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Weha Rockpecker Core Bits

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Weha Offers RockPecker Diamond Core Bits

Posted on 14 April 2021 by cradmin

Weha RockPecker Diamond Core Bits are wet diamond core bits that have a free cutting bond and design to quickly drill holes in granite, marble, quartz, engineered stone, quartzite, cultured marble, limestone, travertine and other stones.

According to the company these thin wall core bits, with only a 2mm thick diamond rim, will “bite” into the stone quickly and drill through the stone swiftly. These wet diamond core bits are made with a special bond that favors the hardness of quartz materials, along with the resin that they are made with, to drill very fast and very clean.

The RockPecker Diamond Core Bits come in a large variety of sizes for drilling any hole needed.
• Wet only
• 2mm thick rim
• Total length: 3 3/8-in. (85mm)
• Drilling depth: 2-in. (50mm)
• 5/8-11 thread
• Recommended RPM: between 1800-4500 rpm

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Tyrolit Group

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TYROLIT Offers Ceramic Slab Tooling Options

Posted on 21 December 2020 by cradmin

Ceramic slabs in large formats have become increasingly popular in recent years because of their resistance, ease of maintenance and versatility, even for renovation work. Oversized ceramic slabs can be used for floors, walls, kitchen countertops and cabinets, bathroom and vanity tops, stairs, furniture and even facades.

TYROLIT offers a wide range of tools for the most demanding ceramic materials and for all thicknesses. TYROLIT diamond tools are available for materials such as Atlas Plan, Dekton, Florim, Marazzi, Fondovalle, Infinity, Iris, Kerlite, Laminam, Lapitec, Neolith, Techlam, Slimtech, Stoneglass, Zero.3 and many more.

The company’s range of tools for ceramic slabs includes straight and bevel cutting, drilling, profiling, flush fitting, edge polishing and all common manual operations. According to the company the specially developed tool bonds allow high speeds with minimum noise and spindle absorption. The list of available profiles is constantly being expanded according to market requirements. Each tool is provided with an individual measuring card to ensure easy set-up and thus avoid downtime.

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Weha Rock Dog

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Weha Introduces Rock Dog Single Speed Router

Posted on 13 November 2020 by cradmin

The Weha Rock Dog Router is a 9000 RPM single speed router that can profile practically any edge that comes through the shop.  Whether you need a router for granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, or any other stone, the Rock Dog Router can get it done.

Made with a Unibody Aircraft Aluminum housing, the Rock Dog is a super smooth 9000 rpm profile router that can get the job done fast.  With a 2.4 HP 220 Single Phase motor, the Rock Dog can profile up to 6cm without any worries whatsoever.

The Rock Dog Router comes with an aquaplaning base for easy movement across the surface. The 22mm x 10mm thread spindle accommodates practically all router bits on the market. It comes with a 20 ft. long heavy 12 gauge AWF with ground power cord that can handle the load.  The water connection is a quick disconnect for easy connection to the shop water lines.

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Braxton-Bragg Adds New Team Members

Posted on 21 May 2020 by cradmin3

Shawn Rice

Braxton-Bragg has hired Shawn Rice to manage its outside sales efforts. Rice has more than 25 years of experience in strategy and sales with strong market and product development skills. Rice will manage the rapidly-growing outside sales team, adding sales associates and vans in new regions, while working hand-in-hand with the company’s inside sales and audit teams.

Al Alvarez

The company has answered the customer call for more presence in Texas by expanding its van fleet and hiring experienced sales consultant Al Alvarez to service the San Antonio, Austin and Dallas markets. Alvarez, a United States Army veteran, has nearly 20 years of successful sales experience, including eight years at Makita, making him familiar with Braxton-Bragg’s customer base. 

Braxton-Bragg has heavily invested in CNC tooling and equipment, as well as top industry executives, to innovate the way it goes to market. At a time when many companies are reducing staff, Braxton-Bragg has expanded with four new outside sales consultants and six new sales associates. Additionally, managers with extensive stone industry and CNC expertise have joined the company in order to strengthen its footprint and grow that sector of its business.

In addition, the Braxton-Bragg team has brought an operations expert on board to manage the company’s new FREE shop analysis program, helping fabricators streamline operations and inventory for increased profit and efficiency.

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Weha Offers High Speed Air Grinder

Posted on 30 March 2020 by cradmin

The Weha WH185 5-in. High Speed Air Grinder and Cutter is a front exhaust air grinder and air cutter that is made to endure the tough environments of a granite fabrication shop.

The WH185 accepts up to a 5-in. blade, 5-in. contour blade, diamond cupwheels, zero tolerance wheels, etc. 

The external water feed supplies water to both sides of the blade and diamond cup wheel to keep plenty of water on the material. The WH185 also comes with center water feed through the spindle for zero tolerance wheels, and other center water feed attachments. The Weha WH185 can also be run without water as well. 

The Weha WH185 comes with a paddle trigger to have complete control over the air cutter at all times. Also, the WH185 has a solid handle to keep cutting and grinding easy with less fatigue.

The WH185 Air Cutter is made to work with a 5-in. blade to cut granite, marble, quartz, quartzite and stone materials. 

Additionally it uses less air than other air grinders. It only requires 9.8 cfm at 90 PSI. 


