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Tile of Spain Manufacturers Release Top Trends of Fall 2020 & A Look Ahead

Posted on 23 October 2020 by cradmin3

Earlier this year, Spanish manufacturers vowed to continue to meet the needs of architects and interior designers by keeping production going in the ceramic tile sector. Maintaining that commitment, Spanish manufacturers overcame the setbacks that 2020 presented and emerge with new designs, technologies and innovations in tile.

Tile of Spain, the international brand representing 125 ceramic tile manufacturers belonging to the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturer’s Association (ASCER), announced the top trends in tile for fall with a preview of novelties for 2021.

2 CM Pavers: Leveraging outdoor space to the fullest has become increasingly important this year. The ability to seamlessly transition from indoor, out with a unified flooring creates the illusion of more space. 2cm pavers allows for quick, easy and less costly installs for exterior hardscapes than traditional mortar applications. Thanks to its technical properties, ceramic tile can withstand the passing of time, resisting temperature changes, humidity, and inclement weather, making it a preferred material for outdoor living spaces.

Gauged Porcelain: Long gone are the days when ceramic is just seen on backsplashes and floors. From worktops to bathroom sinks, large seamless multi-use surfaces are more relevant now than ever before; and the benefits of tile goes beyond aesthetic. With anti-microbial technologies and high durability along with easy cleaning and a vast array of surface options, gauged porcelain slabs are perhaps leading the trends as most versatile design solution this season.

Subway: With the ever expanding growth of formats, there remains a strong market for subway tile. Small rectangles and square formats have become increasingly present, in matte and glossy glazes, but we expect more multi-finish programs to emerge, lending another layer of interest to this traditionally stoic format.

Biophilia: In this trend, ceramic surfaces bring us back to basics with a color scheme reminiscent of hues found in nature. The true natural tones of fired clay are one of the essential anchoring mediums on par with white, black and grey. Green tones such as moss and mint evoke an organic feel while shades in sunset orange and deep brown create a relaxing ambiance. Known for its raw and earthy appeal, terracotta takes the lead in this palette with naturally inspired, organic textures like woodgrain and rattan.

Looking Ahead to Layers: While many of the trends introduced earlier this year have continued throughout, what we expect to see in the coming year are more Spanish manufacturers filling in the gaps of existing collections and building layers into their tile programs.

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Fabricating for the Bar and Wine Cellar

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Fabricating for the Bar and Wine Cellar

Posted on 04 June 2018 by cradmin

BLANCOBLANCO Empressa recently surveyed designers and fabricators to learn more about bar and wine cellar trends. The topic is very timely given the launch of BLANCO’s new EMPRESSA™ faucet collection, which coordinates bar and kitchen sink faucet styles with a winepress-inspired handle shape. The handle’s backstory dates to a medieval winepress and draws from BLANCO’s location in Germany’s wine country.

Specifiers should also take note since alcohol consumption is on the rise +2.7 percent according to Wine & Spirits Daily and at home entertaining is growing – especially around the bar area. According to a Forbes article “at home social occasions” is a 33 billion dollar industry and expanding. So how are we designing and fabricating for the bar or wine cellar today?

What colors are you specifying for bars and wine cellars?
The answers to this question were very mixed from mostly whites and grays to automotive and industrial finishes. According to Paul Menninger, Owner of Capitol Granite, “Whites and grays with dark colored woods contrasting in the wine cellars, like walnut and cherry” are popular. What’s working is contrasting light and dark colors for entertaining spaces. This is true also of key elements like sinks and faucets, which come in a wide variety of finishes. For instance, the BLANCO EMPRESSA™ faucet that ranges from contemporary polished chrome or stainless, to more traditional polished nickel and even oil rubbed bronze.

What new technologies are you specifying for bars and wine cellars today? 
Quite a few designers brought up LED lighting, flexible lighting, appliance lighting and the addition of more lighting displays. “Bars and wine cellars will trend towards back-lighting in the future with the increasing prevalence of LED lighting,” continues Menninger. “The options for LED come with reduced costs, longer life, and lower heat generation.”

BLANCO EmpressaWhat materials or appliances are trending now?
The hottest materials today include ultra compact surfacing – more commonly known as “thin” tile. These surfaces have the advantage of stain resistance and durability. Using a marble look for instance without having to worry that it will stain. Textures and mixing textures were also a common answer, which makes sense with contrasting colors. These are spaces designed to “stand out.”

