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The Formica® Laminate Antimicrobial Collection is available in 20 colors from solids to patterns and woodgrains, including the most in-demand Formica® Laminate colors such as Dover White, Neutral Twill (shown here) and Pecan Woodline.

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Formica Group Launches Laminate Antimicrobial Collection

Posted on 19 October 2021 by cradmin4

Formica Group has launched its Formica® Laminate Antimicrobial Collection to meet the demand for antimicrobial surface protection. The series presents 20 laminate designs with BioCote® technology to guard against odor- and stain-causing microbes.

Available in the U.S. and Mexico, the collection uses BioCote, a silver-ion-based technology that is embedded directly into the product surface. BioCote offers protection throughout the entire product warranty, has been used safely for more than 20 years and is approved by the FDA for use in food manufacturing, processing and handling environments.

“Patrons are increasingly aware of what’s accumulating on frequently used surfaces in high-traffic environments, and designers are looking for solutions that don’t compromise on style,” said Mark Ferguson, Director of North American Innovation and Technology at Formica Corporation. “Formica surfaces have always been loved for their resiliency and cleanability, and these new antimicrobial options bring peace of mind through added function and durability with another layer of protection.”

According to the company the Formica Laminate Antimicrobial Collection was proven in testing to inhibit the growth of odor- and stain-causing bacteria on the surface after 24 hours. The collection also significantly prevented odor-causing mold and mildew growth over the 28-day exposure period.

The collection is available in 20 design options ranging from solids to patterns and woodgrains. It is suitable for a variety of settings and is now available for purchase at participating distributors and retailers.

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Wilsonart Ortensia and Star BA001 - HPL Stone Release

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Wilsonart Introduces New HPL Stone Collection

Posted on 04 October 2021 by cradmin4

Wilsonart introduced its new High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Stone Collection. The line of new HPL designs delivers a new textured finish and 16 designs all reminiscent of various natural stone surfaces.

According to the company the collection’s Fieldstone finish features a textured matte sheen that is less reflective than other stone surfaces, offering a more casual look. The 16 new designs are inspired by natural stone looks in on-trend colors, including brown, taupe, brick and turmeric tones, as well as neutral tones of white and light beige that offer warmth to any residential or commercial setting.

The Wilsonart HPL Stone Collection designs include:

  • Anzio Marble: A medium-scale, directional design with subdued warm grey taupe veining.
  • Arenite Cream: A large-scale, chunky veined stone in a modern cream.
  • Beachwalk: A tonal warm white, directional granite with textural interest and sweeping movement.
  • Bella Romano: A large-scale directional granite structure with warm, taupe and copper-colored particulates.
  • Brazilian Blue: A Brazilian Arabescato stone design within a range of mid-tone blue-grey colors with lively flowing movement throughout.
  • Brazilian Grey: A Brazilian Arabescato stone design with multiple shades ranging from white to a mid-tone grey with a structure boasting lively, flowing movement throughout.
  • Calacatta Lincoln: An extra-large scale white marble with refined warm brown and smoky charcoal directional veining.
  • Glazier Quartzite: A fantasy brown quartzite linear stone pattern with striations of white, taupe and soft blue-grey features. 
  • Granito Cascata: A dynamically veined directional warm white granite with accents of warm browns and cool blue-greys.
  • Ice Mist: A directional cool white marble with unique veining features interweaving the surface in bright white, navy and brown colors.
  • Lakeshore: A richly detailed warm grey stone with large-scale dynamic veining features.
  • Lisola: A medium-scale rich black marble with delicately nuanced warm brown to charcoal veining.
  • Ortensia: A warm, light grey, soft-veined Calcutta marble with highlights of white and a scale variation with asymmetrical movement throughout.
  • Ouro Branco: A large-scale, veined Taj Mahal quartzite look in neutral, gold and white shades.
  • Quartz Frost: A white particulate quartz look with thin, spidery veining and minute detail.
  • Sombra: A Brazilian Arabescato dimensional marble with large-scale movement in deep blacks and shadows of grey.

