New Trends in Tile Backsplashes

DT_CL75_Fiji DT_CL60_LondonWhen it comes to backsplashes, tile reigns supreme, but the specific patterns, colors and materials used change with the times.Recently, Daltile, one of the leading tile manufacturers in the world, explored the tile backsplash options trending in recent years.

An Assortment of Options

DT_CL64_HollywoodKDT_CL65_StMoritzitchen backsplash tile is available in such a wide assortment of options that it can seem as if there is no end to the configuration, and I’m sure a person could spend the rest of his or her life trying to decide. This is why it is helpful to provide customers a few trending choices that they will be happy with and that will receive praise from family, friends and houseguests.

Four Kitchen Backsplash Recommendations From Daltile

  • Bold and Black – In ultramodern kitchens, a black tile backsplash could be the perfect complement. Try a tile size slightly larger than subway, which can minimize grout lines. If you happen to be working on a farm-style kitchen with natural wood, a black backsplash can add a hint of modernization without going overboard, especially if paired with a shade of gray.
  • Multicolored – Both bold designs needing a match and neutral designs needing a pop of color work well with multicolored tile backsplashes. Do not underestimate how much a brightly colored mosaic can enhance the light and brighten otherwise drab kitchens.
  • Neutral – A neutral-colored backsplash works best when you use accessories and hardware to add a touch of color. Metallic tile is perfect for this design scheme.
  • White, Gray, Green and Yellow – So much can be done with only these four colors. Nothing brightens a kitchen more than a sunny yellow paired with white cabinetry and gray floors. Green also lends a fresh air to neutral kitchens, and there is a wide range of shades from which to choose. It also pairs well with reds and purples.

If you know of any other styles that are trending this year, let us know at [email protected].