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Cosentino_Silestone Sunlit Days

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Cosentino Presents Silestone Sunlit Days Collection

Posted on 16 June 2021 by cradmin

Cosentino has introduced its newest Silestone collection; Sunlit Days. According to the company this immersive and sensory journey through light and color is inspired by the bright, exotic hues of the Mediterranean and has been designed to appeal to a young and international aesthetic.

In addition, all colors in the Sunlit Days collection feature HybriQ+® technology: A sustainable manufacturing process which uses a minimum of 20 percent recycled glass in its composition.

The Sunlit Days Collection includes:

From Left to Right:
● Cala Blue emerges from the sea as a dark blue that boasts a strong yet serene personality.
● Cincel Grey is a passionate, deep gray with a subtle brightness– offering a comforting texture and familiar ambiance.
● Faro White, inspired by wind and the ocean’s salt, features a delicate, textured cream color.
● Posidonia Green features a subdued, unique green hue influenced by the hidden and unexplored sea floor.
● Uva Red is a bold, bright red hue inspired by the nuances and flavor of Mediterranean wine.

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Cosentino Presents A New Image for Silestone

Posted on 14 May 2021 by cradmin

Cosentino has announced the brand renewal of its benchmark brand, Silestone. The new corporate identity symbolizes both an external and internal transformation that will continue to inspire people through innovative and sustainable spaces and values based on innovation, responsibility and humanity.

As part of the thorough rebranding strategy that will emphasize the importance of life in the different areas of the home and generate communication points aimed at a new generation, Silestone launched a fresh, powerful logo. Transparency and responsibility inherent in the brand’s DNA, and the company itself, are at the root of the new look. Cosentino’s Image and Brand Team, in collaboration with the independent consultancy Nadie, developed the typeface to deliver more experiential and emotional characteristics.

Details such as a 15-degree angle and graphical elements of each letter in the typography complement the design with a modern, simplistic approach. It conveys a new, fresher and youthful universe, taking the brand into new spheres of design.

The graphic design is an evolution from the previous version, maintaining the isotype + type structure, as well as the endorsement of Cosentino. The isotype continues to use its well-known “S”, interpreted with a fresher and simplified design. Applications of the design will make it a memorable icon with versatility for broad future usage in videos, textures or patterns. For the first time, the isotype is presented in two colours – Pantone® Warm Red C, an evolved shade of red, and Pantone® 629 CP, a light blue – to reflect the application or thematic area.

This innovative logo will now be used on all brand campaigns, marketing materials and digital environments, and will be present in the upcoming launches of new color collections.

The company stated that this new visual identity aligns with the sustainable attributes of Silestone, thanks to the exclusive HybriQ® technology. Developed and launched in 2020 by Cosentino, HybriQ is a technological innovation that sets a new standard in the surfaces category for architecture and design, changing the paradigm of the quartz surface market.

According to the company HybriQ uses a new hybrid formulation of mineral raw materials with equal or better performance than quartz, synthetic minerals and materials of a recycled origin. This makes it possible to reduce the use of crystalline silica in the composition of Silestone by 50 percent, achieving a reduction of up to 90 percent for some colors. With this new composition, Cosentino creates Silestone with the same mechanical and technical performance, maintaining all quality and hygiene certifications and an appearance that retains its timeless beauty while also providing new design possibilities, in-depth translucency and blurring effects.

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Silestone by Cosentino Unveils Loft Series

Posted on 23 February 2021 by cradmin

Silestone by Cosentino unveiled The Silestone® Loft Series. Rooted in the industrial, the colors capture the essence of neighborhoods celebrated for their raw, purely urban beauty.

