Video: Scratch and Acid Testing Granite, Quartzite and Marble

While we do not know the details of the claims made by the consumer made in this video nor do we validate them, we believe that there is a teachable moment here, probably more than a few. What we found of most interest in this video is the relatively simple … Read more

How To Remove A Scratch From Granite

This video is produced by “ToolandMachineWorks,” and unfortunately, the company shares very little about itself. But the video is a pretty good one that shows the process for removing a scratch from a piece of dark granite. While the process uses Alpha Professional Tools equipment, I’m sure there are other … Read more

Utilizing Granite, Quartz and Solid Surface Repair Services

Many countertop owners are surprised to learn that damage to granite, quartz and solid surface countertops can be repaired, often without having to remove and reinstall them. While fabricators are aware that these repairs are possible, the work may require some of their best employees, and it detracts from the … Read more