What bars and wine cellar trends do you anticipate in the future? 
Designers and fabricators anticipate the use of more glass, unique surface materials like Dekton or looks like a mitered drop edge. Cheryl Clendenon, Owner of InDetail Design states, “I would say unique wine storage in unusual places – we have proposed one in a large foyer. Sounds odd but will be part of a built-in area with a bench and the wine will become drinkable art! Also, more clients want wine refrigeration.”

Wine culture and artisan beverages are exploding and tying in these themes helps to distinguish this space from other spaces in the home. “Clients tend to want a bar or wine cellar that is a conversation piece,” states Krista Lake, Owner Signature Interior Expressions. “They like for their bar/wine cellar to have a unique look that stands out from the rest of the home.”

“The products we feel are currently trending are wine barrel and wine press furniture,” states Brad Burns, Partner/Owner of Cutting Edge Countertops.

To learn more about BLANCO’s wine-inspired EMPRESSA™ faucet collection, click here.

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New Trends in Tile Backsplashes

Posted on 13 June 2017 by cradmin

DT_CL75_Fiji DT_CL60_LondonWhen it comes to backsplashes, tile reigns supreme, but the specific patterns, colors and materials used change with the times.Recently, Daltile, one of the leading tile manufacturers in the world, explored the tile backsplash options trending in recent years.

An Assortment of Options

DT_CL64_HollywoodKDT_CL65_StMoritzitchen backsplash tile is available in such a wide assortment of options that it can seem as if there is no end to the configuration, and I’m sure a person could spend the rest of his or her life trying to decide. This is why it is helpful to provide customers a few trending choices that they will be happy with and that will receive praise from family, friends and houseguests.

Four Kitchen Backsplash Recommendations From Daltile

  • Bold and Black – In ultramodern kitchens, a black tile backsplash could be the perfect complement. Try a tile size slightly larger than subway, which can minimize grout lines. If you happen to be working on a farm-style kitchen with natural wood, a black backsplash can add a hint of modernization without going overboard, especially if paired with a shade of gray.
  • Multicolored – Both bold designs needing a match and neutral designs needing a pop of color work well with multicolored tile backsplashes. Do not underestimate how much a brightly colored mosaic can enhance the light and brighten otherwise drab kitchens.
  • Neutral – A neutral-colored backsplash works best when you use accessories and hardware to add a touch of color. Metallic tile is perfect for this design scheme.
  • White, Gray, Green and Yellow – So much can be done with only these four colors. Nothing brightens a kitchen more than a sunny yellow paired with white cabinetry and gray floors. Green also lends a fresh air to neutral kitchens, and there is a wide range of shades from which to choose. It also pairs well with reds and purples.

If you know of any other styles that are trending this year, let us know at [email protected].

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Guest Blog: What’s Trending in Kitchen Sinks for 2016?

Posted on 19 April 2016 by CRadmin2

Eric Gunderson, product manager of BLANCO

Eric Gunderson, product manager of BLANCO

EDITORS NOTE: Last month, we presented an analysis of recent trends in kitchen sinks, and Eric Gunderson, the product manager of BLANCO, responded with another insider’s opinion, which we present in full as follows:

As new products begin to emerge in the kitchen sink and faucet market, we continue to see a pattern of certain trends progressing while others die down and new ones take their place. Eric Gundersen, product manager for BLANCO works with these trends on a daily basis and provides insight into where he sees kitchen design now as well as in the future.

Where do you see faucet trends right now?

We see a few different high-demand trends right now in the market. The first is Livable Design, a term BLANCO coined that really takes precedent in the kitchen design market. Livable Design refers to products that work well in the home, are convenient and also have a grand aesthetic appeal. We are seeing a lot of Livable Designs in the market today from dual-finish faucets to Semi-pro dual-finish.

Our new BLANCO ARTONA™ series is wonderful for adding a splash of color without having to redo the sink area while Semi-pro is great because it’s extremely functional for not only consumers in the home market but also commercial consumers like chefs. BLANCO is in the forefront of the Semi-pro products offering the BLANCO CULINA™ and the BLANCO MERIDIAN™.

What is a kitchen faucet must-have?

Pull-down faucets are a huge trend right now and a must-have in the kitchen. If you’re working in your kitchen, using your sink and faucet on a daily basis, a pull-down faucet is the most convenient option and also the most functional. Something to watch for in the future is a hidden pull-down – a cool element that we will definitely see more of in the near future.

