April 2020 by cradmin3

Park Industries has introduced the new TITAN® 3000 CNC Router Series. It has been redesigned to dominate high-speed polishing, packed with operator friendly upgrades and maintenance automation. TITAN 3000 can route, shape, and polish stone with lower costs and maximum uptime.

New features of the TITAN 3000 Series include:

  • Refined for high-speed tooling
  • Faster movements & tool changes
  • Maintenance automation & reduced labor
  • Operator friendly upgrades
  • More protection on rails & spindle

Two Models Available: TITAN® 3700 & TITAN® 3800

Built truly American made with American iron.

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Business Sense: Highlights from the Digital Stoneworking Expo – Orlando, FL

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Business Sense: Highlights from the Digital Stoneworking Expo – Orlando, FL

Posted on 05 November 2019 by cradmin

By Harry Hollander of Moraware

Joe Duszka talking about company culture

Moraware co-sponsored the latest Park Industries Digital Stoneworking Expo in Orlando Florida that took place October 2-3. And as usual, this was a great educational event. Thank you Joan, Mike, Stephanie… and everyone involved.

On Wednesday morning, we had the opportunity to talk about our drawing and job management software with a bunch of countertop fabricators. My impression is that there are more new companies entering the stone industry, with ambitions of growing quickly by using technology.

Countertop shop tours
Then, in the afternoon we went on a tour of two fabrication shops. This is always my personal favorite… and while the majority of the attendees are ogling the latest waterjets and CNC’s, I use the opportunity to visit the front offices. I love to understand how fabricators do their estimating, scheduling, and managing their inventory.

First we visited B. Shea Surfaces, which brought back a sense of nostalgia for me. This is one of the first companies I ever tried cold-calling, back in 2003. In those days, the company was one of the largest countertop shops in the region. Butch, the owner, told our group about his struggles during the housing crash in the 2008 & 2009. Their company was focused on production-builder work, and bursting at the seams in 2007, with about 150 employees.

Months before the crash, they invested in a new building and a huge amount of equipment – hoping to double the size of their company. The timing was tragic, and they retrenched significantly. As a consequence of the lessons they learned, they’ve become much more focused on efficiency and automation.

Over the last year, they added significantly to their revenue… without adding additional employees or reducing the quality of their products. And although they continue to make countertops for some builders, they choose to work with only high-end customers.

Next we visited Majestic Marble. Scott Hanes, the owner, had similar luck with timing in 2007. He had just bought the cultured marble company, months before the crash. The rapid change in the market forced him to re-think the business, and they dramatically changed their offering. In a few months, they went from being a provider of low-end custom marble to a high-end granite shop.

It was difficult, but Scott and Majestic have reaped the rewards of investing through the hard times. In addition to the original shop in Orlando, they now have an additional location in Tampa. Because of their focus on systems, processes, training, and technology they’re able to run both shops with similar efficiency and results.

It’s really cool that both shops use our software as “the backbone” of their businesses, and I’m really proud that we played a little part in helping them weather the bad times (and the good!)

The next day was filled with speakers and break-out sessions. All of them were great, but I’ll highlight the ones that really struck a chord with me.

Business metrics for fabricators
Dale Schleppenbach of Park Industries gave a very energetic talk about metrics. I love the idea of fabricators getting more insight into their key performance indicators. But, before you can measure your business, you have to be systematic and process-focused. In a poll of the fabricators in the room, it turns out that less than half had processes defined and documented in their business.

Once you have those processes in place, you can establish measurements to make sure they’re being done consistently and figure out where the top bottleneck in your business is. Once you know that, you take action and remove the bottleneck. Keep repeating that, and your business keeps improving and growing more profitable over time.

Company Culture
I also really liked Joe Duszka’s talk about company culture. Joe is really thoughtful and clear about culture in his own business, and even with his focus and effort, it’s still a huge part of the work he does, especially as the company grew past 50 employees.

One of the provocative exercises he described was having the people on his team articulate how they thought about the culture. Even though there was some alignment, it’s clear that it’s an ongoing task of the leadership to keep the team in alignment. He had a great quote that “when you catch someone in the act of doing something that supports your culture, you need to quickly and publicly acknowledge it.”

This topic is on my mind as we grow the Moraware team, and it’s definitely an area where I need to improve my own skills. Even though I love the numbers, I agree that culture is a huge part of what makes a company great. The performance reviews for employees at Joe’s company, Carolina Custom Surfaces, weigh everyone’s fit for the culture as heavily as their performance on the key metrics in the business.