The HPL collection designs come with AEON™ Enhanced Scratch & Scruff-Resistant Performance Technology. The entire collection offers stain-, wear-, impact- and scratch resistance.

While the Wilsonart HPL Stone Collection mimics nature, it does so without impacting the environment. The collection is GREENGUARD Gold Certified to meet low chemical emission limits for better indoor air quality. Additionally, the collection is made with a combination of fibers from FSC-certified, fast-growing, sustainably managed woods and post-consumer recycled content.

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STONETECH Luxury Vinyl Laminate Cleaner 24oz Spray Bottle

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LATICRETE Offers STONETECH Luxury Vinyl & Laminate Cleaner

Posted on 23 December 2020 by cradmin

LATICRETE, a manufacturer of construction solutions for the building industry, now offers STONETECH® Luxury Vinyl & Laminate Cleaner, a no-rinse, daily cleaner designed to quickly and safely remove tough dirt, grease, dust and spills on all luxury vinyl, laminate, linoleum and resilient floors and countertops. STONETECH Luxury Vinyl & Laminate Cleaner is a water-based, pH-neutral formula that is low in VOC and contains no harmful chemicals, making it safe for use around the home. According to the company, this easy-to-use, no-rinse formula provides a quick, streak-free, residue-free and non-dulling clean finish that preserves the beauty of the surface while leaving behind a fresh scent.

“STONETECH Luxury Vinyl & Laminate Cleaner was developed to create cleaner and safer spaces in homes as we adapt to the changes our world is currently going through,” said Diane Phelan, STONETECH Product Manager. “For over 60 years, LATICRETE has been committed to the research and development of innovative products, building a reputation for superior quality, performance and customer service, this product hits all of those points. Now, homeowners can trust that STONETECH Luxury Vinyl & Laminate Cleaner is the top choice for a daily cleaner that has optimal performance and eco-friendly qualities.”

Available in a 24-ounce spray bottle, STONETECH Luxury Vinyl & Laminate Cleaner is quick and easy to apply — no rinse required, just spray and wipe. In addition to it being low in VOC, it’s free of harsh chemicals such as solvents, ammonia, bleach, parabens and phthalates for better indoor air quality, as well as usage around people and pets. Its suitable substrate applications include luxury vinyl tile, luxury vinyl planks, laminate, resilient flooring and linoleum countertops and floors.

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Wilsonart TFL Expansion

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Wilsonart Expands TFL Capacity

Posted on 02 December 2020 by cradmin3

Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces has announced it will increase its TFL (Thermally Fused Laminate) capacity and footprint in North America by investing in a new facility in Klamath Falls, Ore. The new facility is expected to be fully operational by July 2021. Wilsonart’s investment in land and a new quick-cycle press is the latest milestone in the growth of its TFL business.

In 2015, Wilsonart added branded TFL Panels to its Coordinated Surfaces suite, becoming the single-source for HPL (High Pressure Laminate), TFL Panels, Edgeband and Cabinet Doors. Over the next few years, the company expanded its TFL manufacturing with the purchase of two quick-cycle press lines and then expanded its portfolio even further with the acquisition of KML Corp. “Our offerings have garnered tremendous support from both specifiers and fabricators. TFL is a key part of that offering, and this next expansion is a continuation of our strategy to enable us to meet growing demand and better serve our customers,” said Vice President, Product Management, Ron Ubertini.

The new Oregon facility will support the continued growth of KML and Wilsonart branded TFL products. By offering the best available match between materials in the industry, Wilsonart eliminated one of the most common frustrations design professionals face — the convenience of matching cabinet doors, casework and worktops from one source. This program provides hassle-free specifying across surfacing options while leveraging Wilsonart’s renowned world-class distribution network.

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Wilsonart Wellness Collection

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Wilsonart Presents Wellness Collection

Posted on 17 November 2020 by cradmin

Embracing the concept of “Wellness,” the new curated collection of boutique laminate designs from Wilsonart takes inspiration from nature and brings healing, calm, and serenity to healthcare-built environments and beyond.