In addition to pull-downs, dual-spray faucets are also a must-have in the working kitchen. They’re convenient, provide a contemporary design that is trending right now and create fewer holes in the counter deck.

442031_ARTONA_SOAP_AN-CR_CONCEPT black_5x7What are the most popular materials you’re seeing?

Finish preference often varies based on design style. Contemporary designs are on trend right now, so we’re seeing satin nickel finishes begin to make a comeback while chrome has and probably always will be a perennial favorite.

Where do you see the trends for kitchen sinks?

Right now, we’re seeing a large rise in demand for farmhouse and apron-front sinks. The trend is definitely on the rise in all mediums including fireclay and steel. They produce beautiful aesthetic appeal in addition to being great for working kitchens because they are large and sturdy.  Another style that’s trending is a rectangular bowl with a tight radius. Again, contemporary sinks and faucets are really what are hot in the market right now.

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2016 Countertop and Kitchen Trends

Posted on 19 February 2016 by cradmin

Although we are less than two months into 2016, this year’s countertop and kitchen trends have already started to become clear, and the Internet is abuzz with all the latest developments. As in past years, our annual countertop and kitchen trend roundup will include all of the relevant information we have sourced from across the Web combined with what we have been hearing from our audience, industry suppliers, countertop fabricators, other industry professionals and consumers.

Kitchens Going From White to Gray

gray tilesSeveral general kitchen trends will play a role in the specific types, shapes and colors homeowners will be choosing for their new countertops this year, and chief among is a softening of colors. A recent article published by Houzz declares that soft color palettes have taken center stage, knocking out glossy whites and bold primary colors.

In another trend report, Daltile claims that white has officially been ousted by gray not only in the kitchen but also in other rooms of the typical American home, including the bathroom, living room and bedrooms. I must’ve been ahead of the curve because we just had our living room repainted in oyster gray and chose a similar gray to accent the white ceramic tiles of our new backsplash.

However, I am certainly not alone, as the Washington Post reports that 61 percent of renovators painted their own walls gray, beige or white within the last year, with green and yellow trailing at 10 percent and 8 percent, respectively.

“Charcoal, grays and even neutral pastels like pale blue, pale green-gray and tinted whites are the new alternative to the standard white,” said Jane Lockhart, a popular interior designer in Ontario, KitchenAid-Black-StainlessCanada. She also said that new and remodeled kitchens will include light wood tones, such as walnut, white oak and whitewashed wood in place of bolder accents.

In a sharp contrast to white and other lighter colors, all-black kitchens have begun to make an appearance this year, and the color is being contrasted with metallics to create a look of luxury. Decorator’s Wisdom, a DIY decorating blog, reports that Kitchenaid has already gambled on this trend by releasing a new line of kitchen appliances in black stainless steel.

Kitchen Becomes the Heart of Home

This year, the trend to transform the kitchen as a central meeting place and utilitarian common room as expanded beyond belief. With the ability to take in information at will and on the go thanks to smartphones, hanging out in front of the living-room television is largely a thing of the past.

Couples, families, housemates and even single individuals are increasingly forsaking the comfort of the living room and are going straight to the kitchen where freestanding tables are quickly becoming passé. People now want the convenience of upgraded countertops, and with the range of support brackets available for overhangs, it is certainly no wonder. Islands, side counters and nooks are making kitchen tables inefficient, impractical and obsolete.

Countertops: Thin Is In

When it comes to countertops, the word on the street is the thinner the better, and compact sintered surfaces have come in to fill that demand. However, not everyone has the moolah for such extravagance, and granite and quartz remain top competitors. However, before we get to specific surfaces, let’s take a look at colors and styles.

An Angie’s List article on 2016 countertop trends written by Haley Johnston of Moss Building & Design hits the nail on the head when it states that “white marble tops the list of the most popular kitchen countertop colors.” Every brand, no matter the specific material, has come out with a slew of white marble-like designs. Some people with money have sprung for actual marble, but those who know better go for quartz or solid surface, and upscale laminate designs have entered the market and infiltrated the homes of people who could afford much more.

When it comes to style, homeowners have followed the eye-catching, floor-to-surface design that has come to be known as waterfall countertops. This is really just a countertop that extends beyond the horizontal plane to include an integral vertical surface of identical composition and color. Even if consumers decide against waterfall countertops, the trend for 2016 is to choose mitered, yet inconspicuous edging, which is notable for creating a sleek appearance with continuous lines.

