Neolith Presents Essentials Series

Driven and inspired by Neolith®’s core values, the brand has presented its new series for 2021: ESSENTIALS.

To maintain and reinforce its sustainability commitment, Neolith has introduced a new formulation with up to 90 percent recycled material in the composition of some of the models in the ESSENTIALS series.

Whether in a home, restaurant or commercial setting, Neolith ESSENTIALS demonstrates how the company provides a balance between form and function through an ultra-hygienic, pure and timeless surface.

The ESSENTIALS Series includes:

  • Shilin – a light background and fine, granular details with a special texture that further enhances its natural qualities much like limestone.
  • Wulong – a slightly darker surface with grey tones and granular detailing; inspired by one of China’s unique geological formations: the Wulong Karst.
  • Metropolitan – featuring metallic décor with a worn effect and soft contrasts inspired by the hustle and bustle of the most exciting cities.
  • Sofia Cuprum – a fascinating dark and sober finish on which the technological and sustainable progress of the Neolith brand stands out.

Neolith is a 100 percent natural product, and the first company in the sector to achieve the carbon neutral category in 2019; a brand with a great social conscience, committed to respecting and protecting the environment and carries out important ecological initiatives.

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