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Dekton Liquid Sky and Liquid Shell. Image Credit - Alberto Rojas

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Dekton by Cosentino Achieves Carbon Neutrality

Posted on 30 October 2020 by cradmin3

Carbon neutrality has been achieved for the entire life cycle of Dekton® (from cradle to grave), covering Scopes 1, 2 and 3, from the extraction of the raw material, to the use of the product and the end of its life.

This recognition, obtained through emission reduction and compensation projects certified by the United Nations, confirms the good practices of Cosentino Group in terms of sustainability and environmental management. In addition to the above-mentioned calculations, has been fostered by the strong measures taken by Cosentino in recent years to achieve greater efficiency in terms of energy, consumption of resources, use of renewable electricity and sustainable mobility policies.

In the field of carbon footprint calculation, an emissions reduction plan has been implemented. In the case of Dekton, the plan has resulted in a 7 percent reduction in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions thanks to both the implementation of the best available techniques and the optimization of processes, with investments of more than 3 million euros.

Finally, in order to achieve carbon neutrality, Dekton has offset its emissions by investing in GHG emission reduction projects. These projects are not only responsible, but also have a strong social component in support of achieving the SDGs of Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

“In Cosentino we are progressing alongside the international momentum in the transition to a low-carbon economy, promoting energy efficiency, emissions reduction and sustainable mobility. This approach enhances our innovative character and allows us to improve processes with a vision of the future and, ultimately, combines our performance with strategic goals such as innovation (SDG 9), sustainable production (SDG 12), and climate action (SDG 13)”, says Antonio Urdiales, Environment Director of Cosentino Group.

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MSI Renzo Storm

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MSI Introduces Renzo Wall Tile Collection

Posted on 28 October 2020 by cradmin3

MSI has introduced the Renzo Collection of wall tiles featuring a blend of tranquil hues that will have you feeling as though you’ve been transported to a pastoral landscape. Renzo ceramic tiles offer a rich, soft color palette reminiscent of the earth, sea and sky.

The Renzo Collection offers six colors and three sizes to choose from:

  • Dove is a soft creamy white ceramic tile that can serve as perfect compliment to any design.
  • Sterling is a soft light grey on trend ceramic tile and a neutral compliment to any design.
  • Denim is an inspiring dark blue hued ceramic tile that adds a flawless pop of color to any design.
  • Storm (pictured above) is a deep dark grey ceramic tile and a trendy compliment to any design.
  • Jade is a tranquil soft green ceramic tile with a glossy finish that will bring an updated polish to kitchen and bathroom backsplashes.
  • Sky is a light blue ceramic tile that breathes fresh air in to any design.

The tiles are available in three sizes: 5×5, 3×12 and 2.5×13

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Video: How to Install Formica Writable Surfaces Cabinets

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Video: How to Install Formica Writable Surfaces Cabinets

Posted on 27 October 2020 by cradmin3

This video from Formica provides step-by-step instruction on how to apply Writable Surfaces laminate to kitchen cabinets. Although this video says it’s for DIY, the complexity and equipment required make it seem more like something a customer would want to hire a professional for.

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Caesarstone, the inventor of quartz surfacing, is pleased to introduce its newest innovative product: 5114 CALACATTA MAXIMUS. The newest addition to the Supernatural Collection, CALACATTA MAXIMUS takes the classic style of marble to the maximum, with the unparalleled durability for which Caesarstone is renowned. Launching across North America on October 5, it’s a big, bold statement and a look that’s ready for its close-up.

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Caesarstone Introduces Calacatta Maximus

Posted on 26 October 2020 by cradmin3

Caesarstone has introduced its newest innovative product: Calacatta Maximus. The newest addition to the Supernatural Collection, Calacatta Maximus takes the classic style of marble to the maximum.

The magic of the marble look is due to the prominent Calacatta veining, which is seeing a revival in today’s trendiest residential and commercial spaces. With complex details revealing the story of the natural stone’s source in the Apuan Alps in the Carrara region of northern Tuscany, it’s a look that turns contemporary surfaces into strikingly graphic works of art. Calacatta Maximus improves on the trend, capturing all of the beauty of marble with the enhanced durability and superlative performance of Caesarstone.

Calacatta Maximus immediately impresses with oversized veining moving across the intricate terrain of the slab. Adding stunning natural decoration and contrast to its pure white background, these soft greige veins are intensified by fine copper-gold outlines, perfectly replicating the mineral deposits found in nature. These prominent, directional strokes bring a dramatic and stylish look to kitchen countertops, backsplashes and islands alike.

