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Video: Scratch and Acid Testing Granite, Quartzite and Marble

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Video: Scratch and Acid Testing Granite, Quartzite and Marble

Posted on 20 December 2018 by cradmin

While we do not know the details of the claims made by the consumer made in this video nor do we validate them, we believe that there is a teachable moment here, probably more than a few. What we found of most interest in this video is the relatively simple way that testing can show the difference between marble, quartzite and granite.

This video shows three tests – an etching test, and two different scratch tests, based on the Mohs scale, that can be performed to show the differences in hardness and resistance to acid etching. That is not to say that all three materials cannot be scratched or damaged, just that there are differences.

As to the claims made by author of the video, as to the product misrepresentation, there is no documentation of any kind shown in the video that states he was told he was being sold quartzite, and frankly it is not our intention to address any claims made by either party. Simply the idea is to show the testing processes and the differences in materials.

Overall, an educated fabricator is certainly a better fabricator and is in a position to better educate their customers and set expectations no matter the product they choose. And, expectation setting is key to having happy, well-informed customers.

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How To Remove A Scratch From Granite

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How To Remove A Scratch From Granite

Posted on 16 May 2014 by cradmin

This video is produced by “ToolandMachineWorks,” and unfortunately, the company shares very little about itself. But the video is a pretty good one that shows the process for removing a scratch from a piece of dark granite. While the process uses Alpha Professional Tools equipment, I’m sure there are other brands of similar equipment that can be used for the same process, so this is a pretty good primer on the subject.

While the video is more than 13 minutes long, it actually condenses some of the steps for time. It also includes some convenient tips for better results during some of the longer segments with the guy performing the repair is just going over the area repeatedly, so there is still something there to keep your attention.

Let us know what you think about the video, or suggest a video of your own by emailing us at [email protected].

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Utilizing Granite, Quartz and Solid Surface Repair Services

Posted on 24 October 2012 by CRadmin2

Many countertop owners are surprised to learn that damage to granite, quartz and solid surface countertops can be repaired, often without having to remove and reinstall them. While fabricators are aware that these repairs are possible, the work may require some of their best employees, and it detracts from the primary task at hand, which is fabricating new countertops.

One solution to the dilemma caused by damaged countertops is to hire a repair specialist. A specialist, such as Surface Link Corporation, can complete repairs on countertops from most major manufacturers, and can help fulfill warranty service work that would otherwise detract from new countertop fabrication. The service has the potential to save fabricators time and money while keeping their customers satisfied.

Countertop repair firms that hire only professionally trained and certified technicians can complete any type of granite, quartz or solid surface repairs with minimal disruption to the lives of the customers requiring the repairs. Restorations, refinishing jobs and repairs can be completed onsite, and most jobs can be done in a single day, especially if they are only crack and scratch repairs.

Although they are still relatively unknown, specialist countertop repair companies seem to be catching on with both consumers and fabricators. When asked about the current market, the national account manager at Surface Link, Marty Vatis, said, “Many people are surprised to hear that their countertops can be repaired or refinished to look like new and that all the work is done without removing the countertop. In addition, many are surprised to hear that we can replace their sink without removing the countertop as well.”

As proof that the market for these specialists is improving, Surface Link has just expanded to offer service in all 50 states after 15 years as a certified warranty agent. Previously, residential and commercial restoration services were only offered by the company in a few select markets.

Before and after photos:
Countertop                                  Corian shower pan
Before                                                Before


After                                                   After

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