Fifth Gear Technologies Acquires ETemplate Systems

Fifth Gear Technologies has announced the acquisition of ETemplate Systems, an award-winning laser technology company known for its templating and design processes for the countertop, cabinet, and millwork industries This strategic move for Fifth Gear Technologies, expands its portfolio of software solutions in the market. ETemplate’s products will now be … Read more

Business Sense: The Perfect Way to Use Software in a Countertop Shop

By Katherine Gifford of Moraware Okay, I’m sorry for the clickbait title. That was rude of me because the answer is – there isn’t one perfect way to use software in any business. For over 20 years, we’ve worked alongside fabricators running businesses of all shapes and sizes. If there’s one thing … Read more

Get to Know Moraware

What started out as a brotherly favor, is now a series of proven products that has helped thousands of growing countertop fabricators across North America, and the World, sell professionally, streamline their shop processes, and get to the next level. Here at Moraware, we take a consultative approach, to ensure shop owners are selecting the right solutions to their problems, and then support them through onboarding and implementation.

Every year, we have thousands of conversations with fabricators about their processes and business problems, keeping Moraware aligned with best practices and aware of pain points. As a result, we invest in improving our products’ functionality and reliability to solve more of our customers’ problems over time. Today we are proud to have over 14,000 users, in more than 2,000 shops, creating over 30,000 quotes and 30,000 jobs a week! Learn more about how our products, CounterGo and Systemize, can take your shop to the next level at

Business Sense: How to Start Streamlining Your Countertop Shop

By Katherine Gifford of Moraware Many of you already know that a growing shop comes with a few growing pains. As more business comes in, your current process (and head) becomes strained. What once worked smoothly, starts to break down. Important details get missed, customers are upset, and the stress is at … Read more

Business Sense: How to Get Your Time Back With Countertop Software

By Katherine Gifford of Moraware “I am finally able to leave work and go spend time with my family!” An actual countertop fabricator said that. A few years ago Moraware asked its users how software has helped their business, and their quality of life. The answers were overwhelmingly about the … Read more

Sarto Countertops Releases Easededge Software

Sarto Countertops has released Easededge, a new software for fabricators. The company had been using multiple software subscriptions, and was trying to manage data across several platforms. It was a headache, inefficient, and money was being left on the table. In less than 6 years, Sarto Countertops had grown from … Read more

The Number One Myth About Countertop Fabrication Competition

by Katherine Gifford of Moraware When you stack yourself up to other fabricators in your area, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For many, it’s the price. If you don’t have the best price in town, you’re toast, right? Well, not really. We believe the number one myth in … Read more

Stone Services Group Partners with Quote Countertops

Stone Services Group (SSG) announced that it has partnered with Quote Countertops (Quote) to offer their consumer-facing technologies. The partnership combines the unique cutting-edge offering of Quote’s 3-D visualizer and instant/online quoting tool with other revenue generating packages in SSG’s portfolio such as the Granite Gold Protection Plan and Hot … Read more

Kick These Old Planning Habits in the New Year

According to InEight, a top producer of construction project management software, companies have four bad habits that should stop in the coming year. The overarching goal of project planning is to create a model that “best reflects what we believe will be a reality”. However, many software tools teach us … Read more

Stone Services Group Directs Debut of Hot Sauce Software System

The newly formed Stone Services Group (SSG) has announced its immediate engagement with Ignite Consulting Group (ICG) to sell and market ICG’s industry-specific selling software, Hot Sauce. SSG is a fabricator-focused services company that partners with countertop fabricators to implement new tools and processes that grow sales and increase profits. … Read more