A final style guideline for countertops, which has been great news for fabricators, is that they are quickly replacing kitchen tables. Where kitchen tables once stood, countertop islands are being built to match the surrounding countertops. These islands often include overhands and stools, and in addition to kitchen tables, they have largely replaced home-office desks. Home businesses are more popular than ever, and the kitchen has emerged as a central workstation.

Countertop Surfaces for 2016

As far as surfacing materials go, the big winners in 2016 are as expected: quartz and granite. Quartz continues to make the strongest gains, but granite remains the most popular surface after laminate, which once held its position solely on price but has come into its own with the help of modern designers and improved durability.

  • Natural Stone – Beyond laminate, granite remains the leader in countertop materials, and with good reason. It looks fantastic, has durability and is more affordable than ever, not to mention unique. However, it is losing market share quickly as quartz takes center stage in the arena. When it comes to natural stone countertops, though, many of us forget that there are alternatives to granite. Soapstone and slate have garnered loyal followings, and some end users are adamant in their promotion and defense against criticism, which has newly emerged this year. While many prefer natural stone, 2016 has brought out the factions.
  • Engineered Stone – Not too many years back, quartz remained relatively unknown to the masses, but its exceptional properties and range of colors and patterns have quickly brought this surfacing into the mainstream. Many fabricators and designers reckon that quartz will take second place only to laminate in the next decade.
  • Concrete – Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) is also edging its way into the market, but it has not been gaining as much strength as it did only a few years in the past. Likely it is held back by its need for sealant and a slower fabrication process. However, those who do it well have found a solid niche for themselves, and the look of masterfully customized GFRC is incomparable to anything else.
  • Sustainables – Eco-friendly surfacing of all types is quickly gaining ground, but perhaps Butcher Blockmore so with commercial and industrial builders than in the residential sector. The odd aspect about the rise of environmentally friendly surfacing is that it is being driven by consumers while largely seen as impractical or too expensive for these same consumers’ homes. On the other hand, hundreds of communities across the nation have successfully promoted sustainable lifestyles, and the trend to do all that is possible for the perceived health of people and the planet has been taken up by both baby boomers and millennials. (Read more about sustainable and eco-sensitive countertop products here, at our sister website www.GreenSurfaceResource.com.)
  • Sintered Compact Surface –Sintered compact surface is, by far, the hottest countertop material available – on an upscale price point. This seems to be the future or next generation of countertop material and new competitors are entering the market to get a share of the spoils.
  • Solid Surface – Still holding onto third place in material popularity, is solid surface material, a close cousin or perhaps parent to the newer quartz surfacing/engineered stone, originally branded by 9203CE_Dusk_Ice_(3)DuPont as Corian. However, fabricators report it is being relegated more to the bathroom, and its real growth seems to be in the commercial sector. Like it’s younger quartz-based relative, in the past, it has been driven by its nearly unlimited designs along with its hygienic properties. However, many predict it will be overtaken in the kitchen by engineered stone, which is growing doubly fast as solid surface. That said, lately, there has been an influx of new companies into the solid surface market and some unique new color options, so perhaps, this will spawn awareness and a return to growth for the product, but that remains to be seen.

Consumer Reports Weighs In

Caesarstone Symphony GreyThis year, Consumer Reports broke out and published an article on the top countertop trends of 2016, and it was very specific. Rather than general trends, this most-respected of consumer-review organizations named names, and the choices were largely based on the new products presented at Design & Construction Week in Las Vegas.

Formica LaminateThe surfaces Consumer Reports is backing as this year’s trends are as follows:

  • Wilsonart Solid Surface – Dusk Ice
  • Formica Laminate – Gray Josef Linen
  • Caesarstone Quartz – Symphony Grey

But for all of the 2016 trends, the real question from most countertop fabricators is how to keep pace with the economic upswing. Both new structures and renovations continue to make a steady comeback, and the ability to read and forecast trends, while inherently risky, often works to increase revenue, no matter how you choose to go about it.

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2015 Kitchen and Countertop Trends Come Into Focus

Posted on 23 April 2015 by cradmin

12-3-115-2015_ConnorsKitchen_f-1-716x1024 KBISLast October, we ran a piece looking at the early and forecasted kitchen trends for 2015, and it proved to be one of our more popular themes. Now that 2015 is well underway, some of this year’s trends are clearly coming into focus, and we’d like to share what we’ve learned. However, right from the start, I’d like to mention that we are trying to do a little forecasting of our own, but we need your help to do so.

