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Video: Scratch and Acid Testing Granite, Quartzite and Marble

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Video: Scratch and Acid Testing Granite, Quartzite and Marble

Posted on 20 December 2018 by cradmin

While we do not know the details of the claims made by the consumer made in this video nor do we validate them, we believe that there is a teachable moment here, probably more than a few. What we found of most interest in this video is the relatively simple way that testing can show the difference between marble, quartzite and granite.

This video shows three tests – an etching test, and two different scratch tests, based on the Mohs scale, that can be performed to show the differences in hardness and resistance to acid etching. That is not to say that all three materials cannot be scratched or damaged, just that there are differences.

As to the claims made by author of the video, as to the product misrepresentation, there is no documentation of any kind shown in the video that states he was told he was being sold quartzite, and frankly it is not our intention to address any claims made by either party. Simply the idea is to show the testing processes and the differences in materials.

Overall, an educated fabricator is certainly a better fabricator and is in a position to better educate their customers and set expectations no matter the product they choose. And, expectation setting is key to having happy, well-informed customers.

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Stone and Tile Pros Offers Stone and Tile Field Guide

Posted on 22 October 2013 by cradmin

dimension stone guideStone and Tile Pros has issued a new reference manual – the Dimension Stone and Tile Field Guide: Failures Troubleshooting, Investigation and Analysis Reference Manual, recommended for anyone that works with stone or tile. A wealth of information can be found in this manual, with contributions from seasoned experts with many decades of cumulative experience. The field guide will arm the reader with the tools and information to diagnose failures, including essential forensic testing procedures, charts and illustrations, exhaustive glossary of terms, and includes current and valuable resources at your disposal.

 The Manual Includes:
• Reference guide for forensic testing—what tests are for what, how to do them, what instruments or tools are needed, and lab tests you may need
• Hi-res images and illustrations throughout
• Charts and tables
• Glossary of terms
• Interactive DVD with voice over video presentations
• Articles section
• Lifetime access to Resource Library
• Mobile APP for smart phones and tablets

Click Here for more information about the guide.

Click Here to Purchase the Stone and Tile Field Guide.

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Stone Forensics Offers Stone Inspection Training During StonExpo

Posted on 30 October 2012 by cradmin

Stone Forensics will be conducting a Stone Inspector training program in January, 2013, during Stone Expo in Las Vegas. The program is designed to teach the basics of inspecting stone and ceramic tile installations. According to Fred Hueston, who will be conducting the training, “The amount of failures, poor installations and other issues with stone and tile flooring are on the rise. There are only a few qualified inspectors in the United States and there are unfortunately few quality training opportunities in this discipline.”

The program is being offered in Las Vegas so students can observe failures of stone and tile installations in real time. “We will spend an entire day going on inspections as part of the class,” said Hueston.

The program is a a full five days with the certification test on the last day and is only offered once per year with the class size limited to 10 students. The cost of the class is $2,500 per person.

The following will be covered: the geology of stone; understanding the structure of different kinds of stone and marble materials; identification of stone and tile types; quarry techniques that affect the final product; production of tile and slabs; fabrication and installation requirements; physical and chemical testing; stone and tile forensic investigation; diagnosis of problems; stone and tile restoration; repair and replacement; stain removal; troubleshooting; report writing; expert witness testimony; slip resistance; and laboratory testing.

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