The Silestone Loft Colorways include:

  • Camden is inspired by one of London’s most influential alternative neighborhoods– beloved for its diversity, eclectic residents and vibrant art scene. A soft, delicate and consistent gray, with a fine grain and a very subtle white veining, Camden captures the natural wear and tear that gives cement its character.
  • Poblenou (pictured) serves as a nod to the epicenter of Barcelona’s industrial revolution, one of the city’s most modern and creative neighborhoods. Its warm shade of gray with subtle veining on a sandy background brings brightness– offering a comforting texture and familiar ambiance.
  • Seaport channels the peacefulness of the weather-worn docks found in the seaside district of lower Manhattan. Similar to a dark, worn cement, the subtle streaks of white blend perfectly in the background for the perfect touch of contrast.
  • Nolita, another New York-inspired creation, celebrates the avant-garde spirit and strong architectural identity that gave the neighborhood its distinctive character. Nolita is both elegant and industrial. Blended with shades of whites and light gray, it creates an elegant, fine line — free of strong contrasts.
  • Corktown captures both the light and shade of a Detroit neighborhood that grew up amidst steam, pistons and the sound of engines — one that has reaped prosperity, endured deterioration, and regenerated once more. As the most intense, solid and deep black of the Loft collection, its dark matte finish blends beautifully with intense brown touches.

Among the notable new features of the Silestone Loft Series is the debut of the innovative and exclusive HybriQ+ technology. This new production process and major leap in the evolution of the Silestone brand combines reused raw materials, along with 98 percent recycled water and 100 percent renewable energy. HybriQ+ technology also allows for the significant reduction of crystalline silica in the Silestone Loft Series surfaces. Instead, a hybrid formula made up of mineral and reused raw materials, such as recycled glass, is used. This new composition provides the material with a modern aesthetic and design features, while maintaining the beauty and quality of Silestone, as well as its 25-year warranty.

Additionally, this new generation of Silestone is designed with sustainability and respect for the environment in mind; a tremendous milestone made possible by more than three years of intense work by Cosentino Group’s Innovation and Product and Environment teams.

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Cosentino Silestone Et.-DOr-Et.-Bella-and-Polaris-1-1

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Cosentino Introduces New Silestone Colors

Posted on 22 July 2020 by cradmin3

Silestone by Cosentino has introduced three new colors: Et. Bella, Et. D´Or and Polaris. The new hues offer a modern, reinvented take on some of the most sought-after marbles and stones, coupled with the latest technological advancements only Silestone can offer.

Following the introduction of the Silestone Eternal Series in 2017 and its expansion in 2018 and 2019, Cosentino has added to the series with Silestone Et D’Or and Silestone Et Bella. The Eternal series is the first in Silestone’s offering to have veining and highlights run completely through the material, including the edges, resulting in an even more natural appearance. The two new hues bring the collection to a total of 12 colorways.

Silestone Et D’Or (left) features soft golden veins across a bright white background fit for the most elegant spaces and is inspired by the prominent and long-lasting marble trend. Silestone Et Bella (middle) combines the elegance and warmth of natural stone featuring grey veins and white hues, with a versatile, dramatic look for both classic and contemporary design.

Polaris (right), which features white veins that subtly contrast a darker gray background, joins the new Silestone Artika Series. Inspired by onyx and quartzite materials, the new series will feature natural stone looks with high translucence and purity. The new innovative hue, Polaris, presents a 3D effect and is partially translucent, which allows the color to glow when backlit.

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Silestone_Cosentino_HQ resized

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Cosentino Increases Silestone Investment Commitment

Posted on 09 January 2020 by cradmin

Cosentino Group has announced that it is increasing its commitment to Silestone® as a key factor in the sustainable growth and future of the Almeria multinational. In doing so, the company will put in place an investment plan of €133.6 ($148) million, specifically for this brand, for the period of 2019-2021. This investment effort also represents an increase of 136 percent compared to the previous three years (2016-2018), when €56.5 ($62) million was invested in Silestone®.

The total sum is principally divided between the implementation of new production lines (up to three lines over the next few years) and the improvement of existing lines, as well as continuous investment by the company into workplace safety and the environment.

The notable environmental aspect is a crucial part of these efforts, underlining the increasing importance of Cosentino’s policies on sustainability. In the case of Silestone®, this was reinforced at the beginning of 2019 with the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD®) license for the whole range of brand colors and products, and not only for the ECO Line series, which has pioneered the use and reuse of recycled materials.

The remainder of the investment is to be put into innovation and R&D, although another significant portion is earmarked for production improvements.

Martínez-Cosentino, President of Cosentino Group, commented, “Despite the spectacular arrival of Dekton® on the market in recent years, Silestone® continues to be our flagship model. In all these years, it’s been a platform for innovation and continuous evolution, driving the whole sector forwards. Our commitment to the brand for the next few years is even stronger and, focusing as always on innovation, production improvements and the most efficient safety measures, we are putting a large part of our investment into revolutionizing a whole product category once again, as well as leading the industry with responsibility and future vision.”