Based on research that suggests a strong connection between well-being and familiar elements found in the natural world, these new Wellness offerings feature organic patterns, textures and colors. From large-scale abstract scenes reminiscent of foggy grey mountains to layered sky motifs that exude warmth, all are designed to soothe the soul and invigorate the senses. This collection also introduces the Hinoki range (pictured here), consisting of three neutral-hued woodgrains that get their name from Japanese cypress trees famous for their “divine wood.”

“The concept of wellness has rippled through communities and industries as people look for a bit of respite from the stresses of modern life. We’re proud to offer intentional design coupled with high performance that can bring tranquility to healthcare settings,” says Danielle Mikesell, Global Vice President of Marketing and Design for Wilsonart. “The best part is that while these looks were created with healthcare in mind, they also work beautifully for hospitality, retail and residential.”

Extending the 2020 Virtual Design Library umbrella theme of “Community,” the Wellness collection offers individual appeal while also harmonizing to create a unique palette. Their coordinating possibilities increase exponentially when combined with Wilsonart’s engineered surfaces portfolio, including Wilsonart® Quartz, Solid Surface, High Pressure Laminate (HPL) and Coordinated Surfaces.

Staying true to the durability and easy maintenance Wilsonart is known for, the 2020 Virtual Design Library Wellness collection also offers exceptional cleanability and resistance to scratches and scuffs for lasting beauty and high-quality appearance.

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Formica m9428-copper backsplashhr

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Formica Extends DecoMetal Laminate Line

Posted on 03 November 2020 by cradmin3

Aligning with warmer metals trending in commercial design, Formica Corporation released several new additions to the company’s popular DecoMetal® Metal Laminate collection. Thirteen new metal visuals add warm tones of brass, copper, light gold and black, providing designers with a full-spectrum toolbox of 37 metal laminate designs for architectural interiors.

The new designs include:

Printed Solid Metal
New to the DecoMetal® laminate offering, solid metal aluminum sheets are artistically printed with stunning visuals enhanced by a metal sheen base.

  • Rolled Steel series: As a lighter and more consistent alternative to real steel, cold rolled steel offers an elegant industrial finish. This series combines the rolled steel visual of linear, oiled color-play with the lightweight, easy installation of the DecoMetal® metal laminate line.
    • Light Rolled Steel: An aluminum base with hints of iridescence
    • Dark Rolled Steel: A black oiled effect on darkened steel
  • Patina series: This series embraces the beautiful, natural effects of weathering and age that occur when metals are exposed to the elements. It offers a warm, dappled surface effect that is ideal for any environment, from modern to traditional.
    • Black Patina: A blackened tone-on-tone look
    • Brass Patina: An elegant gold patina
    • Copper Patina: A varicolored burnished copper patina

Metal Laminate
Expanding the popular metal laminates available, Formica Corporation adds warmer copper, brass and gold tones to balance the collection’s existing cool-toned aluminum visuals.

  • Polished series: As reflective surfaces continue to trend, Formica Corporation expands its polished offerings to include warmer tones.
    • Polished Smoke: A black, reflective surface
    • Polished Copper: A shiny copper finish
    • Polished Gold Aluminum: A mid-tone gold polish
  • Brushed series: Expanding on the popular brushed finish, this series modernizes the company’s brushed options by adding warm copper and brass tones.
    • Brushed Coin: A shiny penny-toned copper metal
    • Brushed Brass: Deep brass, a classic rising again in popularity
  • Stainless series: Enhancing the company’s existing stainless options with warm champagne and copper.
    • Champagne Stainless: A highly usable tone that bridges gold and silver
    • Copper Stainless: A fresh, rosy copper metal
  • Copper Veil: A hand-brushed and elegant finish on solid copper foil. In response to demand for warmer tones, Copper Veil joins existing Graphite Veil.

These new DecoMetal® laminate patterns are for vertical use, lightweight and easy to install and maintain. 

