Neolith Presents Iconic Design

Neolith has launched an all-new generation of surfaces featuring 3D printing technology known as Neolith Iconic Design. According to the company this groundbreaking product will set a new standard in the sintered stone industry as it combines the latest in decorating, technology and art.

Neolith says this launch will allow it to take one more step in creating unique surfaces by offering a product with an integrated design across the whole volume. The company can now manufacture unique and natural reproductions with an unlimited number of decorating resources such as geometric projections, transparencies and semi-transparencies and with a vast array of surface textures.

This in-house, patented and exclusive technology is the result of more than two years of diligent work in the R&D&I Department in response to the needs of sector professionals and consumer insights. It demonstrates a strong commitment to 100 percent real 3D decorating, which enables the use of brighter colors and greater depth. It also opens the doors to new textures offering a number of possibilities never before imagined in this industry. The new development is of great value particularly for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

This ambitious project, which was supported with heavy investment of more than three million euros, is backed by the CDTI (Spanish Centre for Industrial Technological Development) and is part of Neolith’s industrial expansion plan. The project has allowed it to create a patent family as well as sign several collaboration agreements with various first-rate international technology partners, all in line with the company’s strategic plans to always be equipped with the most up-to-date technological advances and successfully implement them.

On the cutting edge of design, technology and sustainability, Neolith is manufactured in a carbon neutral environment. The company’s constant commitment along with Neolith’s sustainable DNA have led it to now becoming one of the most environmentally-friendly materials available, inspiring new architectural trends.

Based on a new formula, Neolith Iconic Design is silica-free, which is completely revolutionary as the lowest percentage in the industry to date.

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