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Neolith Essentials

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Neolith Presents Essentials Series

Posted on 19 May 2021 by cradmin

Driven and inspired by Neolith®’s core values, the brand has presented its new series for 2021: ESSENTIALS.

To maintain and reinforce its sustainability commitment, Neolith has introduced a new formulation with up to 90 percent recycled material in the composition of some of the models in the ESSENTIALS series.

Whether in a home, restaurant or commercial setting, Neolith ESSENTIALS demonstrates how the company provides a balance between form and function through an ultra-hygienic, pure and timeless surface.

The ESSENTIALS Series includes:

  • Shilin – a light background and fine, granular details with a special texture that further enhances its natural qualities much like limestone.
  • Wulong – a slightly darker surface with grey tones and granular detailing; inspired by one of China’s unique geological formations: the Wulong Karst.
  • Metropolitan – featuring metallic décor with a worn effect and soft contrasts inspired by the hustle and bustle of the most exciting cities.
  • Sofia Cuprum – a fascinating dark and sober finish on which the technological and sustainable progress of the Neolith brand stands out.

Neolith is a 100 percent natural product, and the first company in the sector to achieve the carbon neutral category in 2019; a brand with a great social conscience, committed to respecting and protecting the environment and carries out important ecological initiatives.

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Neolith Virtual Experience

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Neolith Launches Digital Platform

Posted on 15 September 2020 by cradmin3

Neolith® has launched a new digital platform: Neolith® Virtual Experience. This powerful new tool brings its collection of more than 50 colors and finishes from the showroom direct to the customer home.

Ongoing and consistent innovative tech investment has always been at the heart of the brand. Adoption of the latest innovative systems has helped Neolith become one of the most sustainable building materials on the market.

However, the ongoing COVID pandemic has impacted face-to-face engagement, meaning more remote and digital methods are needed to bring the material to customers’ attention. As such, Neolith has focused significant research and investment on developing its online platforms even further to create this new innovative suite of interactive and immersive features, bringing the brand to life digitally and making it accessible to all.

  • Neolith AR: Augmented Reality – The new augmented reality app, which allows the user to dress any residential or commercial space with the models of the new collection Six•S (complete Neolith color range coming soon), to deliver maximum levels of realism.
  • Neolith VR: Virtual Reality – The virtual reality app allows users to discover and combine the new models of the Six•S collection and their various finishes in a unique 360 degree environment. A similar experience to visiting one of Neolith’s stands at a trade fair or expo in person.
  • Neolith Virtual Urban Boutiques – Over the last five years, Neolith has launched a number of Urban Boutiques (NUB) across the world. Now, as part of the platform, which combines Neolith AR and VR, users can also visit all NUBs globally. From London to Dusseldorf, Madrid, Milan, Shenzhen or Medellin

“With combined AR and VR capabilities, we feel the Neolith Virtual Experience gives a truly comprehensive snapshot of the brand and its materials, as near as we can currently come to observing the material in reality. Excitingly, this is only the beginning for us, as we plan to add further features to these apps with a final goal of eventually hosting our own events and tradeshows, allowing us to bring everyone together, virtually,” Mar Esteve, Neolith CMO said.

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Neolith LAYLA-012-low-1024x679

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Neolith Launches Six•S Collection

Posted on 06 August 2020 by cradmin3

Over the course of the last several weeks Neolith has launched its newest collection, SIX•S. This new, responsible range, influenced by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, evokes six essential Neolith® characteristics: Solidary, Sanitary, Strong, Stylish, Sensory and Sustainability.

The SIX•S Collection consists of:

Himalaya Crystal pays homage to the region’s famous salt crystals which have been mined in the region since the days of Alexander the Great. Bold veining sublimely contrasts with subtle spontaneity and a slight translucency adds to the authenticity. This delivers a clean, crystalline appearance, which appears to elegantly illuminate any space in which it’s applied.