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Video: How to Install Formica Writable Surfaces Cabinets

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Video: How to Install Formica Writable Surfaces Cabinets

Posted on 27 October 2020 by cradmin3

This video from Formica provides step-by-step instruction on how to apply Writable Surfaces laminate to kitchen cabinets. Although this video says it’s for DIY, the complexity and equipment required make it seem more like something a customer would want to hire a professional for.

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With 16 new wood-inspired visuals, the 2021 Formica® Woodgrain Collection is your go-to palette for commercial design that seeks warmth and familiarity along with durable, easily cleaned surfaces.

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Formica Launches Laminate Woodgrains Series

Posted on 07 October 2020 by cradmin3

Formica Corporation announces the launch of an updated line of Formica® Laminate Woodgrains giving designers a complete, on-trend and usable woodgrain palette for modern commercial spaces. Based on extensive research, the launch includes 16 new wood designs that also meet macro commercial design trends in nature and natural materials.  

“When designing with wood, we’ve learned color goes hand-in-hand with species and style for many designers,” said Renee Hytry Derrington, managing principal at Formica North American Design. “Designers were seeking more neutral colors and tonal variations of whites, lights, naturals, grays and true browns. These new woodgrain designs enhance feelings of warmth, comfort and familiarity – all while providing a durable and easily cleanable alternative to real wood surfaces in hardworking spaces like hospitals, classrooms and office settings.”

Formica Corporation held focus groups with commercial and furniture designers across the United States to identify the most usable wood visuals. The selections that consistently met their needs were neutral colors with lighter-toned options to complement Scandinavian designs, as well as more choices in ash, elm, oak and walnut.  

The 16 new patterns are grouped into seven series: Elm, Ashwood, Cherry, Modern Oak, Modern Walnut, Traditional Walnut and Casual Woods, creating a robust offering of woodgrain laminate designs in stain colors from light to dark.

Elm Series
This new species to the Formica® Laminate Woodgrain collection is valued for its interlocking grain and resistance to splitting, making it useful for furniture production. While this species is rare in real wood, it provides ideal inspiration for laminate designs with subtle graining and neutral color tones.

  • Buff Elm: A warm, creamy elm
  • Beige Elm: A true beige elm
  • Camel Elm: A darker beige elm
  • Graphite Elm: A warm, black elm

Ashwood Series
Long considered a cousin of oak, ashwood is popular in furniture design and offers a linear, multipurpose visual.

  • Ashwood Bone: A soft, gray-white ash
  • Ashwood Beige: A light chameleon ash
  • Ashwood Oak: Ash stained in a modern oak color

Cherry Series
Often used for cabinets and furniture, this series has a soft, flowing, straight-grained layout and true brown color tones. It is ideal for furniture and architectural doors.

  • Clove Spice Cherry: A mid-brown stained cherry
  • Nut Brown Cherry: A true, dark-brown-stained cherry

Modern Oak Series
Depending on the specific species, oak has a wide range of color variation. Its open pores accept stain readily, but gray stains on natural wood tend to discolor easily. The elegant, straight grain of this laminate series offers a solution for trending gray and black wood designs that are also easy to maintain.

  • Grayed Oak: A true gray-stained oak
  • Inked Oak: A blackened oak

Modern Walnut Series
Walnut is widespread throughout the world and ranges from creamy white sapwood to dark chocolate heartwood. This series is modernized with “heathered” stains, in which brown is neutralized with a hint of gray. The mixed-width, random-match layout with half-cut cathedrals represents the look of solid lumber construction.

  • Taupe Walnut: A greige, mid-toned stained walnut
  • Hazel Walnut: A darker brown-gray stained walnut

Traditional Walnut
A classic walnut with a random-match layout and half-cut cathedrals that works well in traditional and modern environments in which architects and designers want to contrast style with a familiar wood visual.

  • Formal Walnut: A classic brown stained walnut

Casual Woods
Unique finishing techniques and a new species inspire these patterns, both featuring a dark brown stained look with random-match layouts and cathedrals.

