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Wilsonart Wellness Collection

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Wilsonart Presents Wellness Collection

Posted on 17 November 2020 by cradmin

Embracing the concept of “Wellness,” the new curated collection of boutique laminate designs from Wilsonart takes inspiration from nature and brings healing, calm, and serenity to healthcare-built environments and beyond.

Based on research that suggests a strong connection between well-being and familiar elements found in the natural world, these new Wellness offerings feature organic patterns, textures and colors. From large-scale abstract scenes reminiscent of foggy grey mountains to layered sky motifs that exude warmth, all are designed to soothe the soul and invigorate the senses. This collection also introduces the Hinoki range (pictured here), consisting of three neutral-hued woodgrains that get their name from Japanese cypress trees famous for their “divine wood.”

“The concept of wellness has rippled through communities and industries as people look for a bit of respite from the stresses of modern life. We’re proud to offer intentional design coupled with high performance that can bring tranquility to healthcare settings,” says Danielle Mikesell, Global Vice President of Marketing and Design for Wilsonart. “The best part is that while these looks were created with healthcare in mind, they also work beautifully for hospitality, retail and residential.”

Extending the 2020 Virtual Design Library umbrella theme of “Community,” the Wellness collection offers individual appeal while also harmonizing to create a unique palette. Their coordinating possibilities increase exponentially when combined with Wilsonart’s engineered surfaces portfolio, including Wilsonart® Quartz, Solid Surface, High Pressure Laminate (HPL) and Coordinated Surfaces.

Staying true to the durability and easy maintenance Wilsonart is known for, the 2020 Virtual Design Library Wellness collection also offers exceptional cleanability and resistance to scratches and scuffs for lasting beauty and high-quality appearance.

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Wilsonart connected-coordinates-6

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Wilsonart Releases Connected Collection

Posted on 16 June 2020 by cradmin3

Wilsonart announced the release of The Connected Collection, available in their boutique Virtual Design Library (VDL). Based on a “separate but connected” story, Wilsonart’s in-house designers drew inspiration from the exploration of how individual surface designs with threads of similarities can work beautifully together, while also able to stand on their own in a given space, resulting in breakthrough looks.

The new VDL release includes 16 abstracts and unique woodgrains, specially selected to coordinate with each other. The collection’s inherent connections make it easy to experiment, mix, match, or even use each design individually.

Wilsonart’s all-embracing theme of ‘Connectedness’ for its Virtual Design Library Collections for 2020 is no accident. “This collection represents our society as a whole,” said Natalia Smith, Wilsonart Design Manager. “During these profound societal shifts, we all face personal challenges, yet we remain connected. This collection is symbolic of how, when we learn to come together through our differences, we create our strength.”

“When we took a closer look at the trends, we noticed exciting ideas taking shape, such as sets of dishes designed to look as if they were curated from several different places while still working beautifully together,” said Smith. “By applying this same line of thinking to surfaces, we imagined similar but different choices that bring an eclectic yet intentional look that is unique, bold, and fresh.”

Wilsonart’s Virtual Design Library offers the design community inspirational design choices in the High Pressure Laminate market. The collections are continually released and curated from Wilsonart’s designers in conjunction with the broader design community. Now with nearly 600 designs and more launching each quarter, the Virtual Design Library offers unprecedented design choices for commercial and residential applications.

For more information, visit the Wilsonart Virtual Design Library.

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Wilsonart Presents Localism Collection

Posted on 09 March 2020 by cradmin

In 2020, Wilsonart’s Virtual Design Library will tap into the theme of ‘Community’. Much more than a combination of geography and populace, community is grounded in a group of similar and diverse individuals who are linked together by a common cause, social norms, affiliations, beliefs or location.

Wilsonart’s first collection of the year, Localism, reveals the enigmatic yet unified depths of community by showcasing cross-generational, relatable designs inspired by familiar scenes, symbols or surroundings that mold and develop our sense of self, togetherness and oneness.

