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NTCA Offers Free Webinar

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NTCA Offers Free Webinar

Posted on 15 May 2018 by cradmin

The National Tile Contractors Association announced that it will be offering a free webinar on May 22, 2018 at 1 p.m. CDT.

Kurt Zintner will present information about Fundamentals of Expansion Joints for the Tile Installer. The meeting topics will include: Terminology, applicable specifications, product chemistry, and the elements to successfully include expansion joints in ceramic tile installations.

Click Here for registration information.

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Coverings Accepting Submissions for 2018 CID Awards

Posted on 18 October 2017 by cradmin

Coverings is now accepting submissions for the 2018 Coverings Installation and Design Awards (CID). These awards celebrate outstanding achievements in the design and installation of tile and stone in both residential and commercial projects. Submissions are open to architects, designers, builders, contractors, distributors, retailers, installers and other professionals who demonstrate design and/or installation excellence in residential and commercial projects, giving special recognition to stunning stone & tile. Multiple entries are accepted and encouraged. To be considered, projects must have been completed within the past two years (Jan 2016 – Dec 2017) and can be located within or outside of North America. The submission deadline is January 15, 2018.

A grand prize of $3,000 will be awarded to the most outstanding project, showcasing excellence in both design and installation. Category winners will receive $2,000 each for excellence in Tile Installation, Tile Design, Stone Installation and Stone Design in both residential and commercial projects. Additionally, all winners will receive a free one-night stay in Atlanta to attend the Coverings 2018 show along with onsite recognition.

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Bostik Launches Mobile App

Posted on 21 February 2017 by cradmin

bostikThe Bostik Construction USA mobile app is a jobsite specification tool developed to assist architects, construction professionals and do-it-yourself individuals with construction adhesive selection and proper installation. This free to download app features the Bostik Grout Calculator, Bostik training videos and product catalogs. The program also includes direct links to technical support and Safety Data Sheet Requests. The Mobile App supports iOS, Android and Windows devices.

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Installation of a Very Large Seamless Copper Countertop

Posted on 26 August 2016 by cradmin

This video put forward by Mini Mansions Moldings and produced by Evision Media shows the installation of a very large copper countertop. Copper is just one of many different materials that have found a niche in the high end countertop market.

When the video was released several years ago, its creators believed it to be the largest seamless copper countertop ever installed. While we don’t know if that has changed over the years, a larger seamless copper countertop would be difficult to find. While the video doesn’t offer much in the way of details on the fabrication process, it is certainly an interesting view. The countertop is so large it takes more than a half a dozen men to manipulate it and move it into place.

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MIA+BSI Releases Video On Installation Safety

Posted on 25 August 2016 by cradmin

mia-bsi-natural-stone-institute-best practices videoMIA+BSI released a new video, Natural Stone Installation: Best Practices for Safety and Success. This video is the Institute’s first collection of video modules focusing solely on installation safety. The video highlights the fact that there is a significant difference between shop safety, where the environment is familiar, to being on location, where each setting is different and requires a clear plan of action. Completed as part of the 2016 Safety Initiative set forth by the Institute’s safety committee, eight modules are included in the video, addressing the following topics:

  • Overview of installation safety
  • Identifying safety concerns early in the process
  • Requirements for personal protective equipment
  • Installation case studies
  • Best practices for material loading and unloading
  • Manpower and equipment
  • Large-scale commercial installations
  • Tile-setting best practices

Modules are self-contained and arranged so that they can be watched individually or as part of an overall installation safety program. MIA+BSI Vice President Jon Lancto commented, “This is a great training resource for anyone sending installers into the field. Training our installers to be safe and professional can only enhance the value of our products and help retain great employees.”

Physical DVDs of Natural Stone Installation: Best Practices for Safety and Success are available for purchase at www.naturalstoneinstitute.org/2016safetyvideo. The video will also be made available free of charge as part of the soon-to-be-launched Natural Stone University.

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Franke Presents Fast-In Quick Install Kitchen Sink System

Posted on 16 May 2016 by CRadmin2

Franke’s Fast-In Quick Install Kitchen Sink SystemFranke’s Fast-In Quick Install Kitchen Sink System is now available in Lowe’s stores. The system allows for simple no-tools-required, top-mount installation. It is available for single-bowl or double-bowl designs and in traditional or hand-crafted, modern styles. The Fast-In’s pre-attached, spring-loaded clips are the first of its kind in the industry that make installation easier. Installers only need to drop the top-mount sink through the counter-surface opening and press down until the built-in clips click into position, rather than going underneath the sink to attach screws. Available in 18- or 20-gauge stainless steel, the sinks are suitable for for laminate, tile and solid-surface countertops. According to the company, they do not rust, chip or stain. They come in models with extra-large sink bowls and have slim rims and sound-dampening pads.  The sinks are available in one- and four-hole configurations for use with a variety of fixtures. Each sink carries a limited lifetime warranty.

