Park Industries Announces Two New Video Series

Park Industries, a manufacturer of stone CNC machinery, announced the release of two new video series for the educational benefit and entertainment of stone fabricators. The two series, launching in early May, will tackle machine versatility and optimization topics, how-to’s, and more, keeping fabricators well-versed in machine capabilities and programming.

The “Cut This, Polish That” series showcases expert members of the Park Industries team and their machines taking on cutting and polishing jobs across a variety of different challenges. The “Did You Know? with Dan Anderson” series features programming tips and tricks inspired by customer feedback and Dan Anderson’s 23 years of CNC experience.

“We are excited to introduce these series and connect with fabricators in an exciting new way,” comments Craig Pfannenstein, marketing strategist at Park Industries. “Cut This, Polish That” gives us a playground to try fun projects, speed tests, and anything else our customers want to see on our machines. “Did You Know? with Dan Anderson” packs helpful nuggets of CNC programming tips into easy-to-follow tutorials you can always reference back to.”

Cut This, Polish That – Watch New Episodes Monthly

Dive deeper into the capabilities of stone machinery with Park’s new video series: Cut This, Polish That. See how Park Industries machines stack up to challenging cutting and polishing jobs. Join their team of highly knowledgeable application specialists to gain fabrication insights and watch industry-leading machinery take on anything.

Did You Know? with Dan Anderson – Watch New Episodes Bi-Weekly

Do YOU know what Dan knows? Don’t miss Park Industries’ newest educational series, “Did You Know? with Dan Anderson.” Diving into Dan’s 23 years of CAD / CAM experience, they’ve compiled the most helpful tutorials where Dan, expert Park Industries Technical Trainer, teaches you crucial programming tips and tricks. With new mini episodes every other Thursday, tune in for 10 minutes or less to master your programming skills and save yourself hours on the job.

How to Watch Subscribe to Park Industries YouTube channels to watch new episodes as soon as they air. Episodes from both series will also be available to watch on and social media channels.

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