This investment plan for Silestone® fits largely within Cosentino’s Industrial Implementation and Expansion Plan for its Industrial Park.

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Silestone Expands Eternal Collection Designs

Posted on 06 February 2018 by cradmin

Silestone Eternal CollectionSilestone has expanded its luminary collection with the introduction of five new colors. The new hues offer a modern, reinvented take on some of the most sought-after marbles and stones, coupled with the latest technological advancements from Silestone. The Eternal Collection is the first in Silestone’s offering to have veining and highlights run completely through the material, including its edges, resulting in an even more natural appearance. The five new colors, which bring the collection to a total of 10 colorways, include Eternal Bianco Calacatta, Eternal Classic Calacatta, Eternal Desert Silver, Eternal Emperador and Eternal Marfil.

The beauty of the material is met with industry-leading performance, thanks to its Silestone N-Boost technology. This innovation patented by Cosentino modifies the material’s surface at a molecular level to further enhance its outstanding technical and aesthetic attributes: Greater color saturation and extraordinary luster, along with an enhanced water repellent property that reportedly makes it even easier to clean and maintain. As with all Silestone natural quartz products, the Eternal Collection includes high resistance to impact and scratching; is manufactured in large formats; and offers versatility of application.

Eternal Bianco Calacatta: The luminary hue of the 2018 collection combines thick, electric veins with a soft gray background for drama and contrast, creating an instant focal point in any space.
Eternal Calacatta Classic: Elegant and subtle, Eternal Calacatta Classic reinterprets coveted Calacatta marble. Its uniform grayish veins stretch across the slab with a translucent appearance, evoking an authentic resemblance to real stone.
Eternal Desert Silver: More monochromatic in its appearance, Eternal Desert Silver offers an icy, translucent aesthetic creased by fine, clear veins. Inspired by the classic and long-lasting marble trend, it complements any type of material and architectural element.
Eternal Emperador: A warm, tobacco brown background set against light and streaks embraces earthy tones reflective of a growing demand for moody, darker marbles.
Eternal Marfil: Creamy, soft and minimalist, Eternal Marfil puts a unique spin on Crema Marfil marble to bring an organic serene aesthetic to the space.

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Cosentino Opens New Center in Tel Aviv, Israel

Posted on 27 August 2015 by cradmin

Cosentino-Israel-opening-ceremonyCosentino Group opened a new Cosentino Center in the city of Tel Aviv, Israel, designed to centralize the service for and distribution of its products for the whole country. The investment made by the Spanish multinational for this first phase that has been set up has reached 2 million Euros, destined mainly for the facility in the Petah Tikva district (Tel Aviv). The Center has a total floor area of ​​1,800 sq. meters for warehousing and offices, of which 250 sq. meters are devoted to the showroom and exhibition of products and design solutions. The facility can store up to 2,500 slabs.

Cosentino’s operation in this new market is headed by Itay Shimony, area manager for Cosentino Israel, and will, for the time being, lead an initial team of eight people who will be responsible for meeting the needs of the Israeli market. The inauguration of the center was attended by Fernando Carderera, Spanish Ambassador to Israel, as well as the Embassy’s Trade Office Delegate, ​​Emilio López Viñuela. The multinational was represented at the event by Eduardo Alfonso Martínez-Cosentino, global sales director of Cosentino Group among others.

“Following Turkey last year, Israel represents a new qualitative leap in the region of the Middle East for our expansion strategy based on establishing ourselves with our own assets,” said Martínez-Cosentino. “Moreover, our presence in Israel is particularly significant for us as it was one of the first markets where we distributed Silestone outside Spain in the beginning, thanks largely to the support of the Shimony family”.

Today, Cosentino Group has over 90 Centers worldwide and distributes its products in more than 80 countries, with operations based on its own assets in 26 of them, including the Israeli market.

