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The Formica® Laminate Antimicrobial Collection is available in 20 colors from solids to patterns and woodgrains, including the most in-demand Formica® Laminate colors such as Dover White, Neutral Twill (shown here) and Pecan Woodline.

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Formica Group Launches Laminate Antimicrobial Collection

Posted on 19 October 2021 by cradmin4

Formica Group has launched its Formica® Laminate Antimicrobial Collection to meet the demand for antimicrobial surface protection. The series presents 20 laminate designs with BioCote® technology to guard against odor- and stain-causing microbes.

Available in the U.S. and Mexico, the collection uses BioCote, a silver-ion-based technology that is embedded directly into the product surface. BioCote offers protection throughout the entire product warranty, has been used safely for more than 20 years and is approved by the FDA for use in food manufacturing, processing and handling environments.

“Patrons are increasingly aware of what’s accumulating on frequently used surfaces in high-traffic environments, and designers are looking for solutions that don’t compromise on style,” said Mark Ferguson, Director of North American Innovation and Technology at Formica Corporation. “Formica surfaces have always been loved for their resiliency and cleanability, and these new antimicrobial options bring peace of mind through added function and durability with another layer of protection.”

According to the company the Formica Laminate Antimicrobial Collection was proven in testing to inhibit the growth of odor- and stain-causing bacteria on the surface after 24 hours. The collection also significantly prevented odor-causing mold and mildew growth over the 28-day exposure period.

The collection is available in 20 design options ranging from solids to patterns and woodgrains. It is suitable for a variety of settings and is now available for purchase at participating distributors and retailers.

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Formica m9428-copper backsplashhr

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Formica Extends DecoMetal Laminate Line

Posted on 03 November 2020 by cradmin3

Aligning with warmer metals trending in commercial design, Formica Corporation released several new additions to the company’s popular DecoMetal® Metal Laminate collection. Thirteen new metal visuals add warm tones of brass, copper, light gold and black, providing designers with a full-spectrum toolbox of 37 metal laminate designs for architectural interiors.

The new designs include:

Printed Solid Metal
New to the DecoMetal® laminate offering, solid metal aluminum sheets are artistically printed with stunning visuals enhanced by a metal sheen base.

  • Rolled Steel series: As a lighter and more consistent alternative to real steel, cold rolled steel offers an elegant industrial finish. This series combines the rolled steel visual of linear, oiled color-play with the lightweight, easy installation of the DecoMetal® metal laminate line.
    • Light Rolled Steel: An aluminum base with hints of iridescence
    • Dark Rolled Steel: A black oiled effect on darkened steel
  • Patina series: This series embraces the beautiful, natural effects of weathering and age that occur when metals are exposed to the elements. It offers a warm, dappled surface effect that is ideal for any environment, from modern to traditional.
    • Black Patina: A blackened tone-on-tone look
    • Brass Patina: An elegant gold patina
    • Copper Patina: A varicolored burnished copper patina

Metal Laminate
Expanding the popular metal laminates available, Formica Corporation adds warmer copper, brass and gold tones to balance the collection’s existing cool-toned aluminum visuals.

  • Polished series: As reflective surfaces continue to trend, Formica Corporation expands its polished offerings to include warmer tones.
    • Polished Smoke: A black, reflective surface
    • Polished Copper: A shiny copper finish
    • Polished Gold Aluminum: A mid-tone gold polish
  • Brushed series: Expanding on the popular brushed finish, this series modernizes the company’s brushed options by adding warm copper and brass tones.
    • Brushed Coin: A shiny penny-toned copper metal
    • Brushed Brass: Deep brass, a classic rising again in popularity
  • Stainless series: Enhancing the company’s existing stainless options with warm champagne and copper.
    • Champagne Stainless: A highly usable tone that bridges gold and silver
    • Copper Stainless: A fresh, rosy copper metal
  • Copper Veil: A hand-brushed and elegant finish on solid copper foil. In response to demand for warmer tones, Copper Veil joins existing Graphite Veil.

These new DecoMetal® laminate patterns are for vertical use, lightweight and easy to install and maintain. 

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With 16 new wood-inspired visuals, the 2021 Formica® Woodgrain Collection is your go-to palette for commercial design that seeks warmth and familiarity along with durable, easily cleaned surfaces.

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Formica Launches Laminate Woodgrains Series

Posted on 07 October 2020 by cradmin3

Formica Corporation announces the launch of an updated line of Formica® Laminate Woodgrains giving designers a complete, on-trend and usable woodgrain palette for modern commercial spaces. Based on extensive research, the launch includes 16 new wood designs that also meet macro commercial design trends in nature and natural materials.  