  • Length: 18.5” 
  • Weight: 4.5 
  • Max Blade: 5”
  • Max RPM: 11,000
  • Operating Pressure: 90 PSI
  • Air Consumption: 9.8CFM
  • Spindle Thread: 5/8-11
  • Water: 2 External and 1 Internal

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Omni Cubed Inc. Unveils Pro Stealth Seamer

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Omni Cubed Inc. Unveils Pro Stealth Seamer

Posted on 28 March 2019 by cradmin

Omni Cubed, Inc., an industry leader in stone fabrication tools, unveiled its two latest products at The International Surface Event in Las Vegas: the Pro Stealth Seamer™, Manual and the Pro Stealth Seamer™, Auto.

Both the Manual and the Auto version of the Pro Stealth Seamer™ allow for the ultimate seam control, giving users the ability to complete a “seamless” installation by joining, leveling, and flattening warped stone to produce virtually invisible seams. Both products feature Omni Cubed’s exclusive, gray, non-marking vacuum cups that won’t stain light materials. These cups feature completely closed, triple sealing rings and are composed of a proprietary rubber that conforms to textured and porous surfaces for a strong, reliable hold. Additional features include a more durable, manual thumb pump and improved vacuum-release valve that are more resistant to epoxy and solvents.

The Auto system includes a powerful compact vacuum pump that maintains pressure for all cups, and runs on AC power or AA batteries for any install situation, while the Manual is a cost-effective system requiring the user to maintain and manage pressure with the patent-pending thumb pump.

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Weha Introduces the Pitbull Diamond Resin Cupwheel

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Weha Introduces the Pitbull Diamond Resin Cupwheel

Posted on 22 October 2018 by cradmin

Weha has introduced the new Pitbull Diamond Resin Cupwheel. This product is a hybrid resin polishing pad with a harder bond to perform like a resin filled diamond cup wheel. However, the Pitbull Resin Cupwheel will reportedly grind and shape with zero chipping on the material.

The Pitbull resin cupwheel comes on a light weight rigid aluminum back. The resin diamond looks like a traditional polishing pad. But the bond is more durable and longer lasting.

The Weha Pitbull Resin Cup wheel can run wet or dry on all materials including granite, marble, quartz, engineered stone, porcelain, ceramic, cultured, concrete and other stone with zero chipping.

This Resin Cupwheel can remove fiber mesh off the back of stone as fast as any diamond cupwheel can. It will create a bevel, round over, or larger radius very quickly. It is also suitable for smoothing out the underside of counter top overhangs and for breaking the polish and creating a hone from a polished surface. It is available in 30, 50, 100 and 200 grit.

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Braxton-Bragg Launches New Website

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Braxton-Bragg Launches New Website

Posted on 16 October 2018 by cradmin

Braxton-Bragg has launched a LINUX cloud-based website for streamlined online ordering and an updated customer portal.

The new website, with the same address www.braxton-bragg.com, is more mobile friendly, simpler to navigate, provides more technical product information, is more SEO friendly, and offers a faster purchasing process.

“Our improved website is our customers’ best resource for industry and project information, education and streamlined order processing,” says Rick Stimac, CEO. “This revamped website supports Braxton-Bragg’s commitment to staying ahead of the industry with a major focus and commitment to customer satisfaction with premier service and value.”

“Braxton-Bragg has always been committed to offering the best buying experience in the stone industry, adds Derek Brodka, Braxton-Bragg Marketing Manager. “We constantly test and strive to offer the best solutions to our customers across all electronic platforms. Our new e-commerce website puts us way ahead of the competition with its capabilities and ease of use.”

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Weha Offers Weramic CNC Porcelain Ceramic Core Bits

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Weha Offers Weramic CNC Porcelain Ceramic Core Bits

Posted on 02 October 2018 by cradmin

Weha introduced its new Weha Weramic bits. The Weha Weramic 1/2 Gas CNC Core bit has been designed specifically for large porcelain panel and ultra compact sintered stone material. The company stated that these bits provide excellent performance on CNC machines such as Breton, Northwood, Park Industries and other CNC machines as well.

The Weramic CNC porcelain core bits have been built to core perfectly smooth, chip free holes on all material thicknesses; 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 20mm and 30mm.

The Weha Weramic CNC porcelain and ceramic core bits have only a 2mm thick rim. These thin wall core bits will quickly drill very clean through the porcelain and ceramic materials.

Specifications include:

  • Total length: 3 7/8-in. (100mm)
  • Drilling depth: 1 7/8-in.
  • 1/2 Gas male CNC Thread
  • Recommended RPM: between 750-2800 rpm
  • Feed rate: between 3-in. – 4-in. per minute
  • Sizes available: 1-in., 1 1/4-in., 1 3/8-in., 1 1/2-in., 2-in., 2 1/2-in., and 3-in.

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Alpha Professional Tools Offers Lightweight Variable Speed Polisher

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Alpha Professional Tools Offers Lightweight Variable Speed Polisher

Posted on 25 July 2018 by cradmin

In order to reduce the fatigue of the polishing professional, Alpha Professional Tools ergonomically designed the VDP-700. According to the company this lightweight polisher is comfortable to hold and easy to control during the entire operation. This is done with one of two handle designs that come with the unit (C-Handle & Side Handle). The VDP-700 offers the variable speed range from 700 to 3,500 rpm.

The unit was built with a 1250w (Rated) and 1900w (Maximum) motor along with heavy-duty precision gear system for the most demanding polishing tasks, to ensure reliability and high performance. With a 25-ft, 14 AWG electrical power cord, large work areas can be covered without connecting to an extension cord. This feature assures maximum power from the electrical circuit and avoids overheating of the motor.

A variety of accessories for this polisher such as a rotary back pads, diamond face foam pads, wool pads, microfiber pads, and other abrasive products are also available.

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