Sarto Countertops Releases Easededge Software

Sarto Countertops has released Easededge, a new software for fabricators. The company had been using multiple software subscriptions, and was trying to manage data across several platforms. It was a headache, inefficient, and money was being left on the table.

In less than 6 years, Sarto Countertops had grown from $300K to more than $6M. Automation equipment had greatly improved processes in the shop, but they realized communication and management of jobs was still very inefficient.

Sarto developed Easededge, a modern software that everyone in the company could use. The software is powerful, easy to use, and mobile friendly so workers in the field can get the information they need.

Easededge is now available to other fabricators, and includes job management, estimating, invoicing, drawing, scheduling and automated job tasks. There is no additional cost per user, so it’s affordable to get everyone in the company on board, which is essential in going digital.

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