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Vadara Unveils New Colors for 2021

Posted on 20 January 2021 by cradmin

Vadara Quartz Surfaces, a manufacturer of premium quartz surfaces, has added to its lineup six new fashion-forward color options. The new hues will make their debut at the 2021 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS Virtual) in February.

Inspired by the classic colors found in marble and quartzite, Vadara’s newest color options include the following:

  • Bella Dolce – a luminous bright white background with delicate brown and grey veining
  • Calacatta Fresco – a dimensional off-white and grey background with dynamic grey veining
  • Calacatta Oro – a dimensional off-white and grey background with dynamic brown and grey veining
  • Cascada Perla – a dimensional off-white and grey background with dynamic grey and white veining
  • Solano Bella – a dimensional off-white and grey background with delicate grey veining
  • Varenna (pictured above) – a luminous white background with delicate grey veining

According to the company, Vadara’s directional veined products are virtually indistinguishable from natural stone, while offering the strength, durability, resistance to staining and etching and minimal maintenance requirements for which quartz is known. A nonporous construction also provides antimicrobial properties, making quartz surfaces healthier and more hygienic than many other surface options.

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Cambria Collaborates With Gensler to Launch Coordinates Collection

Posted on 25 August 2020 by cradmin3

Cambria, an American-made, family-owned producer of natural quartz surfaces, along with integrated architecture, design, planning and consulting firm Gensler launched The Coordinates Collection by Cambria this summer.

The collection consists of 14 high-performing quartz designs suitable for both commercial and residential applications. The new colors were designed to coordinate effortlessly together and were created around the Natural Color System (NCS), a scientifically based color system that allows for accurate cross-industrial color communication for designers, manufacturers, retailers and customers. This color system is a global standard for definition, quality assurance and communication of color.

The result of a two-year design, research and development process, the designs were created to work together or on their own, and coordinate in many different ways including tone and texture. The tones match and coordinate, since they are all rooted in the NCS.

The collection draws from six different NCS colors which represent two shades of white; three shades of light, medium, and dark charcoal gray; and one shade of black. The NCS is used widely by specifiers and the A&D community, enabling the colors to coordinate with other specified building materials. This makes it easy to work The Coordinates Collection into design projects. The collection textures range from smooth and rugged concrete looks, to terrazzo-inspired designs, to designs with organic veining.

All designs will be available in Cambria’s Matte finish, which features a smooth, silky touch and no reflectivity, as well as in Cambria’s high-gloss finish. Cambria Matte offers an alternative finish style. The Coordinates Collection will be available in a variety of edge profiles in 1 cm., 2 cm., and 3 cm. thicknesses and jumbo slabs (132-in. x 65.5-in.). All designs will also be available as wall and floor tiles.

Cambria worked hand in hand with the Gensler team to create a collection just as beautiful as it is functional with designs that fit seamlessly into heavily trafficked environments. The products are 100 percent nonabsorbent to prohibit liquid and bacteria from penetrating the surface. The material is scratch- and stain-resistant, maintenance free from sealing or reconditioning, and backed by a transferable Full Lifetime Warranty.

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Wilsonart Quartz Set 3_Shot 7

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Wilsonart Presents 2020 Quartz Collection

Posted on 24 August 2020 by cradmin3

Now, more than ever before, spaces need to be a sanctuary for peace, calm and serenity. That is the bold promise of Wilsonart’s 2020 Quartz Collection.

The Wilsonart® Quartz Collection celebrates nature-inspired colors and contours. From the shape of clouds to the urban feel of concrete to vistas and natural wonders, each is designed to take one’s spirit on a journey.

2020 New Arrivals

Bodega: With a contemporary urban feel, Bodega creates an intriguing industrial look. Its fine-scale particulate and warm mid-tone grey strike the perfect balance of raw and refined.

Oberlin: With large-scale black and brown-black particulates, Oberlin evokes the jagged, rocky edges of Montana’s majestic Mount Oberlin.

Galera: A classic black and white large-scale terrazzo composition, created to transport you to the white and grainy dark beach sands of the Puerto Galera in the northern Philippines.

Karekare: This extra-large terrazzo design features translucent particulates and varying earth tones, bringing a natural vibrancy to homes. 

Trail Ridge: A quartz countertop design that is the perfect starting point for personalization, with a two-toned grey background and light short veins throughout. 

Desert View: Inspired by the amazing Grand Canyon desert, featuring a two-toned warm grey background and subtle short white veins throughout.

Hanola Grey: Inspired by the rocks of Oahu, Hawaii, this peaceful design is two-toned dark grey with undertones of brown. Wispy white veins evoke a sense of water with glistening waves. 

Hamoa: Hamoa is a quartz countertop design inspired by beautiful neutrals found at Hamoa Beach in Maui. With a warm grey background and swirling white veins throughout, Hamoa calls to mind that sunny day on the island beach.

