Wilsonart Introduces New HPL Stone Collection

Wilsonart introduced its new High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Stone Collection. The line of new HPL designs delivers a new textured finish and 16 designs all reminiscent of various natural stone surfaces.

According to the company the collection’s Fieldstone finish features a textured matte sheen that is less reflective than other stone surfaces, offering a more casual look. The 16 new designs are inspired by natural stone looks in on-trend colors, including brown, taupe, brick and turmeric tones, as well as neutral tones of white and light beige that offer warmth to any residential or commercial setting.

The Wilsonart HPL Stone Collection designs include:

  • Anzio Marble: A medium-scale, directional design with subdued warm grey taupe veining.
  • Arenite Cream: A large-scale, chunky veined stone in a modern cream.
  • Beachwalk: A tonal warm white, directional granite with textural interest and sweeping movement.
  • Bella Romano: A large-scale directional granite structure with warm, taupe and copper-colored particulates.
  • Brazilian Blue: A Brazilian Arabescato stone design within a range of mid-tone blue-grey colors with lively flowing movement throughout.
  • Brazilian Grey: A Brazilian Arabescato stone design with multiple shades ranging from white to a mid-tone grey with a structure boasting lively, flowing movement throughout.
  • Calacatta Lincoln: An extra-large scale white marble with refined warm brown and smoky charcoal directional veining.
  • Glazier Quartzite: A fantasy brown quartzite linear stone pattern with striations of white, taupe and soft blue-grey features. 
  • Granito Cascata: A dynamically veined directional warm white granite with accents of warm browns and cool blue-greys.
  • Ice Mist: A directional cool white marble with unique veining features interweaving the surface in bright white, navy and brown colors.
  • Lakeshore: A richly detailed warm grey stone with large-scale dynamic veining features.
  • Lisola: A medium-scale rich black marble with delicately nuanced warm brown to charcoal veining.
  • Ortensia: A warm, light grey, soft-veined Calcutta marble with highlights of white and a scale variation with asymmetrical movement throughout.
  • Ouro Branco: A large-scale, veined Taj Mahal quartzite look in neutral, gold and white shades.
  • Quartz Frost: A white particulate quartz look with thin, spidery veining and minute detail.
  • Sombra: A Brazilian Arabescato dimensional marble with large-scale movement in deep blacks and shadows of grey.

The HPL collection designs come with AEON™ Enhanced Scratch & Scruff-Resistant Performance Technology. The entire collection offers stain-, wear-, impact- and scratch resistance.

While the Wilsonart HPL Stone Collection mimics nature, it does so without impacting the environment. The collection is GREENGUARD Gold Certified to meet low chemical emission limits for better indoor air quality. Additionally, the collection is made with a combination of fibers from FSC-certified, fast-growing, sustainably managed woods and post-consumer recycled content.

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