Layla (pictured) evokes the magic and mysticism of 1,001 Arabian Nights. Seamlessly combining an array of light and dark grey hues and tones, this color is a bold yet elegant statement.

The Emirate’s capital’s striking Sheikh Zayed Mosque, has influenced the selection of the model colors in Abu Dhabi White, which stands out for its soft golden veining and flecks of flinty grey, creating a subtle and delicate look. Combined with the texture of natural unpolished stone, this slab delivers a refreshing look and feel of minimalism.

Amazonico encapsulates dark and mysterious tones, representing the dense forest floor gradually giving way to lighter colors which reference the gradual emergence from the tree canopy. Highly exclusive, this sophisticated slab has a special texture, further enhancing its natural qualities.

Inspired by the majestic, slow-growing pines surrounding Sweden’s breathtaking Lake Siljan, Winter Dala and Summer Dala are named after one of the country’s national symbols, Dalecarlian Horses. Hand-carved, to a high-degree of craftsmanship, the special sculptures evoke enduring strength, refinement and beauty.

Dala is produced in two tones, Summer and Winter, one representing a profile of freshly cut timber, the other a weathered look calling to mind the dramatic, windswept coast of the North Sea.

Similar to other timber-inspired designs in the range, Summer and Winter Dala faithfully recreate cross sections of real trees, without the need to fell them, delivering a positive environmental impact.

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Neolith Carbon Neutral sm

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Neolith Achieves Carbon Neutral Status

Posted on 08 July 2020 by cradmin3

To attain the highly-prized carbon neutral status Neolith® followed the internationally recognized Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) and implemented a dynamic, innovation-led sustainability strategy coupled with tactical, high value carbon off-setting.

These measures have led to carbon neutrality across the entire business, significantly seeing the brand receiving 100 percent of its electricity in the year 2019 from renewable energy sources. This means no less than 7,690 tons of CO2 emissions have been removed.

Additionally, 90 percent of the waste generated by Neolith® is recycled and given a second life either with company operations or through authorized 3rd party players; which goes to prove the brand’s solid commitment to a circular economy.

Neolith® surfaces also embody these principles, with up to 48 percent of the weight of each slab produced being made from recycled material.

Plant machinery has been upgraded to improve energy efficiency, particularly the 3rd line’s furnace which has benefited from the installation of an O2 and pressure control system, significantly reducing the amount of gas consumed. This is complemented by a 40 percent reduction of forklift truck diesel consumption and a 20 percent decrease in hazardous waste.

Neolith® has also undertaken a number of environmental projects in line with its wider sustainability strategy. These projects compensate for and absorb a specific quantity of CO2.

Chief among these is an exciting, upcoming project in Central America to protect and maintain the unique biodiversity of the Guatemalan Caribbean Conservation Coast. Through this project, Neolith® will be seen working to protect the unique biodiversity of the forests and jungles remaining in the region. As a direct result of the project activities, four million tons of CO2 will be avoided by 2021, the equivalent of taking more than 440,000 homes off the grid for a year.

There are also important biodiversity benefits given that more than 400 species of birds that have been documented in the project will be protected.

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Neolith VP Sales & Operations

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NEOLITH Announces New Vice President of Sales & Operations of North America

Posted on 15 May 2020 by cradmin3

Neolith® announced the appointment of James Amendola as its Vice President of Sales and Operations of North America. This follows the appointment of José Luis Ramón Moreno as CEO in March and Sagi Cohen as Advisory Board Member in November 2019.

Amendola brings extensive knowledge and experience to Neolith, accrued from more than three decades in the stone surfacing industry. Most recently, he held the position of Director of Sales & Marketing US at SapienStone. Previously, he was General Manager at Cosentino.

Speaking on the new appointment, José Luis Ramón Moreno, Neolith CEO, said, “Neolith has ambitious plans for North America. This includes significant investment, such as strengthening our senior leadership team in the region. James will be a key part of our future journey. With his exceptional industry knowledge and a proven track record, he will be an invaluable addition to the team, helping to further drive our pioneering vision forward and expanding our reach in the vibrant architecture and design sector.”

