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Wilsonart Ortensia and Star BA001 - HPL Stone Release

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Wilsonart Introduces New HPL Stone Collection

Posted on 04 October 2021 by cradmin4

Wilsonart introduced its new High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Stone Collection. The line of new HPL designs delivers a new textured finish and 16 designs all reminiscent of various natural stone surfaces.

According to the company the collection’s Fieldstone finish features a textured matte sheen that is less reflective than other stone surfaces, offering a more casual look. The 16 new designs are inspired by natural stone looks in on-trend colors, including brown, taupe, brick and turmeric tones, as well as neutral tones of white and light beige that offer warmth to any residential or commercial setting.

The Wilsonart HPL Stone Collection designs include:

  • Anzio Marble: A medium-scale, directional design with subdued warm grey taupe veining.
  • Arenite Cream: A large-scale, chunky veined stone in a modern cream.
  • Beachwalk: A tonal warm white, directional granite with textural interest and sweeping movement.
  • Bella Romano: A large-scale directional granite structure with warm, taupe and copper-colored particulates.
  • Brazilian Blue: A Brazilian Arabescato stone design within a range of mid-tone blue-grey colors with lively flowing movement throughout.
  • Brazilian Grey: A Brazilian Arabescato stone design with multiple shades ranging from white to a mid-tone grey with a structure boasting lively, flowing movement throughout.
  • Calacatta Lincoln: An extra-large scale white marble with refined warm brown and smoky charcoal directional veining.
  • Glazier Quartzite: A fantasy brown quartzite linear stone pattern with striations of white, taupe and soft blue-grey features. 
  • Granito Cascata: A dynamically veined directional warm white granite with accents of warm browns and cool blue-greys.
  • Ice Mist: A directional cool white marble with unique veining features interweaving the surface in bright white, navy and brown colors.
  • Lakeshore: A richly detailed warm grey stone with large-scale dynamic veining features.
  • Lisola: A medium-scale rich black marble with delicately nuanced warm brown to charcoal veining.
  • Ortensia: A warm, light grey, soft-veined Calcutta marble with highlights of white and a scale variation with asymmetrical movement throughout.
  • Ouro Branco: A large-scale, veined Taj Mahal quartzite look in neutral, gold and white shades.
  • Quartz Frost: A white particulate quartz look with thin, spidery veining and minute detail.
  • Sombra: A Brazilian Arabescato dimensional marble with large-scale movement in deep blacks and shadows of grey.

The HPL collection designs come with AEON™ Enhanced Scratch & Scruff-Resistant Performance Technology. The entire collection offers stain-, wear-, impact- and scratch resistance.

While the Wilsonart HPL Stone Collection mimics nature, it does so without impacting the environment. The collection is GREENGUARD Gold Certified to meet low chemical emission limits for better indoor air quality. Additionally, the collection is made with a combination of fibers from FSC-certified, fast-growing, sustainably managed woods and post-consumer recycled content.

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Wilsonart Woodgrain

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Wilsonart Launches New Woodgrain Designs

Posted on 21 September 2020 by cradmin3

Wilsonart announced the release of nine new woodgrain styles that combine the best of nature with exceptional engineering. The luxurious collection of dimensional wood-textured laminate surfaces help cultivate a unique sense of place and remarkable aesthetic appeal in commercial spaces. Matching Edgeband and TFL Panels are readily available.

The collection features a palette designed to work together to create space-defining, complementary looks. These new additions to the company’s commercial HPL line offer endless coordination potential with Wilsonart’s ecosystem of products, including High Pressure Laminate, Solid Surface, and Quartz. This allows for spaces within commercial interiors to maintain individual looks while providing an overall harmonious effect.

“Connection is an important aspect of design at Wilsonart. When different textures, colors, and styles work interchangeably and successfully, an entire room can be brought to life by our vast portfolio of engineered surfaces,” says Sally Chavez, Senior Designer. This connectedness can also contribute to a space’s ability to restore and replenish the wellbeing of those who utilize it. Soothingly authentic finishes, including the new low-sheen, dimensional Ridgewood, ultra-realistic matte Timbergrain, and the elegant Aligned Oak, provide natural visual elements that create serene and comfortable settings. “Interior design artistry is truly at its best when beauty, durability, and usability all come together,” added Chavez.

