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Guest Blog: What’s Trending in Kitchen Sinks for 2016?

Posted on 19 April 2016 by CRadmin2

Eric Gunderson, product manager of BLANCO

Eric Gunderson, product manager of BLANCO

EDITORS NOTE: Last month, we presented an analysis of recent trends in kitchen sinks, and Eric Gunderson, the product manager of BLANCO, responded with another insider’s opinion, which we present in full as follows:

As new products begin to emerge in the kitchen sink and faucet market, we continue to see a pattern of certain trends progressing while others die down and new ones take their place. Eric Gundersen, product manager for BLANCO works with these trends on a daily basis and provides insight into where he sees kitchen design now as well as in the future.

Where do you see faucet trends right now?

We see a few different high-demand trends right now in the market. The first is Livable Design, a term BLANCO coined that really takes precedent in the kitchen design market. Livable Design refers to products that work well in the home, are convenient and also have a grand aesthetic appeal. We are seeing a lot of Livable Designs in the market today from dual-finish faucets to Semi-pro dual-finish.

Our new BLANCO ARTONA™ series is wonderful for adding a splash of color without having to redo the sink area while Semi-pro is great because it’s extremely functional for not only consumers in the home market but also commercial consumers like chefs. BLANCO is in the forefront of the Semi-pro products offering the BLANCO CULINA™ and the BLANCO MERIDIAN™.

What is a kitchen faucet must-have?

Pull-down faucets are a huge trend right now and a must-have in the kitchen. If you’re working in your kitchen, using your sink and faucet on a daily basis, a pull-down faucet is the most convenient option and also the most functional. Something to watch for in the future is a hidden pull-down – a cool element that we will definitely see more of in the near future.

In addition to pull-downs, dual-spray faucets are also a must-have in the working kitchen. They’re convenient, provide a contemporary design that is trending right now and create fewer holes in the counter deck.

442031_ARTONA_SOAP_AN-CR_CONCEPT black_5x7What are the most popular materials you’re seeing?

Finish preference often varies based on design style. Contemporary designs are on trend right now, so we’re seeing satin nickel finishes begin to make a comeback while chrome has and probably always will be a perennial favorite.

Where do you see the trends for kitchen sinks?

Right now, we’re seeing a large rise in demand for farmhouse and apron-front sinks. The trend is definitely on the rise in all mediums including fireclay and steel. They produce beautiful aesthetic appeal in addition to being great for working kitchens because they are large and sturdy.  Another style that’s trending is a rectangular bowl with a tight radius. Again, contemporary sinks and faucets are really what are hot in the market right now.

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Fabricating and the Kitchen Sink for Universal Design

Posted on 16 March 2016 by CRadmin2

The BLANCO sink is recessed for easy roll-up use for a wheelchair bound client.

The BLANCO sink is recessed for easy roll-up use for a wheelchair bound client.

Recently, Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly, Inc. of Williston Park, N.Y., created a kitchen featuring universal design (for wheelchair accessibility) for a New York client on Long Island. The space allowed the client freedom of movement in a wheelchair from the kitchen to the media room and wet bar.

According to Ken Kelly, CKD, CBD, CR, lead designer and owner of Kitchen Designs, fabricators who are working on an accessible kitchen design should pay close attention to the sink workstation area.

“If the person uses a mobility aid, such as a wheelchair, the sink workstation should be shallow enough in order to allow legroom and arm reach,” states Kelly. “The fabrication must conform to local building codes, and countertop supports should have a slim profile not to interfere with movement of the knees, hands or fingers. The countertop work area may have to be lowered, and it has to be easily accessible with ample turning room. Consider reach range and visual range dimensions so the kitchen is maximized for independence with all obstacles and hazards removed.”

When designing a kitchen for accessibility, a deep understanding of the client’s needs is imperative. The clean design of the newly remodeled space removes all obstacles by providing easy access to sinks, cabinets, counters and appliances, allowing enough turning room for a fluid transition to adjoining areas, which includes the media room, dining area and beverage bar.

Gropper-01-copyThe design created by Kitchen Designs is perfect for socializing and watching TV while preparing meals on expansive antique brown granite counters. The single oven is set at the most comfortable height to safely reach into, and the countertops were lowered, making it easier to reach the cooktop. The cooking area is fully open with ample knee space, allowing the client to wheel up to the island and under the unit.

The recessed BLANCO sink workstation offers easy access and is purposefully shallow in order to allow better legroom and arm reach. All pipes under the sink are covered, and an under-counter, single-drawer dishwasher and microwave are accessible.

Two high-tech, motorized wall cabinets can be lowered to countertop height, so the client can easily reach into the cabinets.

The custom cabinetry is Brookhaven by Wood-Mode in a textured laminate with brushed stainless handles. The snack-and-beverage bar is standard height and includes a full-sized dishwasher for extra cleanup space when entertaining. To accommodate the lower tops, Kelly used a single drawer dishwasher.

Options for accessible living are limitless, and everything about this kitchen is maximized for independence, convenience and functionality.

Article and images provided by Grace Kelly of Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly, Inc., Williston Park, N.Y.

You may also be interested in this article on how to organize a kitchen.

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