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Neolith Introduces Calacatta Luxe

Posted on 11 March 2020 by cradmin

NEOLITH® has launched Calacatta Luxe, a new surface available for all interior and exterior applications.

Building on NEOLITH’s popular Calacatta slabs, which are inspired by world famous Italian Carrara marble, Calacatta Luxe takes the pattern to the next level, turning up the contrast for dramatic effect. Incorporating elements of Calacatta Crema and Calacatta Oro, it’s surface brings a degree of originality to any architectural or interior design project.

Calacatta Luxe combines striations of dark greys, inky blues, tobacco browns and subtle golds for a mesmerizing vein, contrasting against a bright white background.

Calacatta Luxe embodies all the super-resistant, high-performance and ultra-hygienic qualities inherent in all NEOLITH’s surfaces.

The surface is offered in Polished and Ultrasoft finishes, in 6mm and 12mm thicknesses and is available in 3,200mm by 1,600mm and 3,200mm by 1,500mm formats.

Along with the launch of Calacatta Luxe, NEOLITH also presented a brand new finish for 2020: Ultrasoft. The new finish has been developed to mimic the true feel of clean cut, unpolished natural marble. It responds to an increasingly popular trend for tactile surfacing materials which are as pleasant to the touch as they are to look at.

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Neolith Announces Design Competition Winners

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Neolith Announces Design Competition Winners

Posted on 07 January 2020 by cradmin

NEOLITH® has announced the winning projects of the 6th Edition of its annual Design Competitions.

The My Neolith Project focuses on architects, rewarding the best facade projects made with Neolith.

National Edition:

Winning Project: A House in Herrera de Camargo
Architect: Agustín Montes Gaisan – MMIT Arquitectos
Location: Herrera de Camargo, Cantabria

A residential facade that stands out due to the well-marked volumetry through the use of two different colors – Neolith® Nero and Avorio. A single-family home featuring straight lines and a minimalist style where Neolith® was applied in multi-format for the exterior facade cladding as well as the roof.

International Edition:

Winning Project: Sangbong Lee Building
Architects:Yoon-Gyu Jang, Chang-hoon Shim – UnSangDong Architects
Location: Seoul, South Korea

The contemporary-style Sangbong Lee tower is situated between two average buildings aiming to reflect an imbalance to create the feeling of something new and unexpected. Completely cladded in Neolith® Arctic White, this curved and framed cross-section facade creates boundaries and ambiguous spaces. One interesting fact is that the architects spent nearly a year modelling the facade in 3D to create a life-size mock-up and eight scale models throughout the process.

The Top Fabricator award recognizes the works of fabricators who elaborate technically complex projects, placing no limit to the possibilities offered by the Sintered Stone.

Winning Project: Flare of Frankfurt
Fabricator: Lithodecor
Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Flare of Frankfurt is a building with personality and a three-dimensional angular design in the facade panels. Neolith® Arctic White was used for the cladding with custom-cut sandwich-assembled slabs. This structure was first prefabricated at the shop and then installed with very high precision on site using the Airtech System technique patented by Lithodecor.

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Neolith Introduces Full Body Veining Technology

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Neolith Introduces Full Body Veining Technology

Posted on 11 December 2019 by cradmin

Neolith® is taking the design of its sintered stone material even further with revolutionary Full Body Veining technology: a game-changing innovation that achieves an essential degree of detail the industry has struggled to achieve over the last decade.

Since Neolith first arrived on the market in 2009, the brand has strived to manufacture surfaces as true to the original source material as possible, but with the enhanced strength and characteristics of Sintered Stone.

The brand is known for creating patterns which faithfully imitate materials found in nature such as marble, stone, metals and wood.

Neolith Full Body Veining achieves veins throughout the entire slab and not just the surface, replicating the 3D veining found in genuine stone such as marble. The hyper-realistic effect will be visible in the slab’s edges and will thus be implemented in the 1/2- and 3/4- in. thickness models.

