Countertop and Surfacing Materials Supplier Directory

When it comes to premium surfacing materials that are used largely for countertops, but also other interior (and even some exterior) projects, the types and brands continue to grow. Over the years, new materials have arrived on the scene and some have become widely accepted, whereas others remain niche.

The following groups, although somewhat arbitrary because even similar materials tend to have slight variations, were compiled in a effort to keep track of what options are available.


Acrylic, Polyester or Blended Solid Surface

Engineered Stone/Quartz Surfacing

Compact/Large-format Ceramic/Sintered Surfaces

Laminate (coming soon)

Natural Stone/Granite (coming soon)

Recycled/Green/Eco-friendly Surfaces (coming soon)

To suggest other categories or have your material added to the list, email [email protected]