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Regent Stone Products Introduces Nitro One Shot Adhesives

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Regent Stone Products Introduces Nitro One Shot Adhesives

Posted on 24 September 2019 by cradmin

Regent Stone Products recently introduced its newest offering in adhesives – Nitro One Shot.

According to the company Nitro One Shot Adhesives provide the perfect solution to seaming and simple, accurate color matching fabrication uses. It is semi-dripless (not too thick, not too thin) and allows for production of tighter joints with less waste. NitroOneShot.com provides a fully cross-referenced guide for color matching.

  • More UV stability than the competition
  • Stronger adhesion to stone, quartz, porcelain, marble and solid surfaces
  • More color matches with fewer cartridges
  • Convenient sku to sku trifold color match chart
  • Rodding and Clip adhesive use same tip and gun
  • Increased shelf life
  • Short lead times on colors
  • Ability to drop ship single tubes
  • Next Day Air eligible
  • Dekton approval in process

There are 200 colors available with 38 of the fastest moving, most requested skus stocked. Nitro One Shot adhesives are GreenGuard Certified, and qualify for LEED projects.

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Omni Cubed Inc. Unveils Pro Stealth Seamer

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Omni Cubed Inc. Unveils Pro Stealth Seamer

Posted on 28 March 2019 by cradmin

Omni Cubed, Inc., an industry leader in stone fabrication tools, unveiled its two latest products at The International Surface Event in Las Vegas: the Pro Stealth Seamer™, Manual and the Pro Stealth Seamer™, Auto.

Both the Manual and the Auto version of the Pro Stealth Seamer™ allow for the ultimate seam control, giving users the ability to complete a “seamless” installation by joining, leveling, and flattening warped stone to produce virtually invisible seams. Both products feature Omni Cubed’s exclusive, gray, non-marking vacuum cups that won’t stain light materials. These cups feature completely closed, triple sealing rings and are composed of a proprietary rubber that conforms to textured and porous surfaces for a strong, reliable hold. Additional features include a more durable, manual thumb pump and improved vacuum-release valve that are more resistant to epoxy and solvents.

The Auto system includes a powerful compact vacuum pump that maintains pressure for all cups, and runs on AC power or AA batteries for any install situation, while the Manual is a cost-effective system requiring the user to maintain and manage pressure with the patent-pending thumb pump.

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Wood & Stone Co. Offers Stone/Surfacing Glues

Posted on 15 October 2015 by cradmin

wood and stone 2 acrylic penetrating gluesWood and Stone Company has two types of acrylic penetrating glues made for repairing and laminating granite, quartz surfacing, marble and engineered stone. The first is Wood & Stone Acrylic Penetrating Crack Sealer, which is a thin liquid designed to flow like water and made to fill cracks and reinforce stone and stone-like products. It is for very thin, hairline cracks that flowing glue has difficulty penetrating. It is  clear and cures quickly, according to the company.

The second adhesive product is Wood & Stone Acrylic Super Penetrating Glue, a low-viscosity system for bonding and filling on horizontal surfaces. While it is thinner than standard polyester flowing glues, it is not as thin as the company’s crack sealer, which allows broader usage. According to the company, it is suitable for filling larger cracks, pits and holes. Additionally, because it is clear, users can mix in ground up stone powder to assist in color matching with larger holes, chips and blowouts. And, because of its thinness, it is very suitable for laminating, as it will spread very thin to create tight seams, reports the company.

The company also makes an acrylic knife grade adhesives as well.

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Yurway Designs Offers Seamrite Solid Surface Seam Clamps

Posted on 04 November 2014 by cradmin

seamrite picYurway Designs Inc. offers the Seamrite Solid Surface Seam Clamps designed to be effective and easy to maintain, while requiring no electricity or air to operate them. A unique adjustment wedge on the SR2X and SR4X models help align the seam properly so fabricators can minimize sanding time. The SR-Mini model is suitable for use on small backsplashes. The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Chemical Concepts Introduces New Counter-Lok Tool

Posted on 13 October 2014 by cradmin

chemcon picThe Counter-Lok™ is used to install and align ‘bridge’ sections of granite when a sink or cooktop is installed at two seams in the countertop. These small strips or ‘bridge’ pieces are often difficult to align correctly using conventional techniques. This inexpensive tool simplifies and streamlines this process with great results.
To use the new system, set up Counter-Lok tool on both seams. Apply a silicone sealant to the top of the cabinet where the ‘bridge’ section will be installed. Prepare the ‘bridge’ piece for installation using your preferred seaming adhesive. Insert ‘bridge’ piece and level with existing counter using supplied nylon thumbscrews to adjust for height and alignment. Remove excess adhesive and prepare seam. Let adhesive set according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Remove Counter-Lok tool and finish seam.

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Sink & Glue Warehouse Adds Clear Adhesive to Line-up

Posted on 06 August 2014 by cradmin

seam-it cartridgeSink & Glue Warehouse has added a new clear adhesive to its line of glues for stone and solid surface. The new “Glass” color of adhesive is has a unique formulation that provides a crystal clear glue, suitable for for granite laminations and difficult to seam products, such as the Avonite Glass series, reports the company.