Wilsonart’s high-performing non-porous HPL surfaces withstand the most rigorous cleaning and disinfection protocols. HPL is extremely practical, requiring minimal upkeep to maintain its appearance, even with long-term daily use. AEON™ Enhanced Performance Technology provides up to 24 times wear, 20 times impact, four times the scuff-resistance, and better fade resistance than wood veneers. Wilsonart® Antimicrobial Protection is built into the laminate surface to inhibit the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew. Antimicrobial Protection is included in Wilsonart® HD® Laminate and available upon request in Wilsonart® Premium and Standard grade HPL. The silver ion antimicrobial agent is registered with the EPA.

Available now, the new Commercial HPL “Nature/Nurture” collection includes a range of finishes with natural variations, realistic ticking, and ridged linear woodgrain effects in a variety of wood species engineered to exceed nature’s wildest expectations.

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Wilsonart Presents Localism Collection

Posted on 09 March 2020 by cradmin

In 2020, Wilsonart’s Virtual Design Library will tap into the theme of ‘Community’. Much more than a combination of geography and populace, community is grounded in a group of similar and diverse individuals who are linked together by a common cause, social norms, affiliations, beliefs or location.

Wilsonart’s first collection of the year, Localism, reveals the enigmatic yet unified depths of community by showcasing cross-generational, relatable designs inspired by familiar scenes, symbols or surroundings that mold and develop our sense of self, togetherness and oneness.

The Localism Collection features a select sampling of color palettes, material, textures and graphics that have the power to unite, surprise, or simply offer unchartered beauty through design. Enhanced through visual and tactile variations like matte and silky smooth, to soft grain and rustic, texture is never an afterthought with Wilsonart surfaces.

The Localism Collection includes:

  • Ceramic Blue- a large-scale abstract in a deep rich blue that has the feel of thrown pottery. Antique Finish
  • Artisan Find – a large-scale ombre design that transitions from off white to a deep rich blue. It has the feel of thrown pottery. Antique Finish
  • City Metal – a large-scale dark abstract that gives the appearance of forged metal. Antique Finish
  • Stapled Notice – a medium-scale abstract pattern inspired by the unique look of staples on a telephone pole. Gloss Line Texture
  • Grateful Dyed – a large traditional tie-dye design with multiple spirals. Matte Finish
  • Graffiti Park – a large-scale graffiti design of multicolored spray paints on a painted brick background. Matte Finish
  • Taupe Incised – a medium-scale makore woodgrain with a tread-like incised overlay. SoftGrain Finish
  • Natural Incised – a medium-scale raw woodgrain with a tread-like incised overlay. SoftGrain Finish
  • Wire Mesh – a medium-scale design of linear grays and black inspired by textured wire. Gloss Line Texture
  • Backyard Patio – a medium-scale design that has the look of smooth cement. Fine Grain Textured Finish
  • Texas Mesquite – a large planked unfinished woodgrain that has the features of a handcrafted table. SoftGrain Finish
  • South Devon – a large-scale distressed pattern inspired by worn leather. Antique Finish
  • Flagstaff Lodge – a two-inch planked white wood, with rustic features such as nail and worm holes found among the planks. Casual Rustic Texture
  • Edge Grain – a micro planked woodgrain in multiple shades of gray with colored accents throughout. SoftGrain Finish

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Wilsonart Introduces LUJO Collection

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Wilsonart Introduces LUJO Collection

Posted on 18 September 2019 by cradmin

Wilsonart has introduced The LUJO™ Collection, coordinated HPL, TFL and Edgeband designs with authentic-looking wood finishes that invoke the presence of real wood construction. With dynamic textures that bring the tactile qualities of the natural world to indoor spaces, this forest-inspired collection is the essence of accessible luxury. Available in the new Ridgewood, a three-dimensional deep woodgrain finish, and Gloss Line finish. The LUJO Collection of wood designs implies the high level of workmanship associated with cabinetry and casegoods built by skilled craftspeople.