Also, major thanks to Scott Hanes and Geoffrey Gran for talking about Moraware and the impact we’ve made on their businesses. It’s really humbling and we take the responsibility very seriously.

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Park Industries Introduces SABERjet XP CNC SawJet

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Park Industries Introduces SABERjet XP CNC SawJet

Posted on 20 August 2019 by cradmin

Park Industries has introduced the new SABERjet™ XP CNC SawJet. The  SABERjet XP  is specifically designed to cut ultra-compact, quartzite, and porcelain materials and powers up with the industry-leading 27 hp saw arbor.

According to the company, when paired with the new Hypertherm® predictive maintenance 50 hp or 60 hp waterjet systems, unmatched processing speeds and shop efficiencies can be achieved. The booster pump maintains consistent supply line pressure to the waterjet pump of the SABERjet CNC SawJet.

The SABERjet XP SawJet allows for manual orthogonal stone cutting with the blade in any direction at any desired angle. The complexity of this manual mode cutting is made easy with the SABERjet XP. It allows simple manual cuts without generating a program.

The SawJet utilizes Alphacam, an intelligent and intuitive CAD/CAM software for stone fabrication that provides customers with productivity, reliability and flexibility.

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Business Sense: Digital Stoneworking Expo Recap: Fabricators Sharing Best Practices

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Business Sense: Digital Stoneworking Expo Recap: Fabricators Sharing Best Practices

Posted on 08 July 2019 by cradmin

Digital Stoneworking Expo Recap: Fabricators Sharing Best Practices is Awesome as Ever

By Katherine Gifford of Moraware

Going to the Park Industries’ Digital Stoneworking Expos is always something we look forward to here at Moraware. We try to take turns so that everyone on our team can attend. It gives us more insight into the needs and business problems that our customers and other fabricators are going through. And, it’s really fun to spend some time together in person.

This time, it was yours truly and Harry attending the Chicago event. And we all know how much Harry loves these!

As usual, I learned a lot listening to fabricators sharing their stories and listening to their questions. So, I thought I’d share some of my favorite highlights from the DSE for you!

What is the cost to do nothing?

A lot of fabricators attend these because they know that something needs to change in their shop. And honestly, we should always be changing if we want to keep being successful.

If you are lucky enough to know exactly what the bottleneck in your shop is and how to fix it, what would happen if you continued doing nothing about it? Would you lose money and eventually go out of business? Would you keep having a high employee turnover, which ends up costing you time and money on training and hiring?

It doesn’t matter what it is that is causing you a big fat business headache, it’s going to cost you more to do nothing about it. Sometimes you have to invest in a solution to see better results. This could be developing a better culture to keep your great employees or investing in technology for your shop.

In order to change, you must have a process

So, you decide to go ahead and do something to better your fabrication business. Huge step!It can be overwhelming and pretty darn scary. As Geoffrey Gran from The Countertop Factory said, “Change can be scary, it’s the owner’s job to lead.”

I feel like a broken record here but it’s too true not to say over and over again – every shop needs a process. And it will change as your shop’s bottlenecks change. In the Identifying Your Shop’s Bottlenecks breakout, Brett Brunson of Evolution Granite said, “Bottlenecks – we fix one and find another.” It’s only circled a couple hundred times in my notes…

Attending these events, touring other countertop shops, and asking your fellow fabricators are some first steps in learning how to improve your efficiency and define your process. These tips will help steer you in the right direction and tracking your metrics will help you fine-tune the process that works best for your team.

Labor pains in the stone industry

I found it really interesting that one of the polls showed Labor as the number one business pain. All of the speakers mentioned retaining talent in some way or another. With a labor shortage haunting fabricators of all sizes, training and culture are more important than ever in a countertop shop.

Creating easy processes and taking the time to develop thorough training allows less experienced employees to be successful. It also prevents mistakes and bad habits that can end up costing you.

As for culture, Sepp Vanderputten from Sarto Granite talked about his employees feeling like family. He found that by caring for and treating his team well, they shared the same level of concern for their work.

Thanks for the love

It was incredibly humbling to hear Moraware mentioned as the “lifeline” for many fabricators at this event. In the breakout discussions I attended, I was amazed at how often Moraware came up in different conversations about best practices. Our goal here at Moraware is to help fabricators in their business, whether it’s our software or highlighting best practices and industry resources.

Attending industry events like these are educational for us, too. We learn what fabricators are facing in their businesses and can continue developing solutions to help. Come say hi to us at the next one!