If you complete our short survey, you can let your opinions and experiences be known. This will help us bring you new and increasingly relevant content, and we will also be able to share what we discover after compiling and analyzing the data we have gathered. The survey can be taken anonymously, and you can be assured that we will never connect you or your company with your answers. In addition, you can also be entered in our drawing for one of two $250 gift certificates to Best Buy. Click here to take the survey now.

That being said, let’s now check out the top kitchen trends of 2015 with the help of some of the most trusted sources in the kitchen and bath industry.

Cabinet Trends

In February, Kitchen and Bath Business (K+BB) revealed six kitchen cabinet trends for the coming year. According to RnRMarketResearch.com, demand is set to rise by 6.6 percent in the U.S. through 2018, and 80 percent of this demand is for kitchens. Among the trends for cabinets are the following:
Laminate cabinet K+BB

  • Color will begin to make a comeback in the form of soft, muted trim and accents.
  • European laminate mimicking natural wood will be popular.
  • Cabinets with motion or touch sensors are coming onto the scene.
  • LED lighting is being used for accents and functionality.

In March, Kitchen & Bath Design News reported on the Houzz Kitchen Trends Study released at the end of 2014. According to the results, the top priority in a kitchen, at 65 percent of responses, is that it should be “easy to store and find things.” However, when it comes to design, it was said that “stylish and beautiful” is the most important consideration. In addition, white is the most popular color choice (49 percent), followed by medium wood (20 percent) and dark wood (13 percent).

Kitchen & Bath Design News also released this video concerning The Latest Research in Kitchen Trends.

Best in American Living Awards

The Best in American Living Awards (BALA) is one of the top indicators of kitchen design trends in North America, and the winners were announced earlier in the year at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, which I had the pleasure of attending. The awards represent the most creative and innovative designs for single-family and multi-family homes spanning all sizes, styles and communities.

Past Basket NKBA“While each award winner was unique, there are certainly a number of common themes among these honorees,” said Stephen C. Moore, the chairman of BALA 2014 and senior partner of BSB Design Inc. in Des Moines, Iowa. “Homes are being designed with relaxation in mind, as this year we saw an overall simplification in the designs with cleaner lines and more natural elements.”

Highlights of BALA 2014 include the following:

  • All-white kitchens – White is trending not only for cabinets but for everything else as well, with the exception of appliances, of which stainless steel is the undisputed ruler. White cabinets with white countertops, backsplashes and trim are very popular now.
  • Dual-island kitchens – One island is no longer enough. Back-to-back islands and side-by-side islands are thought to be more casual and creative than traditional kitchens.
  • A blend of natural and contemporary – Designers are starting to blend natural materials with the contemporary. One popular combination includes stainless steel, glass and natural wood.
  • Wine rooms and bars – Small nooks for relaxing at home with adult beverages are being incorporated into and just outside of kitchens.

Kitchen & Bath Design Trends Report

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) also released its annual Kitchen & Bath Design Trends report following the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) this January. According to this highly respected organization, contemporary kitchens will lead the way in 2015. More than half of designers are expected to produce contemporary kitchens, closely followed by transitional styles. Shaker-style kitchens are among the most popular single design.

Other highlights of the report are as follows:

  • Kitchens will have an overall contemporary feel with a fusion of styles and colors. White, gray, black and blue will be the most popular colors for the year. “I am seeing lots of white painted kitchen perimeters with espresso stained islands and dark stained kitchen perimeters with light colored painted islands. Lots of painted white kitchens with light countertops and espresso islands and painted gray cabinets,” said Christine Shorr of Morris Black Designs in Allentown, Penn.
  • European-style cabinets with a focus on accessibility are popular. More than 90 percent of designers are including pullout and rollout cabinets, and 40 percent expect see these styles increase in popularity.
  • Tables are being replaced by islands and countertops. Countertops and islands are replacing the kitchen table as the hub of a home. Among the specific designs increasing in popularity are furniture-styled dry bars.
  • Kitchen home offices call for expanding technology. Nearly two-thirds of kitchens are used as home offices in 2015, and because of this, technology is finding its way into the room, such as charging stations, TVs, LED lighting and “convenience appliances.”