Svalbard: As the world’s northernmost inhabited area, Svalbard is the perfect getaway to experience the magic of the Northern Lights. Svalbard is a bright white quartz countertop design with cool charcoal grey veins.

Tivoli Grey: Tivoli is a small historic town in Italy surrounded by gardens. The light warm grey and short and subtle brown-grey veins of this quartz are designed to transport and transcend.

Clouds Rest: Inspired by low-altitude nimbus clouds this design brings unique contour and softness through a white and grey background that is accentuated by darker grey veining.

Traiano: The muse was the portico-lined piazza found in the ancient imperial town of Foro di Traiano. The white background and warm charcoal veins will add a subtle sense of old world history.

Capogrossi: Intersecting veins in charcoals and browns create a sophisticated fractured look that is bold and captivating. Set on a warm white backdrop, Capogrossi will add warmth and intrigue to any space. 

River Glen: River Glen recalls imagery of a narrow valley traversed by delicate, natural water features. This quartz design will add a crisp, dramatic sense of movement to your interior design. 

Madeira Beach: Inspired both by the sands and celebratory character of the Florida beach. With its warm white background and contrasting but subtle grey veins, Madeira Beach adds a distinguished spirit of joy.

Logan Pass: Logan Pass evokes the feeling of an unending beauty found in Glacier National Park. The two-tone grey quartz design is slightly translucent, with long, wispy, cool-white veins.

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black tempal

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Caesarstone Unveils Dark New Colors

Posted on 11 February 2020 by cradmin

At KBIS 2020 Caesarstone introduced four new dark shade surfaces to add to its collections.

Oxidian and Black Tempal join the popular industrial-inspired Metropolitan Collection while Empira Black joins the Supernatural Collection. Additionally, Piatto Black is now part of the Classico Collection. These surfaces are equally suited to urban residences as well as hospitality installations where they will bring a sophisticated presence to restaurants, bars and hotels.

Oxidian is an inky black base is veiled by a rust-like effect that captures the movement and texture of a handsomely oxidized surface. The elegantly dramatic design ushers in a metallic presence and welcomes the deep emotion found in shadowy blacks.

Black Tempal is a complex composition of dark grey mineral-like layers that expand across a black charcoal base capturing the attributes of natural stones like travertine and slate. Inspired by the dark sky and ocean tides at night.

Piatto Black is the ultimate dark shade with a fine granular appearance that is complemented by a textured finish, enhancing a deeper, more intimate black.

Empira Black is a rich black base beautified by fine natural white veins, bringing a depth to the surface while creating an interplay between color and movement.

These elegant dark colors each come in the new Natural finish – a textured finish that conjures up the tactile feel of stone, adding warmth to the grain so it’s pleasing to the touch. With a satin sheen that gently reflects light, this finish captivates the viewer and enhances the depth of a color, especially darker shades. Empira Black will also be available in Polished finish.

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Hyundai Adds New Colors to Hanex Solid Surfaces

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Hyundai Adds New Colors to Hanex Solid Surfaces

Posted on 13 December 2019 by cradmin

Hyundai L&C has recently added two new colors to the Hanex Solid Surfaces offerings.

Bianco Classico

Inspired by the natural beauty of travertine, Bianco Classico features a light cream base with accents of cool gray and soft beige for a timeless, distinctive look with endless versatility.



Oyster Pearl

Oyster Pearl blends subtle nuances of grays and whites for an elegant, sophisticated style that pairs perfectly with bold accents and pops of color.

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Meganite Introduces New Movement Series Colors

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Meganite Introduces New Movement Series Colors

Posted on 04 September 2019 by cradmin

Storm Cloud

Meganite has introduced four new colors for 2019 to its award winning Movement Series.

Three new patterns were added to the Marble Collection: Antique Shell, Storm Cloud and Verano White. Antique Shell mixes an off-white base with delicate copper and brass veins along with greyish particles to create a calm, serene, and timeless effect. Storm Cloud’s eclectic pattern begins with a base of soft white, interspersed with veins of gray, translucent pieces and minuscule dark particles that combine to create a tone inspired by nature. Verano White features soft white marbleized veins moving gently across a smooth, pure white base to create a surface which epitomizes the elegance of modernity.

The Concrete Collection added Modern Concrete in which ivory color gently flows through the strong aesthetic to form a design that stands proud in any application,

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Vadara Quartz Launches 21 New Colors

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Vadara Quartz Launches 21 New Colors

Posted on 23 August 2019 by cradmin

Vadara has curated a collection of 21 new colors as part of their natural stone-style quartz offering. The launch of the Elements of Design 2020 collection features an elevated, yet minimalistic aesthetic that’s specifically made for modern living.