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Coverings Seeks Submissions for 2016 Installation & Design Awards

Posted on 24 October 2015 by cradmin

Coverings CID AwardsCoverings is seeking submissions for its 2016 Coverings Installation & Design (CID) Awards. The awards honor projects that feature creative designs and demonstrate technical mastery in stone and tile in commercial, international, residential and sustainable projects. There is no fee to submit an entry and multiple entries are accepted and encouraged. It is open to architects, builders, contractors, designers, distributors, installers, retailers and other professionals who exhibit skills in design and installation excellence. All winning projects will be honored on Mon. April 18, 2016 at the CID Awards & Opening Night Celebration. The celebration will include a cocktail reception with a presentation of the winning projects during an interactive showcase. This will give attendees the opportunity to meet the professionals behind the industry-leading projects. The CID Awards & Opening Night Celebration is free and open to all attendees.

Entries can only be submitted via through Coverings’ online portal and must be received by January 18, 2016. Each submission must include a 500-word project narrative; materials information and a minimum of four photographs of the project. If the submission is for an installation award, photographs of the actual install and a technical write up describing the install are required. The entries will be evaluated by an independent panel of judges based on excellence in execution and installation, original and inspiring use of stone or tile and overall design and purpose of the project. Projects will be judged on their levels of creativity, craftsmanship, and use of materials. Projects featuring unusual use of materials or incorporating innovative technology will be highlighted.

Installers and designers of the Grand Prize winning projects will each receive a one-night hotel stay in Chicago and $2,000. All winners must be able to attend the CID Awards & Opening Night Celebration. If the chosen winner is unable to attend, the project will be disqualified and a new winner awarded, with the exception of international projects.

The “Scouting Shot” category is new to the CID Awards program for 2016. This gives projects with amateur photography the opportunity to be professionally photographed. The winning project will receive a complimentary professional photo shoot prior to the show. The photos will be on display at the Opening Night Celebration.

More information about the Coverings 2016 show is available here.

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Groves Inc. Introduces New Heavy Duty Stone Lifter and Transporter

Posted on 18 August 2015 by cradmin

Groves ST-1 The new Heavy Duty ST1 Stone Lifter and Transporter is now available from Groves Incorporated. According to the company, stone slabs weighing up to 396 lbs. and measuring from 25- to 48- in. tall by 60- in. wide can be raised and lowered with its patented silent winch. The possibility of damage to the stone or injury to an employee is lessened by the lifting mast that encloses the steel lifting cable and rubber pads on the carrying brackets. The 16- in. puncture resistant wheels are designed to make job site transportation easier and safer. Materials can be pivoted 90 degrees on the axis of the mast to fit through doorways with a shift to the side function. For ease of installation the material can also be lifted to a maximum height of 63 in. and rotated 360 degrees.

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EST Devices Offers New Slab Transporation & Installation Cart

Posted on 06 November 2014 by cradmin

EST Slab CartThe Slab Transportation & Installation Cart created by Easy Slab Transportation Devices (EST) is designed to improve how stone countertops are fabricated, transported and installed. The patented technology allows users to safely, quickly, and efficiently handle even the largest slabs, potentially allowing for fewer seams. Constructed with a lightweight, yet sturdy frame and incorporating top-notch components, the cart offers a wide base and high-profile wheels that allow for safe and directed movement even over rough terrain. It also has a rotating crank-based lift/tilt mechanism that makes it easier to maneuver any size piece through even the tightest of passageways, which allows for less risk of injury or breakage, reports the company.

Because of the ease at which slab materials can be transported with this device, the number of workers on an install crew could be reduced, allowing for the servicing of more jobs, the limiting of expenses and the increase of workplace efficiency. And, the company offers a 100 percent, no questions asked guarantee.

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Fabricator Profile: Trindco

Posted on 06 June 2014 by cradmin

trindco 1Hunter Adams, owner of Trindco, understands that success can be more easily achieved when the employer and the employees are all working towards identical goals. Adams has put a system into place for his installers whereby they are evaluated through the use of metrics in order to increase efficiency and reduce mistakes, which increases company profits and the wages earned by each installer.

Adams said that by using metrics in the areas of efficiency and accuracy, he can get the greatest returns from his installers. He breaks the information down by employee and evaluates the performance of each according to customer feedback and callbacks. If an installer has to visit a client several times on a single callback, he knows that the job is not being done in the most efficient manner possible. Once the monthly statistics are analyzed, the installation manager then sits down with the installer to review his or her performance.

The efficiency of each installer then determines the amount of compensation they receive for their work. This allows talented installers to rise quickly through the ranks based on performance rather than years of experience.

Founded in 1987, Trindco is a surfacing fabricator of numerous products such as granite, quartz surfacing, soapstone, solid surface, recycled materials, wood and more. Based in Suffolk, Va., it focuses on residential customers in Southern Virginia and North Carolina. The company fabricates around 400 sq. ft. to 500 sq. ft. of surfacing materials per day and has showrooms in two cities: Suffolk and Virginia Beach.

Read more of this Fabricator Profile here:
Trindco Uses Metrics to Boost Accuracy and Productivity

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