Countertop Trends in 2015 (and Beyond)

With the amount of information we here at CountertopResource.com are exposed to on a regular basis, we are often able to see things from 10,000 ft. as well as from ground level, and there are certainly some that we can report directly:

  • Quartz surfacing continues to grow in popularity. More and more companies are entering the field, whether it is a major player like Wilsonart bringing on a new line of quartz or a new, smaller import from Asia, engineered stone has a strong foothold and will continue to be among the most popular choices.
  • Sintered compact surfaces are making their way into the picture. Both Cosentino with its ultra new Dekton and TheSize with its Neolith products are coming on strong. Once fabricators get used to the ins and outs of these new materials, hold all bets, because they have some great qualities.
  • The marble look – Nearly every quartz, solid surface, laminate and just about any other countertop material being made today has released a new color/pattern that mimics marble with a white base color and dark/black veining, and with the cost of actual marble and the ease at which it is stained or scratched, these options will allow homeowners to have the look without the troubles.
  • Lighting – It seems lighting is increasingly coming into play surrounding countertops, whether it is backlit translucent materials (which are also becoming more common among quartz and solid surface producers) under-cabinet lights that highlight the counter surface or edge-lit tops, light is playing a bigger role in the countertop world.
  • Green, and I’m not talking about the color. The amount of “eco-friendly” materials used for countertops and other surfaces that are finding their way to the market is growing at an amazingly fast pace. It is astounding what they make surfacing materials out of now. On the coasts, where homeowners seem more environmentally conscious, we will see this trend continue to develop. And ultimately, as the next generation gets into the housing market this bang will boom! (Watch for a big announcement later this year from CountertopResource.com in this very arena).
  • European thick or thin – We’ve noticed trends toward sleek thin countertops with no drop edges at all that are only 1/2-in. thick alongside of countertops with huge edge drops making them appear 6 cm thick. Both of these trends hit the European scene in previous years, and U.S. designs seem to be following.
  • Curves (especially with solid surface) – Designers are recognizing thermoforming capabilities and taking advantage of them. It’s not hard to find examples of these types of high-end kitchens in places like ISFA’s Countertops & Architectural Surfaces magazine.
  • Mixed materials – This trend has seemed to hold on for several years now. It is not uncommon to see a variety of materials all being used in the same space in a sort of fusion that wows. Tile backsplashes with quartz countertops and an exotic granite island can really make a showing.
  • Smart Kitchens – We are all certainly aware how appliances today can be controlled by an iPhone app, but we are starting to see some of these technologies being built right into countertops. If you haven’t seen the wireless built-in tablet/smartphone charging stations that have been developed, you aren’t paying attention. You might not get a lot of orders for them this year, but Starbucks is installing them in most of their stores, and that is going to pave the way for this and other direct add-ins to countertops.
  • The wooden look – Another trend that is emerging (or maybe re-emerging) seems to be the wood look, whether it is actual wood, reclaimed wood, wood-patterned laminate or wood-textured concrete, there are definitely more options to appeal to consumers and designers who want a natural feel in their kitchen designs. You don’t have to look far to find numerous examples.
  • Beyond the ordinary – The last countertop trend I want to throw out there (because I could go on and on) is the trend for something beyond the ordinary. Recycled glass based materials, bright throw-back laminates, eye-catching pops of quartz surfacing, unique veined solid surface and exotic granites are all becoming more common for those who want their kitchen to reflect their personality and be a sort of centerpiece for their homes. It isn’t all uba tuba, neutral-colored HPL and tan solid surface with slightly darker particulates these days.

Kitchen Trends Fading in 2015

Earlier in the month, Kitchen Bath Trends by Whitehaus Collection reported on several trends that are being abandoned this year. According to the article, Trends to Ditch in 2015, those seeking kitchen remodels are being recommended to forget about the following once-popular design ideas:

  • Chevron prints
  • Bare windows
  • Mirrored walls, furniture and fixtures
  • Tile countertops
  • Over-the-range microwaves
  • Kitchen desks (Along with kitchen tables, these are being replaced by additional countertop surface.)

Tell Us What You Know

It looks like 2015 is shaping up to be quite a year in the world of kitchens and kitchen countertops. Although we have scoured the nation to bring you the latest reports and what we have seen and heard at the shows and on the streets, your input is invaluable. Let us know what trends you have noticed in the comments below or by taking our Countertop Industry Survey.