Drawing from the four core elements of design, Vadara has made it easy to select a style the best suits your space:

  • Color – All colors feature warm, cool and neutral hues.
  • Line – The collection offers a variety of three distinct styles of veining ranging from bold veins to subtle designs.
  • Texture – Every natural stone surface is made from a durable quartz substance.
  • Size – New ‘jumbo slabs’ will cover an even greater surface area with minimal seaming; all measuring 63- by 126-in.

“At Vadara, we believe that good design lives in the details,” says CEO, Robert Butts. “This bold, new collection improves upon our previous offering with a thoughtful execution that raises the bar on modern interior design.”

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MSI Releases New Q Colors

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MSI Releases New Q Colors

Posted on 13 August 2019 by cradmin

Soapstone Metropolis

MSI has released two new Q Premium Natural Quartz colors; Soapstone Mist and Soapstone Metropolis.

Soapstone Mist features long, delicate white veins in a neutral dove-gray Q. Soapstone Metropolis is a neutral slate-gray Q with subtle white veining throughout.

According to the company, this easy-care quartz is suitable for a variety of applications including countertops, walls and floors in residential and commercial spaces. Q Premium Quartz never needs sealing and is chip-, scratch-, heat- and stain-resistant.

Both colors are available in 2CM and 3CM slabs with a polished finish.

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Wilsonart Launches Playful Collection

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Wilsonart Launches Playful Collection

Posted on 06 June 2019 by cradmin

Happy Dots

Throughout 2019, Wilsonart, through its Virtual Design Library (VDL) of print-on-demand patterns, is bringing the design community quarterly collections of curated designs that fully embrace the concept of individualism and personalization. This year’s second Collection, Playful, is a fusion of colors and patterns that create a unique pop to any space. The Collection offers a way to customize and personalize home décor with youthful colors, lively patterns and a feeling of lightheartedness.

The Playful Collection includes:

Bonaire – A Caribbean blue optical solid. This medium-scale pattern is created using the Crossweave pattern.

Fumed Maple – A planked large-scale wood design. Unique features run throughout the neutral smoked taupe colored design.

Interlocked Maple – A large-scale pattern with a natural maple wood design overlapped by distressed graphic interlocking squares in white.

Interlocked Mint – A medium-scale tonal graphic design. The interlocked pattern of squares are two shades of mint.

Happy Dots – A medium-scale pattern that is a white background with dots of neutrals and bright colors in a grid like pattern.

Crimini Walnut – A large-scale wood inspired design. The walnut design is full of large features in warm beige with darker brown wood graining.

Birdseye Birch – A medium-scale pattern with spalting and birdseye features throughout the design. The wood design is a warm neutral beige with darker brown features.

Grey Plywood – A large-scale plywood inspired design in a two-tone grey colorway.

Natural Plywood – A large-scale plywood inspired design in a natural untreated wood color.

Cobalt Ash – A large-scale abstracted ash wood design. This two-color design has a white background and cobalt blue graining.

Teal Ash – A large-scale abstracted ash wood design. This two-color design has a white background and teal blue-green graining.

Lime Ash – A large-scale abstracted ash wood design. This two-color design has a white background and a lime green graining.

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Neolith Presents New Colors for 2019

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Neolith Presents New Colors for 2019

Posted on 05 November 2018 by cradmin

Neolith by TheSize has announced four new models that will be included in the 2019 collection.

New York – New York responds to a revival of interest in beton and concrete for interior applications, particularly worktops. With distinctive grey tones it offers an on-trend, urban style suitable for all surfacing applications. Incorporating a fully body edge is highly realistic, and a surface which blends matte and shine particles to create a pleasing visual effect. Available in 3, 6, 12 and 20 mm. Silk Finish

Mont Blanc is a homage to White Quartzite, one of the most popular stone patterns currently on the market. It has a neutral tone, combining a creamy white background with subtle veining in deep black, oxide and ochre hues. Using a special technique, Neolith was able to create an inward relief exactly where the veins are, delivering an original texture which is pleasing to the touch and evokes the soaring beauty of the alpine landscape. Available in 6 and 12 mm. Silk Finish

Sofia Iron – The semi-polished finish of this stone creates an irregular and burnished effect that gives the surface a more worn look and touch. The surface will be presented with two finishes, “Copper” and “Moss”.  Available in 6, 12 and 20 mm. Shine Silk Finish


Mar del Plata – Inspired by the exotic Dark Pearl granite, a Brazilian stone from TheSize’s Granith collection, this rippled slab incorporates wavy white quartz stripes on a grey backdrop. With a slated stone relief, the slab resembles the fluidity of flowing water. The whiter and lighter grey striations are produced with a special technique which gives texture to the veining. Flecks of shine particle throughout the stone also create a beautiful nacre effect. Available in 6 and 12 mm. Slate Finish

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