Neolith Appoints Daniel Sánchez as CEO of Neolith North America & LATAM

Neolith, a manufacturer of sintered stone, announced that Daniel Sánchez was recently appointed CEO of Neolith North America and LATAM. A Neolith veteran of fifteen years, Sánchez previously served as Chief Commercial Executive and Vice President for Neolith in Europe. He recently relocated to Miami, FL, just miles away from Neolith’s Pembroke Pines Distribution Center.

Before joining Neolith in 2009, Daniel Sánchez’s professional experience centered around the construction sector, where he specialized in natural stone. Previously, he managed his own trading company, which specialized in managing granite quarries around the world. Additionally, he served as Export & Domestic Area Sales Director at a natural stone company.

Neolith has consolidated a solid network of distribution partners worldwide and owns distribution centers that have been key to the rapid growth of the company. Sánchez’s leadership has been instrumental in defining and driving Neolith’s global footprint and route-to-market approach. Coupled with the company’s huge investment in research and development, Neolith is a leader in the sector, operating in more than 100 countries worldwide.

According to the company, the appointment of Sánchez as the new CEO of Neolith North America and LATAM confirms Neolith’s emphasis on continually boosting international growth, specifically in strategic markets like North America or LATAM, where Neolith already provides regional coverage through three Distribution Centers in the U.S. and is working with many distributors and partners from Canada to the south of Chile and Argentina.

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