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An Early Look at 2015 Kitchen Trends

Posted on 17 October 2014 by cradmin

Somrak-KitchensAlthough we are still in the autumn of 2014, most of us are already looking at what 2015 has in store for us. Much of our business depends on being able to accurately predict the latest trends, and many people are already taking a shot at what will be popular for new and redesigned homes next year. When it comes to kitchens, several opinions are floating around news outlets and blogs, and countertops are not going unnoticed. According to HGTV’s 9 Hot Trends for Today’s Kitchens , homeowners are moving away from continuous counters that fit around the perimeter and instead prefer freestanding pieces and island countertops. This is because the kitchen is being seen less as a utilitarian room for cooking but more as another type of living space. In addition, many people are now in the market for artistic upgrades to make their kitchens unique, and recycled materials, such as those containing depression-era glass, are becoming popular.

HGTV goes on to name the Top Countertop Materials for the Kitchen. Granite makes the list for being timeless, durable and easy to clean while some modern kitchens now have stainless steel countertops because they are nonporous, do not have to be sealed and resist bacterial growth. Another countertop material that is gaining popularity, according to HGTV, is butcher block, which is said to add warmth and rustic elegance.


Although marble is often considered too soft for kitchens, it is beloved by bakers and adds an element of glamour. Another material that is gaining widespread popularity is concrete. These countertops are versatile and can be designed and dyed to complement any décor. Finally, quartz is the countertop material of choice for many because of its stain and scratch resistance and its uniform look.

An article published by LowesEmployees.com, Kitchen Trends or Kitchen Nightmares? Remodeling for 2015 covers remodeling trends for the coming year. Most kitchen remodels now include a change in countertops, and to corroborate HGTV, granite and quartz are the most popular choices. However, marble and tile countertops are close behind. In addition, countertops are increasingly being seen as an important element of the “kitchen triangle,” which is the busy space between the sink, range and refrigerator.

Another source of early kitchen trends for 2015 is Sharon’s Style Portfolio, the official blog of Sharon McCormick Design, LLC, in Durham, Conn. According to McCormick, the ultra-minimalist kitchen is starting to make waves. These so-called “invisible kitchens” were popularized by the Dutch Architectural firm known as i29 and show only a low profile countertop that is only a few centimeters thick, a faucet and a sink. All other fixtures and appliances are hidden behind sliding wall panels.


When it comes to countertops, McCormick proclaims that textured surfaces, such as leathered granite are gaining a foothold. She also asserts, like many of the others, that metal countertops, including stainless steel and copper are extremely popular. Last December, we ran a story about EOS Surfaces, distributed by Wilsonart, which is a copper-enhanced surfacing material that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria within two hours of exposure. This material is so popular that production is estimated to take more than a year to catch up with orders, and it has yet to be released for residential use.

Another trend recently reported by Realty Today, is the use of black and other dark colors in the kitchen. While this is not new for 2015, it seems to be catching on in the mainstream, especially with younger homeowners who are moving away from the old, sterile white of the parents and grandparents. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal on the subject, Maria Stapperfenne, president of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), said, “People aren’t afraid of the dark.”

New York architect Richard Sammons of Fairfax & Sammons stated, “Dark materials create atmosphere. They are a corrective antidote to the antiseptic quality of the 20th-century white-enameled kitchen or the professional stainless steel kitchen so recently in vogue.”

While we here at CountertopResource.com do not profess to have the ability to see the future, we do take into consideration the attempts of all others. What do you believe 2015 has in store for the kitchen and countertop industry? Let us know in the comments below or by sending an email to [email protected].

You may also be interested in this updated version of this article on 2015 kitchen trends that also focuses on 2015 countertop trends we have been observing or this 2015 forecast for the countertop and surfacing industry.

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NKBA Survey Shows Suprising Trends

Posted on 20 September 2012 by cradmin

A report was recently published on the Woodworking Network website issued by the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) that outlines the results of a survey of its members. The survey sought out the top trends in kitchens and baths, and some of the findings were a bit surprising.

Among those tied strictly to the countertop industry were 1) the growing usage of glass as a backsplash material – a surprising 52 percent of respondants said they used the material in their designs; and 2) an increase in the use of solid surface in both the kitchen and bath, rising to 30 percent of those taking the survey saying they are specifying it for their projects. Subsequently, both granite and quartz surfacing dropped (although just slightly), but still lead the pack when it comes to the most popular surfaces specified.

Other trends discussed were faucetry, color schemes, cabinetry and more. The full report is available here.

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