This new technology is an industry milestone, and comes after seven years of intense research and development. Two prototypes were recently showcased by Neolith in Verona, Italy, where visitors to the brand’s Xth Anniversary installation had the chance to see the level of refinement with the slabs’ veining.

Carlos García, Head of Product Design at Neolith, commented: “Neolith’s introduction of its new Full Body Veining technology is a significant step in the brand’s design evolution and means a new generation of Neolith models will soon be released. Where before the veining stopped at the edges of the slabs, they now continue throughout the material, giving a more authentic appearance.

Both the technology and new Neolith Full Body Veining collections will be launched in 2020.

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Investindustrial Acquires Majority Share in Neolith

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Investindustrial Acquires Majority Share in Neolith

Posted on 21 June 2019 by cradmin

An investment subsidiary of Investindustrial VI L.P. has signed a partnership agreement with the current owners of Neolith, Jesus and Jose Luis Esteve. This partnership was initiated to support the next phase of development of the Neolith brand. Although Investindustrial will acquire a majority shareholding in the Company, the Esteve family will retain a relevant minority interest. They will also continue to lead the management team and Chair of the Board of Directors.

Terms of the shareholding purchase were not announced.

Neolith was founded in 2009 with the aim of designing and producing large format sintered surfaces with unique characteristics serving multiple end-markets, including bathrooms, wall claddings, furniture, floorings, facades and with a particular focus on high-end kitchens. The Company’s success and rapid development has benefited from 40 years of experience of the Esteve brothers in the natural stone sector.

Jesus Esteve, Chairman of Neolith, said, “We are delighted to be partnering with Investindustrial as we look to grow the company further in the international markets outside Europe. Given Investindustrial’s background and deep knowledge in the high-end design sector and its global reach, we strongly believe it is the right partner to further support the international expansion of the company while strengthening the management team and reinforcing the product development.”

Investindustrial is a leading European group of independently managed investment, holding and advisory companies with €6.8 billion of raised fund capital, which provides industrial solutions and capital to mid-market companies in Europe. Its mission is to actively contribute to the development of the companies in which it invests, by creating growth opportunities and offering global solutions through an entrepreneurial pan-European vision.

Andrea C. Bonomi, Chairman of the Industrial Advisory Board, commented, “Neolith operates in an industry well-known to Investindustrial due to our prior and current investments in the sector. We are proud to partner with the Esteve family since we believe they have the right entrepreneurial approach and together we can lead Neolith to the second phase of investment, both to increase capacity at their local headquarters and internationally, and product development on a long-term basis.”

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Neolith Announces Winners of Top Fabricator Competition V

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Neolith Announces Winners of Top Fabricator Competition V

Posted on 04 February 2019 by cradmin

In mid 2018 NEOLITH® launched the V Edition of NEOLITH® Top Fabricator Competition, aiming to acknowledge the most detailed and difficult projects that workshop professionals or marble workers carry out using NEOLITH®. All those “small great works of art” of immense technical complexity, which require the know-how, genius and skill of great professionals to produce.

After a series of evaluations and voting conducted by the NEOLITH® Design, Projects, and Technical workshop departments, NEOLITH® took the opportunity to reveal the winning projects to the public at Cevisama – Espacio Cocina, the tradeshows of Valencia city, that attract more than 90,000 professionals each year in the fields of Architecture, Interior Design and Kitchen & Bath industries.

NEOLITH® TOP FABRICATOR – Global Edition Masters of Luxury 2018 by Stone & Skills and Jan Reek Natuursteen, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

NEOLITH® TOP FABRICATOR – National Edition Retiro Residential Project by LMG Reformas – Interiorismo, Madrid (Spain)









The winners are: Retiro Residential Project by LMG Reformas – Interiorismo (National edition), and Masters of Luxury stand by Stone & Skills and Jan Reek Natuursteen (Global edition).

The prize is a trip for two to Milan (Italy) during the Design Week, where the awards ceremony will take place.

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