“When designing with wood, we’ve learned color goes hand-in-hand with species and style for many designers,” said Renee Hytry Derrington, managing principal at Formica North American Design. “Designers were seeking more neutral colors and tonal variations of whites, lights, naturals, grays and true browns. These new woodgrain designs enhance feelings of warmth, comfort and familiarity – all while providing a durable and easily cleanable alternative to real wood surfaces in hardworking spaces like hospitals, classrooms and office settings.”

Formica Corporation held focus groups with commercial and furniture designers across the United States to identify the most usable wood visuals. The selections that consistently met their needs were neutral colors with lighter-toned options to complement Scandinavian designs, as well as more choices in ash, elm, oak and walnut.  

The 16 new patterns are grouped into seven series: Elm, Ashwood, Cherry, Modern Oak, Modern Walnut, Traditional Walnut and Casual Woods, creating a robust offering of woodgrain laminate designs in stain colors from light to dark.

Elm Series
This new species to the Formica® Laminate Woodgrain collection is valued for its interlocking grain and resistance to splitting, making it useful for furniture production. While this species is rare in real wood, it provides ideal inspiration for laminate designs with subtle graining and neutral color tones.

  • Buff Elm: A warm, creamy elm
  • Beige Elm: A true beige elm
  • Camel Elm: A darker beige elm
  • Graphite Elm: A warm, black elm

Ashwood Series
Long considered a cousin of oak, ashwood is popular in furniture design and offers a linear, multipurpose visual.

  • Ashwood Bone: A soft, gray-white ash
  • Ashwood Beige: A light chameleon ash
  • Ashwood Oak: Ash stained in a modern oak color

Cherry Series
Often used for cabinets and furniture, this series has a soft, flowing, straight-grained layout and true brown color tones. It is ideal for furniture and architectural doors.

  • Clove Spice Cherry: A mid-brown stained cherry
  • Nut Brown Cherry: A true, dark-brown-stained cherry

Modern Oak Series
Depending on the specific species, oak has a wide range of color variation. Its open pores accept stain readily, but gray stains on natural wood tend to discolor easily. The elegant, straight grain of this laminate series offers a solution for trending gray and black wood designs that are also easy to maintain.

  • Grayed Oak: A true gray-stained oak
  • Inked Oak: A blackened oak

Modern Walnut Series
Walnut is widespread throughout the world and ranges from creamy white sapwood to dark chocolate heartwood. This series is modernized with “heathered” stains, in which brown is neutralized with a hint of gray. The mixed-width, random-match layout with half-cut cathedrals represents the look of solid lumber construction.

  • Taupe Walnut: A greige, mid-toned stained walnut
  • Hazel Walnut: A darker brown-gray stained walnut

Traditional Walnut
A classic walnut with a random-match layout and half-cut cathedrals that works well in traditional and modern environments in which architects and designers want to contrast style with a familiar wood visual.

  • Formal Walnut: A classic brown stained walnut

Casual Woods
Unique finishing techniques and a new species inspire these patterns, both featuring a dark brown stained look with random-match layouts and cathedrals.

  • Tula Oak: Features a cerused technique, which involves rubbing a contrasting color into wood pores to highlight the grain. This deep-brown oak design features gray cerused pore details
  • Antique Mango: Fast-growing, sustainable mango provides a stylish alternative to rare, slow-growing exotic woods and inspires this curvy, tone-on-tone stained brown wood design.

Formica® Laminate woodgrains can be applied horizontally or vertically. 

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Formica Fenix Nero Ingo

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Formica Now Offers FENIX

Posted on 08 May 2020 by cradmin3

Formica Corporation has expanded its offering of surfacing materials with a line of Italian-designed surfaces. The company announced it will market, manufacture and sell Arpa Industriale’s FENIX® innovative materials for interior design to customers and designers in North America. FENIX features elegant colors and high-tech design, and the integration with Formica Corporation brings a new array of options for durable, sustainable commercial and residential interiors to the North American design market.

“Since its launch, FENIX materials are recognized for adding value to the interior design world. The partnership with Formica Corporation will allow our successful FENIX brand to further reach architects and designers in North America through their well-established distribution network,” said Stefano Mion, CEO of Arpa Industriale.

FENIX will be available to purchase in a variety of timeless colors of the FENIX NTM® collection through Formica Corporation starting this month. The FENIX NTM color palette is inspired by nature and it interprets and anticipates trends and tastes in interior design to offer architects and designers a wider range of opportunities for expression.

With low light reflectivity, FENIX® surfaces are extremely opaque, soft touch and anti-fingerprint. According to the company thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches is also possible.

FENIX products are made of paper (more than 60 percent) and thermosetting resins (30 – 40 percent). The core structure is composed of paper, impregnated with thermosetting resins. The outer surface is treated with next generation acrylic resins, which are hardened and fixed through an Electron Beam Curing process.

