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LOTTE Chemical Expands Production Capacity

Posted on 25 February 2021 by cradmin

LOTTE Chemical announced the addition of a third engineered-stone production line at its Belenco plant in Turkey. The expanded production volume of the Turkish plant supplements LOTTE’s Yeosu plant in South Korea. The combined capacity of the two facilities is 22 million sq. ft. per annum.

According to LOTTE, the $30M investment in the new production line will ensure a stable and secure global supply chain for its engineered-stone products. LOTTE’s Turkish facility’s proven manufacturing capabilities are complemented by distribution efficiencies through the port of Izmir and access to ample raw materials from a nearby stone mine.

Acquired by LOTTE in March 2019, Belenco is the largest manufacturer of engineered stone in Turkey. The plant is located in Turkey’s Manisa OIZ industrial complex, on the outskirts of the city of Izmir. Belenco utilizes state-of-the-art, Breton manufacturing technology; a process that produces high-quality, technologically advanced engineered-stone material for the building industry. LOTTE has been a licensee of Breton technology since 2018, utilizing the process in the development of its popular Cirrus Collection of quartz surfaces.

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Staron Super Flex surface from LOTTE

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LOTTE Launches Super Flex Technology

Posted on 13 October 2020 by cradmin3

The design possibilities for countertops and surfaces have expanded exponentially with Super Flex technology from Staron®. Demonstrating superior thermoplastic properties, surfaces made with LOTTE’s innovative Super Flex technology enable design of futuristic, functional surfaces ideally suited for creative uses in commercial, residential and public-space projects.

Unlike other formable technologies, Super Flex delivers a superior elongation rate, with a minimum radius of 0mm. This provides designers and architects increased design flexibility to create dramatic curves and never-before-attainable bending features.

High-performance architectural and interior applications include customized wall-cladding, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and furniture construction. Currently available in the Infinity shade of white, surfaces made with Super Flex technology can be fabricated with computer-controlled CNC machines to create precise 3D shapes. Like all Staron products, these surfaces are easy to maintain and ultra-hygienic.

“Designers and architects seek more than extensive collections of rich colors and patterns. They also need the flexibility to form surfaces into creative shapes that high-end residential and commercial customers desire,” stated John Kim, director, LOTTE Chemical Corp. “Super Flex technology represents the cutting edge of formable surface creation, delivering both design flexibility and unparalleled performance.”

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LOTTE Evermoin in hospital room

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LOTTE Introduces Evermoin Surfaces

Posted on 09 September 2020 by cradmin3

Ultra-hygienic Evermoin® surfaces from Staron® are now available to U.S. customers. Manufactured to suppress the growth of microbes, including common bacteria, Evermoin surfaces are specifically designed for environments requiring exceptionally-clean conditions such as healthcare facilities, retail establishments and high-traffic office environments.

The Evermoin line has received certification from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (US FDA 21 CFR 177.1010) and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). Non-toxic Evermoin surfaces can be installed in most any interior space; from countertops, tabletops, bathrooms, and wall cladding, to furniture casework and office workstations. Two contemporary, neutral colors are currently available – Limpio and Ultra Bright – and can be cleansed simply with commonly available bleach solutions.

“We designed Evermoin to meet the growing need for technologies that provide and maintain cleaner, healthier environments,” stated John Kim, director, LOTTE Chemical Corp. “LOTTE continues to be at the forefront of research and development of ultra-hygienic surface technologies that will improve our overall health and wellness in the spaces we work and live.”

Testing of the Evermoin material demonstrated a proliferation inhibition rate of 99.9 percent or higher. Specifically, the Evermoin surface inhibits the number of surviving bacteria to fewer than 1,000 (1/1,000) after test specimens go through antibacterial treatment in a laboratory environment where the number of bacteria can multiply to 1,000,000.

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Video: Front Edge Buildup (Rebated Joint)

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Video: Front Edge Buildup (Rebated Joint)

Posted on 30 January 2020 by cradmin

This video, presented by Staron Solid Surfaces, demonstrates a technique for assembling the front edge build up for a countertop.

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Radianz Quartz Adds 19 New Colors

Posted on 12 March 2018 by cradmin

With 19 new colors, Radianz Quartz by LOTTE Advanced Materials gives fabricators a greater range of design options. Now in 50 colors, Radianz is suitable for both commercial and residential projects.

Thirteen of the new colors have been added to the Cirrus Collection, offering an elegant look with veined patterns and the feel of quarried marble. The remaining six new colors have been added to the Classics collection and reflect contemporary trends.

Radianz high-gloss quartz surface is nonporous and claims hygienic properties that stone can’t offer. Heat- and scratch-resistant, it is approved for nearly any commercial use, including healthcare and food service. Colors are consistent sheet-to-sheet, making joining patterns at seams easy. In addition to countertops and working surfaces, Radianz can be used for flooring and interior walls.

