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Caesarstone Connect™ is a true differentiator in our industry and is already proving to be a valuable sales tool for retailers, helping to simplify the design process, drive sales and enhance customer experience and engagement.

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Caesarstone Launches Online Estimator/Project Management Tool: Caesarstone Connect

Posted on 29 September 2021 by cradmin

Caesarstone, a developer and manufacturer of engineered quartz surfaces, recently launched its new Caesarstone Connect™ platform. The company stated that this first-of-its-kind integrated online estimator and project management tool immediately delivers a detailed per square foot price quote (that includes material, fabrication and installation costs) and seamlessly connects projects to certified Caesarstone fabricators. The process can take just minutes and is available for any Caesarstone application including countertops, backsplashes, bathroom vanities and more, providing a consumer with transparent pricing within a detailed quote. It also empowers retailers and designers to provide customers with immediate, on-the-spot pricing for custom countertops.

According to the company Caesarstone Connect is a revolutionary way to help a consumer customize and purchase a fully installed Caesarstone surface, from inspiration to installation. Retailers simply input measurements and select from any of Caesarstone’s colors, edge details and other ancillary items to create a quote. Once the quote is accepted by the customer and converted to an order, it is sent directly to a certified Caesarstone fabrication partner who confirms measurements, fabricates and installs the Caesarstone surface.

The Caesarstone Connect online platform also manages the project from start to finish, so retailers can know the status of the project at any given point. Homeowners also receive frequent updates from the platform throughout the process. Workmanship is guaranteed via the Caesarstone certified fabricator network, and a dedicated team of specialists is always available to answer questions.

Caesarstone Connect has already launched in several U.S. market areas and is scheduled to be more widely available by fourth quarter 2021.

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Business Sense Sept. 21

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Business Sense: How to Start Streamlining Your Countertop Shop

Posted on 15 September 2021 by cradmin

By Katherine Gifford of Moraware

Many of you already know that a growing shop comes with a few growing pains. As more business comes in, your current process (and head) becomes strained. What once worked smoothly, starts to break down. Important details get missed, customers are upset, and the stress is at an all-time high.

This is where streamlining comes in. Taking those processes and creating a system that you can track and maintain is the most important task you can do for your business. Once you organize these, you’ll learn important insights into the way your shop is running. And, you’ll be able to tweak and refine the way you do things to save yourself time and money.

As some very wise fabricators like to say, “you should always be improving.” Refining your processes is a never ending task, but it’s guaranteed to make you and your team better and happier in the long run.

In this post, we’ll talk about some areas where you can start streamlining your countertop shop. Then, you can take your business to the next level and maybe take a well-deserved day off.

Estimating and Sales

It’s pretty common for this area to be the first to get organized in a growing countertop shop. It could be that too many jobs are coming in for one person to bid. Or, that the current estimating process simply takes too long. These situations are stressful and result in losing out on jobs.

The matter of time is an easy fix with technology. With estimating software, you can dramatically cut back on the time it takes to produce a quote while easily training new folks to quote accurately. 

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SSG GrayType Blue 6300wide 1000dpi

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Stone Services Group Partners with Quote Countertops

Posted on 27 February 2020 by cradmin

Stone Services Group (SSG) announced that it has partnered with Quote Countertops (Quote) to offer their consumer-facing technologies. The partnership combines the unique cutting-edge offering of Quote’s 3-D visualizer and instant/online quoting tool with other revenue generating packages in SSG’s portfolio such as the Granite Gold Protection Plan and Hot Sauce up-selling software.

The Quote Countertops system targets the 80 percent of consumers who begin their countertop shopping online by positioning the fabricator as the strongest and best option available. The friendly tool walks the customer through the entire process of selecting materials, estimating dimensions and just as importantly, presents many options to up-sell and generate additional profit. For the customer to get their quote, they must enter verified contact information that is instantly delivered to the fabricator for follow-up and closing.

The vision of SSG has always been to offer the best products available in their respective categories and then combine them into full offerings to allow for maximum value and ease of integration. SSG and its national network of selling professionals was selected by Quote because of their deep industry knowledge, sales and marketing expertise and extensive network. From its inception in 2019, SSG has been building a best-of-the-best alliance of industry software providers to help the countertop industry seamlessly integrate and leverage their value.

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STACK Construction Technologies Partners With Plans4Less.com

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STACK Construction Technologies Partners With Plans4Less.com

Posted on 08 August 2018 by cradmin

Two companies have joined forces to help building trade professionals integrate and streamline the estimating, bidding and document creation processes.

The new partnership is between STACK Construction Technologies of Cincinnati, Ohio, provider of cloud-based construction takeoff and estimating software, and Plans4Less.com of Prospect, Conn., a source for fixed-rate reprographics services.

“Takeoff” is industry jargon for an estimate of how much of any given material is needed to complete a job to project specifications and how much it will cost. Takeoff also gives project managers a ballpark estimate of what labor will cost to get the material installed and functioning properly – including anything from studs, light fixtures and loam to drywall, cable, roofing shingles, etc.

STACK Construction Technologies founder and CEO Phillip Ogilby explains, “I know from personal experience that often times projects mature to a point where the detailed, full-size drawings or blueprints are necessary and helpful. We are excited about this new partnership and look forward to delivering additional value and flexibility to contractors.”

STACK takeoff and estimating software streamlines the bid process for contractors of all sizes and empowers users to quickly and accurately measure digital plans, collaborate with team members, customize materials and pricing and finalize project estimates. Now, with this partnership, users who need printed copies of their project documents can send their digital plan files to Plans4Less.com who will deliver the full-size printed docs to the job site or the contractor’s office the very next day.

Ogilby says, “Construction takeoffs can be time-consuming and are often inaccurate when completed manually. With STACK software, contractors can bid more work in less time without costly errors. Because it’s cloud-based, it also allows estimators to work on projects anytime, anywhere from Mac or PC.”

Plans4Less.com has built a reputation for providing a revolutionary new tool for construction industry pros who use software/printing applications. Any designer, architect, engineer, construction manager or sub can order sets of full or half size plans right from the site at a surprisingly low cost.

Plans4Less.com’s President Brian Burke adds, “The faster owners, architects, engineers, general contractors and subs can turn digital project specification documents into large format prints, the sooner their team can make changes, review and complete RFP’s, create quotes, and submit bids. This new partnership helps our clients meet deadlines, enabling them to submit and win more bids.”

Contractors can give STACK software a try for free at www.stackct.com and can upload files for print at www.Plans4Less.com. Both platforms accept documents in industry standard file types (.tif, and .pdf)

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