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ISFA Announces 2018 Annual Award Winners

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ISFA Announces 2018 Annual Award Winners

Posted on 30 October 2018 by cradmin

ISFA President Augie Chavez – ISFA Executive Director Amy MIller

The International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA) recently held its Annual Conference in Cancun, Mexico. The 2018 ISFA Award winners were announced at the conclusion of the conference.

The 2018 ISFA Awards winners are:

The Associate of the Year Award is given to the associate member company that in the past year has best exemplified the role of servicing the needs of fabricator member companies, and who has best supported ISFA in all activities. CountertopResource.com is honored to have been the recipient of the 2018 Associate of the Year Award and would like to thank everyone for their continued support.

Augie Chavez, Thierry Delles of Crea Diffusion, Amy Miller

The ISFA Innovator Award is for the fabricator member firm or individual who goes outside the box and creates a product or system that enhances the life of the fabricator.

CREA DIFFUSION (Thierry and Laurent Delles) received this prestigious award for constantly pushing the boundaries of solid surface usage and coming up with unique ways to use it in thermoforming applications, cladding and decorative patterns, as well as getting it places in very high-profile locations such as the Palace of Versailles and the recent exterior application on an entire building in downtown Paris. Thierry Delles attended the conference and graciously accepted the award.

The ISFA Envision Award is awarded to the supplier or manufacturer member that excels in creating something imaginative and special for the surfacing industry. Park Industries received the Envision Award for its development and implementation of a traveling Digital Stoneworking Expo.

Augie Chavez, Omar Salazar of Rockin’teriors, Amy Miller

The ISFA Fabricator of the Year is awarded to an individual of a fabricator member company that in the past year has best exemplified the ISFA ideals of quality, innovation, character and exemplary service to ISFA and/or the decorative surfacing industry, with overall excellence.  Rockin’teriors (Laura Grandlienard) was awarded Fabricator of the Year for focusing on quality and ethics, while also making sure to leave every customer happy. Rockin’teriors is also committed to eco-friendly fabrication, installation, and materials. Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, they recently weathered Hurricane Florence, and they will be a vital part of North Carolina’s rebuilding. Omar Salazar attended the conference and proudly accepted the award on the company’s behalf.

The ISFA Hall of Fame Award is awarded to the individual who has, in the course of his/her career, made significant contributions to the decorative surfacing industry, and has demonstrated leadership and commitment to the ideals of ISFA. This years’ inductee was Mike Duggan. As the original founder of ISFA his drive, intelligence, creativity and hard work were the key elements to founding the organization. Duggan was the original catalyst that brought together the founding members of the association more than 20 years ago and pushed them to work together with him to create ISFA (ISSFA).

Congratulations to all of the winners!

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StoneTalk Episode 39: Mike Schlough and Rob Bromley

Posted on 26 October 2017 by cradmin

In the latest episode of Moraware’s StoneTalk podcast, host Patrick Foley speaks with Mike Schlough and Rob Bromley of Park Industries. The three discuss a variety of topics, including all of the following:

  • What it means to be a family business
  • The difference between making great countertops and making a great business
  • How to run your company efficiently and get the greatest benefit from your equipment
  • Trends in the stone industry

Read the full transcript of this episode here: StoneTalk Episode 39 – Mike Schlough and Rob Bromley

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Park Industries Introduces the Saberjet Sawjet

Posted on 20 October 2017 by cradmin

Park Industries has introduced the Saberjet, a sawjet that can miter with both the blade and water jet.  Its compact design, monoblock structure and small footprint make it ideal for today’s fabrication shop. Three tank options are available including the patent pending slab loader, ballast or standard tank. According to the company the Saberjet is designed for maximum shop efficiency and material yield.

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Park Industries Introduces FASTBACK II Flat Edge Shaper and Polisher

Posted on 05 January 2017 by cradmin

park-industries-fastback-ii-_-nov-2016Park Industries introduced the FASTBACK II Edge Shaper and Polisher. The company states that the FASTBACK II will edge, polish and chamfer countertops and backsplash at a rate of up to 150 lineal feet per hour. This tool can manage material that is 1 – 6 cm thick, 16 in. to 12 ft. long, and 3 in. – 30+ in. wide, producing straight flat edges to 45 degree chamfer top and bottom edge corners up to 1/16 in.

The FASTBACK II’s exclusive Spindle Stagger feature allows an operator to adjust the point at which the tool engages and disengages with the leading and trailing ends of the material. This is said to ensure consistent and total polish end-to-end which is essential for tightly nested slab layouts.

The FASTBACK II includes new features such as intuitive touch-screen controls, optimized oscillation, exclusive Armor Shield protection, and metrics tracking capabilities.

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