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New 1:1 Adhesive Product For Stone, Quartz, Solid Surface Available

Posted on 19 November 2013 by cradmin

SeamBoss AdhesivesGlueBoss Adhesive Company offers its 1:1 SeamBoss seaming adhesive for use on granite and other natural stone, quartz surfacing and solid surface. According to the company, the glue has structural components in its formula, such as acids that allow it to etch into various materials and bond with steel and aluminum. It also has a rubber component that allows it to flex and bend. Additionally, it has impact modifiers to increase its toughness and it is UV stable.

According to the company, the adhesive’s 1:1 mix ratio is less sensitive, helping to prevent wet spots or slow curing. It will also reportedly bond to moist stone without loss of integrity.

It is available in four sizes – 400 ml cartridges, 250 ml cartridges (which can be dispensed with a caulking gun), 50 ml cartridges/syringes and 25 ml syringes.

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COHUI Offers Seaming Adhesive for Solid Surface, Quartz, Stone

Posted on 09 August 2013 by cradmin

cohui adhesiveCOHUI has brought a line of seaming adhesives to the United States for use on solid surface, quartz surfacing and natural stone. The company manufactures the product in China and sells direct to fabricators at a low cost. In addition to the versatile adhesive, the company offers applicator guns and mixing tips.

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Glue Warehouse Offers New Adhesive Formula For Granite, Quartz

Posted on 18 November 2012 by cradmin

After over a year of research and development, Glue Warehouse is now shipping a new Seam-it adhesive formula that cures faster and is designed to meet the challenges of bonding to granite and quartz surfaces.

Fabricators of solid surface, quartz and granite will benefit from the next generation of adhesive with faster cures and effective bonds in ready to use colors.

“One of the properties of stone that makes it such a challenge from an adhesive standpoint is its ability to conduct heat,” said Chad Thomas of Glue Warehouse. “When you place your hand on a stone or quartz slab it always feels cold, even if the ambient air is quite warm. The high thermal conductivity causes heat to be pulled from your hand and the slab feels colder than its surroundings.  This phenomenon is known as heat sink. The same thing happens to the adhesive in a seam or a lamination and since the adhesive needs a certain amount of heat energy to cure, it is important that it overcomes this property of stone when formulating an effective adhesive product.”

One way to do this is to use a hot activator and overpower the thermal conductivity of the stone — effectively pushing the cure through. While this can be effective, there are usually a couple of undesirable side effects.

First, using a hot activator produces higher cure temperatures and may discolor some of the lighter shades. Second, a lower overall bond strength is usually the end result. This is especially true in solid surfaces due to the unbalanced nature of the formulation.

“A better, although more difficult approach, is to formulate based on carefully measured polymeric chain chemistry, keeping the peak exothermic temperature within an acceptable range while reducing the overall cure time andmaintaining an effective bond strength,” Thomas explained. “The new Seam-it formulation takes full advantage of advances in polymeric chemistry to produce a faster, color stable adhesive-perfect for seaming and laminating stone.”

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Great Informational Outlet for Concrete Countertops

Posted on 19 August 2012 by cradmin

We ran across a great resource for those thinking of installing concrete countertops, or just want to know more about the options, at ConcreteNetwork.com . They have a series of highly informative articles about concrete countertops. This informational website has something for everyone interested in concrete counters, whether you are a fabricator, designer or customer. The articles cover details ranging from how concrete countertops are made and installed  to what the finished product looks like and how to clean them.

As the world in general becomes more eco-friendly, the world of concrete countertops is no exception. There is a series of articles on how concrete countertops can be made “green.”  These articles can help ensure that concrete countertops encourage sustainability and are manufactured in an eco-friendly manner.

When considering all countertops’ needs, there many options available. Reviewing all of these options might be a little overwhelming, but the site has fashioned a very handy comparison chart showing different pros and cons of six common types of countertops. They compare staining, grout lines, sealing, appearance over age and other topics. There is also a comparison of the average price per square foot, making getting down to the “bottom line” easy to accomplish.

Are you or your client interested in a higher degree of personalization? Then check out the  section that has some wonderful information on the wide variety of designs that can be woven into  concrete countertops. While the word concrete may conjure up images of Cold War era Poland, this material is quite versatile and can be made to look incredible. One option is to embed glass in a concrete countertop. In this option, individuals have the ability to personalize the countertop to their own decorating tastes to a very high degree. While the process takes time (28 days before it is dry from the sealing process according to the article), the time spent may be more than worth the effort and wait if it is something that is really desired. Another article details how to personalize a countertop with item such as shotgun shells, spoons or even car gauges. A creative mind can surely find other unique methods of personalizing a countertop, and use these ideas as a springboard.

Also included are three articles on how these countertops are manufactured. Here, a person can learn the difference between cast on site or in the shop , size limitations/seams in countertops, and how thick and heavy a concrete countertop will be.

The countertop selection process can be made easier by these informative and descriptive articles. No matter which countertop is selected to beautify a new home (or add spice to an old one), this site is worth checking out as a resource in making a smart decision, or just getting informed.

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