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Tile of Spain Manufacturers Release Top Trends of Fall 2020 & A Look Ahead

Posted on 23 October 2020 by cradmin3

Earlier this year, Spanish manufacturers vowed to continue to meet the needs of architects and interior designers by keeping production going in the ceramic tile sector. Maintaining that commitment, Spanish manufacturers overcame the setbacks that 2020 presented and emerge with new designs, technologies and innovations in tile.

Tile of Spain, the international brand representing 125 ceramic tile manufacturers belonging to the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturer’s Association (ASCER), announced the top trends in tile for fall with a preview of novelties for 2021.

2 CM Pavers: Leveraging outdoor space to the fullest has become increasingly important this year. The ability to seamlessly transition from indoor, out with a unified flooring creates the illusion of more space. 2cm pavers allows for quick, easy and less costly installs for exterior hardscapes than traditional mortar applications. Thanks to its technical properties, ceramic tile can withstand the passing of time, resisting temperature changes, humidity, and inclement weather, making it a preferred material for outdoor living spaces.

Gauged Porcelain: Long gone are the days when ceramic is just seen on backsplashes and floors. From worktops to bathroom sinks, large seamless multi-use surfaces are more relevant now than ever before; and the benefits of tile goes beyond aesthetic. With anti-microbial technologies and high durability along with easy cleaning and a vast array of surface options, gauged porcelain slabs are perhaps leading the trends as most versatile design solution this season.

Subway: With the ever expanding growth of formats, there remains a strong market for subway tile. Small rectangles and square formats have become increasingly present, in matte and glossy glazes, but we expect more multi-finish programs to emerge, lending another layer of interest to this traditionally stoic format.

Biophilia: In this trend, ceramic surfaces bring us back to basics with a color scheme reminiscent of hues found in nature. The true natural tones of fired clay are one of the essential anchoring mediums on par with white, black and grey. Green tones such as moss and mint evoke an organic feel while shades in sunset orange and deep brown create a relaxing ambiance. Known for its raw and earthy appeal, terracotta takes the lead in this palette with naturally inspired, organic textures like woodgrain and rattan.

Looking Ahead to Layers: While many of the trends introduced earlier this year have continued throughout, what we expect to see in the coming year are more Spanish manufacturers filling in the gaps of existing collections and building layers into their tile programs.

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MSI Stile Gauged Porcelain Slabs

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MSI Introduces Larger Format Stile Gauged Porcelain Slabs

Posted on 18 December 2017 by cradmin

MSI Stile Gauged Porcelain SlabsM S International, Inc. (MSI) recently introduced Stile Gauged Porcelain slabs in a larger format. The slabs, that mimic the look of natural stone, are suitable for use on interior and exterior projects in both commercial and residential properties.

Stile Gauged Porcelain slabs are significantly lighter than natural stone slabs and tile. The lighter weight allows for easy installation. Stile Gauged Porcelain slabs are designed for quick installation over existing surfaces, which reduces the waste typically associated with installation.

Gauged porcelain slabs are nonporous, etch-, stain- and heat-resistant, making the material suitable for a variety of kitchen and bathroom projects. Stile Gauged Porcelain is a suitable substitute for natural stone slabs and tile. Whether used to create focal walls, floors,  backsplashes or countertops, Stile Gauged Porcelain provides the seamless look of continuous natural stone for a fraction of the cost of stone. Unlike natural stone, Stile Gauged Porcelain slabs require no routine maintenance and because of their large formats are installed with minimal grout lines.

Stile Gauged Porcelain slabs are available in 13 colors and come in two sizes 118 in. by 59 in. and 126 in. by 63 in. and weigh 2.81 and 5.8 lbs. per sq. ft. respectively.

You may also be interested in this video about working with porcelain slabs.

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