The Localism Collection features a select sampling of color palettes, material, textures and graphics that have the power to unite, surprise, or simply offer unchartered beauty through design. Enhanced through visual and tactile variations like matte and silky smooth, to soft grain and rustic, texture is never an afterthought with Wilsonart surfaces.

The Localism Collection includes:

  • Ceramic Blue- a large-scale abstract in a deep rich blue that has the feel of thrown pottery. Antique Finish
  • Artisan Find – a large-scale ombre design that transitions from off white to a deep rich blue. It has the feel of thrown pottery. Antique Finish
  • City Metal – a large-scale dark abstract that gives the appearance of forged metal. Antique Finish
  • Stapled Notice – a medium-scale abstract pattern inspired by the unique look of staples on a telephone pole. Gloss Line Texture
  • Grateful Dyed – a large traditional tie-dye design with multiple spirals. Matte Finish
  • Graffiti Park – a large-scale graffiti design of multicolored spray paints on a painted brick background. Matte Finish
  • Taupe Incised – a medium-scale makore woodgrain with a tread-like incised overlay. SoftGrain Finish
  • Natural Incised – a medium-scale raw woodgrain with a tread-like incised overlay. SoftGrain Finish
  • Wire Mesh – a medium-scale design of linear grays and black inspired by textured wire. Gloss Line Texture
  • Backyard Patio – a medium-scale design that has the look of smooth cement. Fine Grain Textured Finish
  • Texas Mesquite – a large planked unfinished woodgrain that has the features of a handcrafted table. SoftGrain Finish
  • South Devon – a large-scale distressed pattern inspired by worn leather. Antique Finish
  • Flagstaff Lodge – a two-inch planked white wood, with rustic features such as nail and worm holes found among the planks. Casual Rustic Texture
  • Edge Grain – a micro planked woodgrain in multiple shades of gray with colored accents throughout. SoftGrain Finish

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Wilsonart Debuts New VDL Collection: Scandinavian-Bohemian

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Wilsonart Debuts New VDL Collection: Scandinavian-Bohemian

Posted on 14 March 2019 by cradmin

In 2019, Wilsonart, through its Virtual Design Library (VDL) of print-on-demand patterns, will bring the design community a quarterly collection of curated designs that fully embraces the concept of individualism and personalization. The first Collection, Scandinavian-Bohemian, is a fusion of styles that work for any maximalist or minimalist space.

Basil Honeycomb, Nuvo Deco, and Sugar Pine

The Scandinavian-Bohemian Collection includes 12 new and three existing patterns that exude a lifestyle of laid-back, cozy and down-to-earth comfort. From an assortment of five new wood-inspired patterns including natural and white-washed knotty pines; to four abstract designs that include a stunning Indigo Shibori and two tonal art deco patterns, the new VDL Collection is the best of clean, crisp Scandinavian design paired with eclectic, free-spirited Bohemian design.

The Collection also features an expansion of Wilsonart’s distinctive Spectrum series, which pairs subtle, layered designs with spectacular colors. Two new greens, Basil Honeycomb and Iced Mint, along with Raspberry Parfait Honeycomb, add a pop of color. Finally, the Collection reintroduces three patterns from the current library that also embody the essence of Scandinavian-Bohemian: Indigo Kilim, Radiant Brass and Bleached Walnut Crossgrain.

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Wilsonart Offers Laminate Designs Inspired by Endangered Wood Species

Posted on 09 November 2017 by cradmin

Midnight Ebony

Wilsonart has created a collection of 16 laminate designs to capture the unique beauty of some of the world’s most exotic wood species. The Nature Undisturbed collection allows architects and designers the opportunity to specify designs that incorporate the look of threatened wood species without further endangering the forests.