Caesarstone perfected this innovation which enables designers to utilize two slabs of the same stone and line up the edges to create a long, seamless look. This innovation in design and production means that, for the first time, slabs can be lined up to create a “super max” length for large islands, countertops, backsplashes, shower walls and feature walls – effectively creating a statement piece of art within any space. 

Calacatta Maximus slabs are 3/4-in. (20mm) thick and the standard 120-in. (3050 mm) by 56 1/2-in. (440 mm) size. It is available in two finish options: the Polished finish that retains a brilliant gloss, and the Natural finish, a subtle texture and a warm, sensory experience without the shine.

Like all Caesarstone quartz surfaces, the 5114 CALACATTA MAXIMUS is the ultimate combination of nature and technology: premium, high-quality quartz that is nonporous, durable, flexible, scratch- and stain-resistant, as well as being resistant to mold and mildew.

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Biophilia Backsplash

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Tile of Spain Manufacturers Release Top Trends of Fall 2020 & A Look Ahead

Posted on 23 October 2020 by cradmin3

Earlier this year, Spanish manufacturers vowed to continue to meet the needs of architects and interior designers by keeping production going in the ceramic tile sector. Maintaining that commitment, Spanish manufacturers overcame the setbacks that 2020 presented and emerge with new designs, technologies and innovations in tile.

Tile of Spain, the international brand representing 125 ceramic tile manufacturers belonging to the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturer’s Association (ASCER), announced the top trends in tile for fall with a preview of novelties for 2021.

2 CM Pavers: Leveraging outdoor space to the fullest has become increasingly important this year. The ability to seamlessly transition from indoor, out with a unified flooring creates the illusion of more space. 2cm pavers allows for quick, easy and less costly installs for exterior hardscapes than traditional mortar applications. Thanks to its technical properties, ceramic tile can withstand the passing of time, resisting temperature changes, humidity, and inclement weather, making it a preferred material for outdoor living spaces.

Gauged Porcelain: Long gone are the days when ceramic is just seen on backsplashes and floors. From worktops to bathroom sinks, large seamless multi-use surfaces are more relevant now than ever before; and the benefits of tile goes beyond aesthetic. With anti-microbial technologies and high durability along with easy cleaning and a vast array of surface options, gauged porcelain slabs are perhaps leading the trends as most versatile design solution this season.

Subway: With the ever expanding growth of formats, there remains a strong market for subway tile. Small rectangles and square formats have become increasingly present, in matte and glossy glazes, but we expect more multi-finish programs to emerge, lending another layer of interest to this traditionally stoic format.

Biophilia: In this trend, ceramic surfaces bring us back to basics with a color scheme reminiscent of hues found in nature. The true natural tones of fired clay are one of the essential anchoring mediums on par with white, black and grey. Green tones such as moss and mint evoke an organic feel while shades in sunset orange and deep brown create a relaxing ambiance. Known for its raw and earthy appeal, terracotta takes the lead in this palette with naturally inspired, organic textures like woodgrain and rattan.

Looking Ahead to Layers: While many of the trends introduced earlier this year have continued throughout, what we expect to see in the coming year are more Spanish manufacturers filling in the gaps of existing collections and building layers into their tile programs.

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HanStone Quartz Terra

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HanStone Quartz Offers Unearthed Collection

Posted on 21 October 2020 by cradmin3

Hyundai L&C USA offers its HanStone Quartz Unearthed Collection. Made up of subtle, tonal shades from nature’s palette, the collection offers a true exploration of warmth in three hues: Storm, Terra, and Coast. As if forged from the earth, the products in the Unearthed Collection feature HanStone’s exclusive River Washed finish for a unique tactile experience.

Balancing sophisticated style with natural elements, the Unearthed Collection results in remarkable beauty, coursing through every detail:

  • Storm: Rich, tonal hues, layered with quiet movement, come together to create the deepest shade in the Unearthed Collection.
  • Terra: Extracted from the earth, Terra seeks to echo the warmth of the land. A deep, warm tone with subtle movement, a true study of our planet’s beauty.
  • Coast: A snapshot of nature’s beauty, Coast’s warm hue is the perfect balance to its surroundings; seamlessly blending to create a space that will be cherished for a lifetime.