The LUJO Collection is available in a best-matched compilation of 13 designs in High Pressure Laminate (HPL), Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) and Edgeband. The authentic look of the new ultra-premium Ridgewood Texture features an overall matte finish with ridged dimensional features creating a linear woodgrain effect. The LUJO Collection’s Ridgewood Texture includes six new wood looks and one existing design: Randolph Forest, Dering Forest, White River Forest, Avondale Ash, Friston Ash, Valley Forge Elm and White Cypress.

The LUJO Collection also includes six existing designs in Wilsonart’s premium Gloss Line finish. The Gloss Line finish features a linear woodgrain texture with varied widths of narrow grain structures in an alternating mix of matte and gloss surface areas. Designs featuring Gloss Line Finish include: Phantom Charcoal, Phantom Ecru, Portico Teak, Veranda Teak, High Line and NeoWalnut.

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Trick for Trimming Laminate Countertops without Damaging Edge Banding

Posted on 15 December 2017 by cradmin

This video, listed as posted by “Manley Design” was shared by someone who is obviously a professional countertop fabricator, as you can see his shop and CNC machine in the background. In it, an unnamed man offers a trick of the trade or tip when trimming laminate to size that helps to avoid damaging the edge banding.

The man in the video explains where he came up with the idea and walks the viewer through his process. For those who work with any amount of laminate for countertops, this tip may very well be worth trying.

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Arborite Expands Maison Laminate Collection

Posted on 11 August 2016 by cradmin

2016.0307.ProdIntro.Arborite.Welcome-HomeArborite added to its Maison residential laminate collection: the Welcome Home series. Welcome Home has the look of small scale and composite stones. Granite, quartz and sandstone are replicated in designs that are both durable and chic. The additions bring the collection up to 31 options: Arctic Ice; Jaipur Amber; Klondike Riverbed; Sahara Nights; and Tundra Taupe Granite.

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Repairing High Pressure Laminate Countertops

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Repairing High Pressure Laminate Countertops

Posted on 23 September 2015 by cradmin

This video produced by Finish Repair, which seems to specialize in the repair of all kinds of materials including laminates, wood and marble, shows how a damaged high pressure laminate (HPL) countertop can be repaired. At first I was skeptical when I ran across the video, but I have to say the results looked pretty good, even when I took the video full screen.

The depiction here isn’t even overly promotional, just explaining the process rather than hyping the product being used. And, the HPL top that was being repaired was not just a primary color, but rather had a complex color. Maybe that made it easier? It’s hard to say without trying it out in person, but it sold me.

We’d be interested to hear if any of you have any experience with this process or any other processes for repairing laminate countertops. Drop us a line or post in the comment section.

You may also be interested in this video on how Wilsonart laminate is made.

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Jonathan Adler Laminate Collection Introduced by Formica

Posted on 16 April 2015 by cradmin

Jonathan Adler Formica CollectionThe Formica Laminate Jonathan Adler Collection was recently introduced by the Formica Corporation. The collection includes nine bold pattern and color combinations that are designed to make countertops and other surfaces stand out. This series of laminate is the offspring of Adler’s signature aesthetic of irreverent luxury combined with Formica’s design flexibility and performance qualities. The new pattern and color combinations are suitable for countertops, backsplashes, vanities and cabinets. Each style in the collection is designed to represent a bold update of a classic material. Greek Key, an ageless motif has been made modern with bold scale and color, and is available tone-on-tone with a matte finish in blue, charcoal and orange. Lacquered Linen, which is inspired by mid-century modern furniture, is available in charcoal, crème, green and orange and has a glossy finish. And Malachite, which is inspired by patterns of the ’60s and ’70s as well as precious stones, is available in a glossy finish in a crisp blue and a subtle charcoal.