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Cosentino Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Silestone Quartz Surfacing

Posted on 04 May 2015 by cradmin

This year Cosentino is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Silestone quartz surfacing product. To commemorate this anniversary, the company held an event at its Cantoria headquarters, during which it’s founders, the executive board and a group of employees celebrated 25 years of Silestone’s history and special recognition was awarded to approximately 60 people who have been involved with the brand since its launch. The kickoff celebration is the first in a series of commemorative initiatives that will take place throughout 2015, including an expanded product warranty, new product introductions, designer collaborations and strategic partnerships, and a commemorative logo.

Silestone’s approach to surfacing took years of research and trial and error by the Cosentino family, which started its surfacing roots in the marble industry in Almeria, Spain, before Silestone officially launched in 1989. “Reaching Silestone’s 25th Anniversary is a significant milestone and there is no better way to celebrate the brand’s success than by thanking all of those who have supported us since the very beginning,” said Eduardo Cosentino, CEO of Cosentino North America. “As a family-owned company, Silestone represents our foray into the American market….”

In honor of the anniversary, Silestone expanded its transferable, limited warranty to guarantee coverage of Silestone surfaces and Integrity sinks for up to 25 years from original date of installation, regardless of original owner. The new warranty program will cover surfaces purchased from an authorized installer or dealer and that have been installed in a single-family residence.

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Cosentino Launches 3 Online Design Tools for Better Surface Visualization

Posted on 14 April 2015 by cradmin

Cosentino launched three new online tools: a Digital Warehouse that gives fabricators an online library of slabs that can be previewed with clients and  the HD Home Viewer and the 3D Home Simulator, which allow the digital customization of a variety of environments by manipulating the various design elements.

Powered by SlabSmith software, the Digital Warehouse allows fabricators and specifiers to directly order a specific slab of granite or marble online by accessing images and providing measurements of each slab. It also autocorrects images for distortions and lighting and notes imperfections. Users can filter by size or application requirements to ensure material consistency and minimized waste in fabrication. Slabs can be applied to kitchen layout templates to create installation previews. By viewing the slab’s patterns and veining placing seams, appliances or fixtures can be determined before ordering. Right now it is only available for the company’s natural stone products.

The other two tools are for designers and homeowners. The Cosentino 3D Home simulator, for iPads, allows users to customize six environmental elements, including a modern, classic and outdoor kitchen, two bathrooms and an exterior space where Dekton may be applied to the façade. It provides multiple viewing angles and lighting scenarios, as well as 3-D movement and camera zoom capabilities. Designs can be saved in a library for editing or sharing. It’s available through the iTunes app store. The Cosentino HD Home Viewer is a multiplatform simulator with high-definition renderings of six spaces, including kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor and retail environments that can incorporate applications of Dekton. The user customizes surfaces by clicking on countertops, façades, wall coverings, floors, furniture and bathroom elements. It is intended for use on computers and Android, iOS and Windows tablets, smartphones and smart televisions.

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Cosentino Opens First Showroom in Toronto

Posted on 26 December 2014 by cradmin

Cosentino opened its first showroom in Toronto’s Design District, marking the company’s foray into the Canadian market. The new 10,000-square-foot facility offers architecture and design professionals a state-of-the-art, interactive environment for educational and networking events, as well as a complete showcase of the latest surfacing products from the Spain-based company.

While the first of its kind in Canada, the Toronto facility is the 29th North American Center. Cosentino master distributor International Logistics will operate the newly opened Toronto Center. Cosentino plans to continue strengthening its presence in Canada throughout 2015, with two Centers slated to open in Calgary and Vancouver that the company will directly operate. The expansion is estimated to create 45 jobs, and will increase the availability and distribution of its products.

“Toronto is an innovative design hub and an essential starting point as we continue our expansion across North America,” said Eduardo Cosentino, president and CEO of Cosentino, North America. “By increasing our presence and operations through the opening of Centers across the nation, we are able to more efficiently meet the needs of our Canadian customers by offering an increased inventory, design tools and inspiration and product experts in their local markets.”

The Toronto center features a fully functioning Miele kitchen, which allows for live demonstrations and interactions alongside the center’s comprehensive showcase of the full portfolio of Cosentino brands, including: Silestone quartz surfacing; ECO by Cosentino recycled surfaces; SenSa Granite; Scalea Natural Stone; MURO Mosaics; the Prexury Collection, a semi-precious stone line handmade by expert craftsmen, and Dekton, an ultra-compact surface with interior and exterior architectural applications.

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