  • Tula Oak: Features a cerused technique, which involves rubbing a contrasting color into wood pores to highlight the grain. This deep-brown oak design features gray cerused pore details
  • Antique Mango: Fast-growing, sustainable mango provides a stylish alternative to rare, slow-growing exotic woods and inspires this curvy, tone-on-tone stained brown wood design.

Formica® Laminate woodgrains can be applied horizontally or vertically. 

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Wilsonart Presents Localism Collection

Posted on 09 March 2020 by cradmin

In 2020, Wilsonart’s Virtual Design Library will tap into the theme of ‘Community’. Much more than a combination of geography and populace, community is grounded in a group of similar and diverse individuals who are linked together by a common cause, social norms, affiliations, beliefs or location.

Wilsonart’s first collection of the year, Localism, reveals the enigmatic yet unified depths of community by showcasing cross-generational, relatable designs inspired by familiar scenes, symbols or surroundings that mold and develop our sense of self, togetherness and oneness.

The Localism Collection features a select sampling of color palettes, material, textures and graphics that have the power to unite, surprise, or simply offer unchartered beauty through design. Enhanced through visual and tactile variations like matte and silky smooth, to soft grain and rustic, texture is never an afterthought with Wilsonart surfaces.

The Localism Collection includes:

  • Ceramic Blue- a large-scale abstract in a deep rich blue that has the feel of thrown pottery. Antique Finish
  • Artisan Find – a large-scale ombre design that transitions from off white to a deep rich blue. It has the feel of thrown pottery. Antique Finish
  • City Metal – a large-scale dark abstract that gives the appearance of forged metal. Antique Finish
  • Stapled Notice – a medium-scale abstract pattern inspired by the unique look of staples on a telephone pole. Gloss Line Texture
  • Grateful Dyed – a large traditional tie-dye design with multiple spirals. Matte Finish
  • Graffiti Park – a large-scale graffiti design of multicolored spray paints on a painted brick background. Matte Finish
  • Taupe Incised – a medium-scale makore woodgrain with a tread-like incised overlay. SoftGrain Finish
  • Natural Incised – a medium-scale raw woodgrain with a tread-like incised overlay. SoftGrain Finish
  • Wire Mesh – a medium-scale design of linear grays and black inspired by textured wire. Gloss Line Texture
  • Backyard Patio – a medium-scale design that has the look of smooth cement. Fine Grain Textured Finish
  • Texas Mesquite – a large planked unfinished woodgrain that has the features of a handcrafted table. SoftGrain Finish
  • South Devon – a large-scale distressed pattern inspired by worn leather. Antique Finish
  • Flagstaff Lodge – a two-inch planked white wood, with rustic features such as nail and worm holes found among the planks. Casual Rustic Texture
  • Edge Grain – a micro planked woodgrain in multiple shades of gray with colored accents throughout. SoftGrain Finish

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Watercolor Porcelain 180fx Laminate

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Formica Presents 2020 Living Impressions Collection

Posted on 15 January 2020 by cradmin

Formica has presented its 2020 Living Impressions™ Collection. The collection features six new style-forward surfacing designs, including five new 180fx® Laminate patterns and one new Formica® Laminate pattern. 

The collection draws inspiration from nature and art, and the designs are endlessly compatible with aesthetics – from traditional to modern to elegant and every style between.

The designs in the 2020 Living Impressions™ Collection were inspired largely by three emerging lifestyle trends:

  • Handcrafted – Artwork adds a personal touch to a home. Frequently inspired by nature, craftspeople today value tradition with a modern twist.
  • Black & White Elegance – Simplicity never goes out of style. Color blocking provides a modern take on this elegant pair.
  • Soft, Subtle & Simple – Relaxed and refined. Neutral colors and subtle patterns provide calm and comfort.

The new 180fx patterns are: White Painted Marble, Black Painted Marble, Watercolor Porcelain (pictured above), Watercolor Steel and Calacatta Cava. Black Bardiglio is the new Formica® Laminate pattern.

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