Celebrating and preserving nature’s beauty, Wilsonart addresses exotic woods and regionally-inspired patterns through its Virtual Design Library (VDL) of laminate surfaces:

Vulnerable Wood Species

  • Umber Makore duplicates an endangered wood from West Africa where overexploitation is leading to serious population declines, notably in Ghana and in Liberia, where there is a possibility of the species becoming extinct. This medium-sized straight grained wood is a mid-tone warm brown with subtle firings throughout.
  • Indonesian Rosewood is an endangered wood. Its timber is of high commercial value and wild subpopulations are widely overexploited with illegal felling, placing considerable pressure on this species.This VDL laminate design is a fawn brown exotic wood with full cathedrals in a deeper brown found throughout this stunning large-scale woodgrain.
  • Mahogany from Central and South America is a vulnerable species and is the most commercially important of the mahoganies. Exhaustion of the species is especially hard in the northern regions of its growth. Harvesting and processing of these trees is only 50 percent efficient. Java Mahogany is a rich wood design in a deep coffee / java brown, full of soft delicate graining and some firing. Autumn Mahogany is a rich golden brown with subtle planking and full of firing.
  • Heartwood Cocobolo is a rich deep brown exotic wood pattern with black graining and pale sap lines that are found throughout the large-scale woodgrain. Cocobolo is a vulnerable species intensely exploited as a timber. Areas where the species was formerly widespread are almost completely exhausted, most notably in Costa Rica. The habitat has been exploited for 400 years and continuing reductions are caused through cattle ranching and fires.
  • Midnight Ebony mirrors African black wood, a near threatened wood from South Africa, which also is considered the first Ebony. Levels of exploitation are very high and larger or suitably exploitable trees are becoming increasingly scarce, causing concern over genetic erosion in many populations. The laminate is full of rich browns and ebony color with full featured unique cathedrals and bold graining.
  • Quartered Koa replicates the elegant straight grain wood from Hawaii. This highly desirable premium species is not considered vulnerable. However, due to land clearing and invasive species, these trees are not growing to maturity. The species is not found below 600 M elevation, but can be located only in high altitudes in remote areas of the island. The woodgrain design is full of beautiful flaming.
  • With its characteristic bold dark down wood graining found throughout, Zebrawood is a vulnerable species from West Africa. It is listed as vulnerable due to a population reduction of more than 20 percent in the past three generations caused by a decline in its natural range. Natural Zebrawood is a beautiful natural color with bold ebony straight graining.
  • Eucalyptus, though not vulnerable, is included into this exotic wood collection based on its unique graining and coloring. Red River Gum Eucalyptus is offered in 3 colorways: Sienna Eucalyptus is a large-scale dark warm brown wood with charcoal graining running throughout. Fawn Eucalyptus is warm café au lait coloration with some deep golden and brown graining running throughout. Raw Eucalyptus is a natural coloration of the eucalyptus full of golden tones with warm grey and dark brown graining.

Regionally-Inspired Patterns

  • Ikat is a dyeing technique used to pattern textiles which employs resist dyeing on the yarns prior to dyeing and weaving the fabric. Artisans from Central Asia created this weaving method with cultures across the world creating their own versions. Traditional Ikat weaving requires the artisan to dye the pattern into the weft thread using a method similar to tie dying. When the artisan is stringing the weft onto the loom, it is very difficult to get the pattern on the threads to line up. This is how the blurring effect that Ikats are known for happens. After the warp is attached to the loom, a solid colored warp is woven into the weft. Shadow Ikat is a dark charcoal large-scale chevron pattern in an Ikat style. Fog Ikat is a large-scale warm mid-tone grey pattern inspired by Ikats in a chevron pattern. Baltic Blue Ikat is a stunning cobalt blue large-scale chevron pattern inspired by the Ikat weaving tradition.
  • Kilim is a flat woven rug from Central Asia. Skilled artisans weave the rugs together using the same technique as tapestry weaving. Tarnished Kilim is a dark monochromatic steel grey color in a medium-scale modern interpretation of the Kilim rug. This medium allover-scale pattern has a distressed texture adding visual interest. Indigo Kilim is a medium-scale design, inspired by Kilim rugs that have a modern feel with monochromatic indigo blues and a distressed texture.
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