This range of colors provide the same combination of stunning beauty and strength that has become the standard, making HanStone Quartz a preferred choice for architects, designers and consumers alike. Nonporous, resistant to heat, stains, and scratches, these designs are the perfect solution for both residential and commercial applications.

Having unequaled consistency of color, texture and quality along with six times the strength and durability of granite surfaces, HanStone Quartz can more than handle the challenges of everyday life.

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Coverings Calls for CID & Rock Star Submissions

Posted on 19 October 2020 by cradmin3

Coverings, the premier tile & stone trade event in North America, has announced that it’s now accepting submissions for two incredible programs. By Friday, December 18 enter your top projects to the 2021 Coverings Installation & Design (CID) Awards or nominate a young emerging leader to the 2021 Coverings Rock Star program.

The 2021 CID Awards recognize and award projects featuring tile & stone that feature beautiful design and impeccable installation. As always, multiple entries are accepted and there is no cost to enter.

Winners in each category will receive industry recognition and accolades, features in various media outlets, and a complimentary one-night stay to attend Coverings 2021.

If you know of a young industry talent that has a bright future in the tile & stone industry, nominate them to be a Coverings Rock Star. They must be 35 years or younger and currently working in the industry.

Selected Rock Stars will receive industry accolades, a complimentary one-night stay to attend Coverings 2021, and unique professional development opportunities.

Even in uncertain times, one thing is for certain…you work hard, and you deserve to be recognized for it.

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Weha Monkey Quartz Polishing Pads

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Weha Offers Monkey Quartz Face Surface Polishing Pads

Posted on 15 October 2020 by cradmin3

The Weha “Monkey” Pads are Velcro backed Quartz Face, surface polishing pads designed specifically to repair the surface of quartz and engineered stone.

The pads will blend the texture of the polish to make it match perfectly with the rest of the top. They are outstanding for quartz scratch repair, blending seams, as well as polishing edges. According to the company, these pads work incredibly well for repairing marble etch marks and resurfacing marble counters for repair. The Weha Monkey pads will also work on granite surfaces as well.

The Weha Monkey Quartz repair polishing pads are a diamond sponge system that holds a lot of water. This works amazing when doing repair work inside a home where water is limited. TIP: For repairs inside the home, soak the monkey surface polishing pads in water for at least 20 minutes to absorb water. this will provide enough water for surface repair inside the home.

Available in 4- and 5-in. with 600, 1000, 2000, 3000 and 6000 grit.

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ISFA Annual Meeting

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ISFA Annual Conference Goes Virtual in 2020

Posted on 14 October 2020 by cradmin3

The 2020 ISFA Annual Conference is going virtual this year, but the inspiration, education and camaraderie you love remains strong. ISFA invites you to come together to learn new things, share what we’ve learned and build relationships to strengthen us and our businesses as we prepare for 2021.

The live online event will take place November 4 and 5.

What can you expect this year?
From the safety of a dedicated online environment, the annual conference will help you grow as a leader, provide relevant and actionable ideas for your business and allow for valuable time with industry friends and colleagues.

The event will feature:
• Powerful Keynote and Industry Speakers
• Collaborative Break-out Sessions with Peers
• Networking Opportunities Geared Toward Relationship Building
• And Much More

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Staron Super Flex surface from LOTTE

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LOTTE Launches Super Flex Technology

Posted on 13 October 2020 by cradmin3

The design possibilities for countertops and surfaces have expanded exponentially with Super Flex technology from Staron®. Demonstrating superior thermoplastic properties, surfaces made with LOTTE’s innovative Super Flex technology enable design of futuristic, functional surfaces ideally suited for creative uses in commercial, residential and public-space projects.

Unlike other formable technologies, Super Flex delivers a superior elongation rate, with a minimum radius of 0mm. This provides designers and architects increased design flexibility to create dramatic curves and never-before-attainable bending features.

High-performance architectural and interior applications include customized wall-cladding, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and furniture construction. Currently available in the Infinity shade of white, surfaces made with Super Flex technology can be fabricated with computer-controlled CNC machines to create precise 3D shapes. Like all Staron products, these surfaces are easy to maintain and ultra-hygienic.

“Designers and architects seek more than extensive collections of rich colors and patterns. They also need the flexibility to form surfaces into creative shapes that high-end residential and commercial customers desire,” stated John Kim, director, LOTTE Chemical Corp. “Super Flex technology represents the cutting edge of formable surface creation, delivering both design flexibility and unparalleled performance.”

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