Caesarstone Unveils “Beyond The Surface” Report

Caesarstone announced the launch of its first-ever trend report, Beyond the Surface – a profound exploration on design and how it should be an authentic reflection of its creators. To inform this report, Caesarstone has partnered with experts in the field to form the ‘Caesarstone Circle’ – an advisory panel that has shared candid insights, practical advice, and genuine inspiration. Together, Beyond the Surface will serve as a resource for both design amateurs and seasoned pros alike.

Caesarstone hosted a select group of North America’s most talented designers, content creators, and lifestyle experts at the recently launched flagship Design Center in Charlotte in fall 2023. This inaugural gathering formed the Caesarstone Circle – a diverse ensemble of talent that came together for an in-depth discussion on how design shaped the way we live, work and play. Over the course of two days, the Caesarstone Circle participated in an incubator session spanning a broad range of topics, such as the emotive power of color, how to embrace AI for planning, the cyclical nature of fads, the future of sustainability and cultural impacts in the design industry.

Extending past mere critiques or commendations of trends, Beyond the Surface draws on the panelists’ wealth of experience to offer a deeper understanding of how different influences ignite our imagination and foster emotional connections without sacrificing functionality.

Diving deeper than the latest colors and trending materials, Beyond the Surface explores how cultural movements and social trends impact design from a practical and emotional standpoint. The report examines broad-ranging themes like how changes in family composition and dynamics influence home layouts and flow. Beyond the Surface brings about valuable insights and ideas informed by years of experience, intuition, passion and vision to the design community.

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