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Staron Adds New Colors to Supreme Solid Surface Collection

Posted on 08 September 2017 by cradmin

staronLOTTE Advanced Materials has added four new colors to the The Staron Supreme™ collection. This collection is a next-generation acrylic solid surface material that is distinguished by its free-form, marble-like patterns. The result is a natural aesthetic highlighted by visual “movement” in its design. Like all Staron products, the Supreme Collection is color-through and non-porous, providing a durable surface.

These colors are suitable for high-traffic, commercial-use applications such as food service and hospitality, healthcare, corporate environments, as well as residential. With four new colors, the Staron Supreme collection by LOTTE Advanced Materials has expanded to a palette of fourteen colors. The four new color options are: Morning Sky; Cotton White; Beige Granite; and Urban Grey.

In addition, the Supreme Collection offers fabricators and designers a material that is capable of being shaped into virtually any configuration. The surface can be laser-cut and back-lit, thermo-formed, and applied vertically as well as horizontally.

Staron is reportedly simple to clean and ultra-hygienic and nonporous, so moisture, mold and bacteria cannot penetrate. Those features also make Staron suitable for medical clinics, hospitals and other health care facilities, because it easily withstands frequent cleaning and is inherently sanitary while also providing a tactile design element.

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All Tile Named Exclusive Distributor of Staron and Radianz in Two New Areas

Posted on 01 February 2017 by cradmin

13 Hillstate modelhouse_Cumberland Flax_2WEBChicago-based All Tile, Inc. has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of Staron® Solid Surfaces and Radianz® Quartz Surfaces by LOTTE Advanced Materials for northern Ohio and western Pennsylvania effective February 1, 2017. With their existing territory of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, southern Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan, All Tile now has seamless coverage of much of the North Central Region.

Healthco-Breitschmid AG PortfolioDave Raymond, who heads All Tile’s Surfacing & Woodworking Products Division, commented “All Tile’s market-leading inventory and logistical strength, coupled with our team of industry veterans, ensures we will bring a level of service not seen thus far. Building upon our proven track record of aggressive marketing efforts and channel development, Staron® and Radianz® by LOTTE Advanced Materials will be the North Central region’s leading surfacing options in the residential, commercial and A&D segments.”

Radianz - wash basin_rangoonblack_v2WEBklc Staron® 100 percent Acrylic Solid Surfacing is available in more than 140 colors. Staron® is suitable for residential and commercial applications, and its hygienic characteristics also make it ideal for use in medical environments. Radianz® Quartz features visuals of vivid color and design and is highly resistant to stains, heat and scratches. Staron® and Radianz® by LOTTE Advanced Materials are both LEED certified, eco-friendly and easy to clean.

All Tile Logo HighWEB Founded in 1947, All Tile, Inc.is a family-owned enterprise that grew into an industry leader by distributing premier lines of building materials including floor covering as well as LOTTE Advanced Materials Staron® Solid Surfacing and Radianz® Quartz surfaces. In 2014 the firm increased its number of Midwestern facilities to 25 and greatly enhanced its logistics and employee base with the acquisition of Carpet Cushions & Supplies. More information about All Tile is available at www.alltile.com. All Tile’s headquarters is located at 1201 Chase Avenue, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. The company can be reached by phone at (847) 979-2500.

PrintLOTTE Advanced Materials (formerly Samsung Chemical) built up ABS and PS plants in 1989, signaling its first major step into the market. Since then, the company has been expanding its business rapidly in a variety of categories including PC, solid surface and engineered stone. LOTTE Advanced Materials provides an integrated package of solutions tailored for customers, incorporating market trends and R&D for sustainable growth into its operations and global network.

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Lotte Offers New Marble Inspired Surfaces by Radianz

Posted on 09 December 2016 by cradmin

lotte-radianzLotte Advanced Materials offers the new Radianz® Marble Collection. The collection features free-form, directional veined-patterns in popular hues and colors. Comprised of color-controlled, natural quartz, Radianz can enrich any interior space and is suitable for high-use countertops, work-surfaces, furniture and many other interior applications. The company states that the material is engineered for durability and inspired by elements found in nature. Radianz natural quartz surfaces are backed by a limited commercial-use warranty and are NSF and Greenguard Certified. The new collection includes Ashford Fog, Denali Cloud, Impala Black, Kiani Cream and Lucenrn Lake.

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Lotte Introduces 15 New Staron Solid Surface Choices

Posted on 13 July 2016 by cradmin

Staron New ColorsLotte Advanced Materials unveiled 15 new Staron Solid Surfaces colors and patterns. According to the company, the new choices available increase the design flexibility of the material. Staron Solid Surfaces are hygienic, nonporous and heat-, scratch- and stain-resistant. The recent additions include: Solid Pure White, Solid Univers, Solid Sunflower, Solid Serene, Solid Tusk, Tempest Shell, Pebble Chocolate, Sanded Clay, Sanded Cornmeal, Sanded Meadow, Aspen Concrete, Aspen Pond, Aspen Alder, Aspen Cliff and Aspen Sky.

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