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Wilsonart Debuts 27 New Colors 2015 Residential Laminate Collection

Posted on 09 April 2015 by cradmin

wilsonart laminate_1918Wilsonart debuted 27 designs in the 2015 Wilsonart Residential Laminate Collection, which will be available nationwide in summer 2015. The  collection delivers designs that achieve the luxurious look of hardwoods, exotic stones, as well as intricate patterns, bold colors and visual textures. The patterns are based on four key themes that bring the spirit of mindfulness to life:

There are seven colors in the Super Naturaltheme: Blanca Natira, Sepia Natira , Dusk Natira , Crunch , Henna Vesta, Ink Vesta  and Burnished Shadow. Of these patterns the idea is based on the quest for the perfect combination of nature and man-made, and a growing appreciation for “beyond” natural with the warmth of nature inspired color and complex textures .

There are four colors in the Everyday Luxury theme: Granito Amarelo, Trinidad Lapidus, Autumn Carnival  and Magnata. These have large-scale movement and real-life textures, bringing practical opulence to the heart of the home.

There are eight patterns in the Sticks & Stones theme: Bronzite, Portoro, Skyline Walnut, Walnut Heights, Calacatta Oro , Santo Jade, Santo Azul and Amber Sparkle. These are based on unique and unexpected combinations of materials and design details creating highly personal expressions of style.

There are eight colors in the final theme of Stylistic History: Crisp Linen, Classic Linen, Casual Linen, Gesso Tracery,  Endora, Betty, Orange Grove and Ocean. Representing a modern update on styles past, Stylistic History has a retro feel with fun patterns, unusual textures and bold colors.

The 27 designsare available in varying categories (Wilsonart High Definition®, Premium and Standard Laminates) and finishes (Textured Gloss, SoftGrain, Antique, Mirage, Fine Velvet Textured Finish, Quarry and Matte).

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Formica Adds 10 New Laminate Patterns, Upgrades Surfacing Technology

Posted on 11 February 2015 by cradmin

Formica new 180FX colors

Formica’s 4 new 180FX colors revealed at KBIS 2015

Not only did Formica Corporation add 10 new laminate patterns to its line-up, including four new additions to its 180fx® line (pictured here) and six PremiumFX™ patterns, it also improved its surfacing technology to increase durability. EliteForm™, the new surfacing technology, not only makes the laminate more durable and scratch-resistant, it also improves the ability to post-form tighter radius edge profiles. With the introduction of this new technology, two existing Formica finishes now join the residential horizontal lineup – Artisan™ and Gloss. Previously restricted to light-duty, horizontal applications, these finishes are now suitable for a variety of applications, including countertops. EliteForm surfacing technology will be available on all Formica brand laminate products.

The additions to the 180fx line, with its large repeat pattern provides a realistic appearance in small and large-scale applications. The new additions imitate the natural detail of stone and wood, while the Premium Series additions have the look of stone, concrete and horizontal wood. The patterns focus on a neutral palette to pair with any interior design concept. The new 180fx patterns include Strata Olympico, with a marble like distinctive linear pattern of contrasting white and gray stripes; Marbled Cappuccino, with intricate detailing of chocolate brown, cream, white and black; Ferro Graphite, with a brown-gray marble look featuring subtle swirls with bold white veins; Wide Planked Walnut in the new Natural Grain™ finish, with the look of a a mix of walnut heartwood and sapwood featuring light to medium brown tones.

The six new patterns in the PremiumFX Series include four stone and concrete like patterns and two horizontal wood patterns. The four new stone patterns include: Marfil Cream, with warm white tones and light gray accents that really come to life with the new Scovato™ finish, which is lightly textured and low-gloss; Marfil Antico has a travertine-like beige with dark gray accents and light veining, similar to concrete; Silver Quartzite, which was created to mimic natural stone, has a silver background laced with white and black veining, whispers of charcoal, rust and gray are present throughout; and White Ice Granite with a with background with blue-gray and warm gray clouds and charcoal veining.

The two new wood grains in the Natural Grain™ finish are Oxidized Beamwood, an elegant wood grain with soft brown tones weathered with a gray patina. This new finish enhances the look of modern or distressed woods in cathedral and straight grains; and Salvage Planked Elm, which captures the trend of reclaimed wood and features a dramatic visual of painted, vintage wood planks.

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