FENIX can be used for vertical or horizontal applications. It is ideal for retail, health care, hospitality, office and transportation applications, as well as industrial, kitchen and bath, or furniture designs.

In June 2019, Formica Corporation was acquired by Broadview Holding B.V., a Netherlands-based holding company in the global market of surface materials, joining Arpa Industriale as a sister company.

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Watercolor Porcelain 180fx Laminate

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Formica Presents 2020 Living Impressions Collection

Posted on 15 January 2020 by cradmin

Formica has presented its 2020 Living Impressions™ Collection. The collection features six new style-forward surfacing designs, including five new 180fx® Laminate patterns and one new Formica® Laminate pattern. 

The collection draws inspiration from nature and art, and the designs are endlessly compatible with aesthetics – from traditional to modern to elegant and every style between.

The designs in the 2020 Living Impressions™ Collection were inspired largely by three emerging lifestyle trends:

  • Handcrafted – Artwork adds a personal touch to a home. Frequently inspired by nature, craftspeople today value tradition with a modern twist.
  • Black & White Elegance – Simplicity never goes out of style. Color blocking provides a modern take on this elegant pair.
  • Soft, Subtle & Simple – Relaxed and refined. Neutral colors and subtle patterns provide calm and comfort.

The new 180fx patterns are: White Painted Marble, Black Painted Marble, Watercolor Porcelain (pictured above), Watercolor Steel and Calacatta Cava. Black Bardiglio is the new Formica® Laminate pattern.

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Formica Introduces SurfaceSet 2020

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Formica Introduces SurfaceSet 2020

Posted on 09 September 2019 by cradmin

Formica has introduced SurfaceSet® 2020, a collection of new woodgrains, solids and patterned Formica® Laminate designs to help interior designers and architects create beautiful and functional commercial spaces.

The 2020 SurfaceSet® Collection is grouped into three key palettes – No Boundaries, Engineered Design and Fluidity – with on-trend, usable design solutions created within each one.

No Boundaries
A combination of raw elements and natural warmth give this palette a familiar sense of security and a hint of exploratory wonder. Organic greens and grounded earth tones contrast with pops of blue sky to create a harmonious connection to the natural world.

Natural Recycled Kraft and Black Recycled Kraft: Utilizing 100 percent recycled pulp and natural additives such as coffee bean chaff from roasting and the fibers from coffee bean bags, this technical paper was produced to be an authentic laminate version of Kraft paper. A mixture of post- and pre-consumer waste streams, the Recycled Kraft Series achieves FSC 100%/FSC Recycled Credit.

Layered White Sand, Layered Sand and Layered Black Sand: This granular design is inspired by large-scale rammed-earth architecture. Various colored sand grains were pounded into bands and layered into a linear furniture-scale layout before being scanned to make a new optical solid visual.

Blond Cedar, Raw Cedar and Noir Cedar: Enhanced by the new Pure Grain finish, this simple cedar structure without knots is the first pine added into the Formica surfacing range in more than 30 years.

Planked Raw Oak and Planked Coffee Oak: Salvaged from an old Hawaiian warehouse, this sun-weathered oak has soft 4-inch planks and sparse knots, bringing warmth into contemporary spaces. The new stain colors reflect designers’ preference for light and dark options.

Earthenware and Algae: Organic meets contemporary, as the outside is brought into interiors through nature-inspired hues.

Engineered Design
Structure and sophistication meet in this future-forward palette that combines synthetic designs with natural materials. On-screen brights, technical grays and strong saturated colors – along with tactile textures like felt – create a playful and bold feeling.

Felt Series (Natural Gray, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue): As a color carrier, Felt is perfect in gray and bold colors for office and modern hospitality spaces. The Felt visual is a hard-surfacing solution to an all-purpose material common in floors, walls and furniture. The fabric-inspired optical solid is enhanced by a Paper finish, marrying the visual with a tactile touch.

White Washed Birchply and Black Birchply: A casual rotary birch veneer, plywood has become a hero material used in furniture and interiors.

Moonstone, Night Forest and Night Shade: Classic gray and black made modern with a drop of added color for moody interior schemes.

This palette invokes a sensory approach to the digital world in the context of nature to create a generation of new creative possibilities. Soft and ethereal tones like weightless beiges, pastels and iridescent effects make for an atmospheric and dreamlike experience.

Aluminum and Stainless: A realistic, linear brushed-metal design perfectly paired with the reflective Brush finish to create a durable HPL-version of brushed metal that can be used on vertical millwork and cabinetry as well as any hardworking surface, like horizontal tables and countertops.

