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Weha Offers High Speed Air Grinder

Posted on 30 March 2020 by cradmin

The Weha WH185 5-in. High Speed Air Grinder and Cutter is a front exhaust air grinder and air cutter that is made to endure the tough environments of a granite fabrication shop.

The WH185 accepts up to a 5-in. blade, 5-in. contour blade, diamond cupwheels, zero tolerance wheels, etc. 

The external water feed supplies water to both sides of the blade and diamond cup wheel to keep plenty of water on the material. The WH185 also comes with center water feed through the spindle for zero tolerance wheels, and other center water feed attachments. The Weha WH185 can also be run without water as well. 

The Weha WH185 comes with a paddle trigger to have complete control over the air cutter at all times. Also, the WH185 has a solid handle to keep cutting and grinding easy with less fatigue.

The WH185 Air Cutter is made to work with a 5-in. blade to cut granite, marble, quartz, quartzite and stone materials. 

Additionally it uses less air than other air grinders. It only requires 9.8 cfm at 90 PSI. 


  • Length: 18.5” 
  • Weight: 4.5 
  • Max Blade: 5”
  • Max RPM: 11,000
  • Operating Pressure: 90 PSI
  • Air Consumption: 9.8CFM
  • Spindle Thread: 5/8-11
  • Water: 2 External and 1 Internal

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Alpha Professional Tools Introduces New Wet Blade Cutting Kit

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Alpha Professional Tools Introduces New Wet Blade Cutting Kit

Posted on 14 October 2019 by cradmin

Alpha Professional Tools® has introduced the newest addition to its Wet Blade Cutting Kit line-up. The WBC9KIT is designed for the easy conversion of large grinders into a wet cutting tool with a water feed system.

The Alpha® WBC9KIT fits on most 7- and 9-in. high-speed angle grinders. It allows you to save money by converting an existing dry angle grinder into a wet tool, without the expense of a second tool. You can keep the dust down while you are cutting, grinding and profiling any surfacing materials with water. According to the company this is a simple way to be in compliance with the OSHA silica rules with a minimal investment.

The Alpha® WBC9KIT comes with multiple connectors for most popular grinders on the market today, as well as Safety Guard, Loc-Line Assembly, Plastic Tie, Water Hose Assembly (15 ft./4.5m), Memory Wrap (3 ft./1m), Quick Connect Adapter, GFCI Plug and Hook & Loop Ties. Assembly is required.

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Improved Metabo Grinders Available from GranQuartz

Posted on 12 October 2016 by cradmin

granquartz-metabo-grindersGrandQuartz is now offering the recently re-engineered Metabo grinders. The improved grinders reportedly provide more torque and power with less vibration, allowing you to get the work done faster. According to the company the grinders now provide up to 50 percent more torque than the previous generation, up to 20 percent more power than previous models and up to 20 percent more overload capacity in extreme applications. The grinders are also equipped with a patented mechanical safety slip clutch that reduces the risk of grinder kickback. The anti-vibration systems can reduce hand/arm vibrations by 60 percent and extend wheel and tool life up to 100 percent (not standard on WEV-10-125).

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