Cream Softwood, Greige Softwood and Walnut Softwood: Created from the softwood linden tree, this barely-there tinted woodgrain is ideal for applications where a wood “feel” is needed.

Liquid Glass, Blush and Solar Orange: Fluid colors enhanced with glistening finishes blur the line between nature and technology.

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Formica Introduces Marmara Series & Offers Design a Room Tool

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Formica Introduces Marmara Series & Offers Design a Room Tool

Posted on 17 July 2019 by cradmin

Formica recently introduced its newest design series, Marmara. Sourced from the Marmara Sea (the world’s smallest sea) in Turkey, the natural coordinates of the Marmara Series were inspired by the calmer parts of the Istanbul Marble stone to create a coordinated look. Marmara Beige and Marmara Gray are updated homogeneous stone patterns with rich blends of color.


Formica Group also offers a free Design a Room Tool on its website to allow you to test drive your new kitchen or bathroom before purchasing. Choose from pre-selected images or upload one of your own.




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Formica Sale Finalized, Details Shared

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Formica Sale Finalized, Details Shared

Posted on 05 June 2019 by cradmin

Broadview Holding, a Netherlands-based industrial holding with a presence in material technology and energy, has completed the $840-million acquisition of Cincinnati-based Formica Group from Fletcher Building. The sale includes Formica businesses in North America, Europe and Asia, as well as its Homapal metal laminates business.

The sale was first announced in December 2018 with the signing of a Sale Purchase Agreement. This announcement reflects that all standard regulatory approvals were secured and the transaction to bring together two leading players in the international decorative surfacing industry is complete.

“We said it when the sale purchase agreement was announced, and today we reiterate that this represents an exciting future for Formica Group, as we have a strong strategic alignment with Broadview,” said Mitch Quint, president, Formica Corporation North America. “Now that the acquisition is complete, we look forward to working with our new colleagues and exploring the synergies that will make this combination very successful. Broadview has some industry-leading technologies in their portfolio and we’re excited for the growth opportunities that brings to the Formica businesses.”

The deal affects 500 Cincinnati area employees and 3,500 worldwide. Besides the factory and headquarters in Evendale, north of Cincinnati, Formica operates a plant in Canada and five plants each in Europe and Asia. The company generated $325 million in sales last year.

A press release from Broadview stated, “Combining Formica’s brand and distribution network with the technology base and product portfolio of its new sister companies will offer several benefits to Formica’s customer base, thereby also supporting profitable long term growth of the business. These benefits include access to the proprietary products from Arpa, Trespa and Westag as well as strengthened investment in the development of innovative superior surface solutions.”

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Formica Introduces 2019 Living Impressions Collection

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Formica Introduces 2019 Living Impressions Collection

Posted on 19 February 2019 by cradmin

Neapolitan Stone with Planked Coffee Oak

The 2019 Living Impressions™ Collection introduced by Formica features 12 contemporary options; six new 180fx® patterns and six new Formica® Laminate patterns. 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of 180fx®, and the company is celebrating with the introduction of a new finish and fresh pattern options. The collection includes a wide range of on-trend looks that incorporate organic and authentic stones and woodgrains, classic white and light surfaces, and darker selections to instill a dramatic mood.

The new 180fx® patterns are: White Knotty Maple, Smoky Planked Walnut, Nero Marquina, Pietra Grafite, Neapolitan Stone and Istanbul Marble.

The new Formica Laminate patterns are: Gray Onyx, Planked Raw Oak, Marmara Gray, Marmara Beige, Planked Coffee Oak and Ice Onyx.

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Fletcher Building Announces Sale of Formica

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Fletcher Building Announces Sale of Formica

Posted on 17 December 2018 by cradmin

Fletcher Building Limited announced that it has entered into an agreement to sell the Formica Group to Broadview Holding BV for a sale price of $840 million.

Fletcher Building CEO Ross Taylor said, “The divestment of Formica completes our strategy to exit non-core businesses having already completed the sale of Roof Tile Group in November 2018. Our five year strategy is to refocus Fletcher Building’s capital and capability behind our New Zealand and Australian businesses, with building products and distribution at our core.

“We are pleased to have signed the sale agreement in line with our target timing, and to have achieved a strong valuation for the business. We believe Broadview is a natural owner of Formica, being a leading player in the laminates industry. We are confident that the regulatory process required to complete the sale will go smoothly, and on that basis expect the sale to be completed by the end of FY19.”

The sale is subject to conditions which are customary for a transaction of this nature, including regulatory approvals. The regulatory approvals required for the transaction relate to the competition regimes in a number of the countries where Formica operates.

Fletcher also confirmed its intention to reinstate dividends in its 2019 financial year, starting with an interim dividend to be declared upon finalization of half-year results in February.

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