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Fabricator Profile: Solid Surfaces Inc. Stays on the Cutting Edge

Posted on 27 January 2017 by cradmin

Screen-Shot-2016-01-12-at-8.17.12-AMSolid Surfaces Inc. was one of the first solid-surface fabricators to automate its shop, and the company takes pride in staying on the cutting edge of surface materials and fabrication processes. After updating the business’s software, Mitch Makowski, president of Solid Surfaces Inc., found that he and his team could communicate more efficiently, which streamlined the entire fabrication process.

To keep Solid Surfaces Inc. at the forefront of technology, the company formed a partnership with DuPont to field test new processes for fabricators, and the technicians at Solid Surfaces have been able to provide feedback that has helped shape and refine these techniques.

For the last 30 years, Solid Surfaces Inc. has been headquartered in Rochester, N.Y., and today, the original shop is accompanied by a sister facility in Buffalo with a separate division, Florida Surfaces LLC, located in Orlando. The company is accredited by the Marble Institute of America (MIA) and is a member of The Artisan Group.

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Fabricator Profile: Crowley’s Granite Concepts Sets Standards of Excellence

Posted on 12 December 2016 by CRadmin2

crowleys-standards-of-excellenceCrowley’s Granite Concepts, owned and operated by Aaron Crowley is one of the most successful countertop fabricators in the Portland, Ore., metro area, and much of it is because the company strives to live up to eight standards of excellence. Six years ago, Crowley began to focus on fast turnaround to gain an advantage over the competition, but as his company evolved, additional standards were set.

Crowley established his business in 1998 in Tigard, Ore., but it has since been relocated to nearby Tualatin. For many years, Crowley’s Granite Concepts focused on one particular niche: homeowners remodeling their kitchens without hiring contractors. Today, the company still focuses on granite and promises fast service, with a guarantee of installation within six days of templating, but it has expanded its mission to include eight standards of excellence in two select categories.

The two categories Crowley’s standards are “Excellent Experience” and “Fabulous Fabrication,” and each has four main points.

Excellent Experience:

  1. Provide guidance on choosing the best slabs
  2. Leave the kitchen functional
  3. Customer participation in layout design
  4. Coordination of all required work

Fabulous Fabrication

  1. Digital templating and CAD equipment
  2. CNC technology
  3. Mechanical anchors for undermount sinks
  4. Steel rods for strength and reinforcement

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Fabricator Profile: Galaxy Stone Works Focuses on Customer Satisfaction

Posted on 09 November 2016 by CRadmin2

full-kitchen1-1030x687Galaxy Stone Works Inc., formerly Galaxy Granite and Stoneworks, is one of the leading countertop fabricators in the Pacific Northwest. Amir Khazeni and his family purchased the business in 2008 after spending 25 years in the technology industry. At first, Khazeni, only wanted to use the business for part-time work during his retirement, but he soon became enamored with all of the aspects of countertop fabrication and stepped up as president of the company.

The primary focus of Galaxy Stone Works, located in Hubbard, Ore. just south of Portland, is customer service. In order to please the widest range of customers, the company works with a wide range of materials, including granite, quartz, marble, solid surface and concrete. In addition, Galaxy is a distributor and fabricator of Italian-made Curava recycled glass countertops.

Galaxy Granite keeps the customer in mind through every step of the countertop process, including selection, measurements, fabrication and installation, and high levels of service are maintained by tracking each interaction company representatives have with customers.

From the very beginning a customer profile is established, and it is updated regularly. Customers continue to be engaged even after the final installation with surveys that can be evaluated to improve performance. A couple of months after installation, customers are contacted again to ensure they are satisfied with their purchase.

Employees of Galaxy Stone Works are empowered to provide the highest levels of service to customers within the functions of their jobs through the close involvement and commitment of management, and processes are continually improved by making use of efficient and sound business practices.

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Fabricator Profile: KAT Fabricators Stays Organized

Posted on 14 October 2016 by CRadmin2

product-main-granite-largeKAT Fabricators is known as “your source for custom countertops” in the Dallas, Tex., area, and the company prides itself in keeping highly organized at all times. In fact, because the company does such a high volume of sales with big-box stores, such as Home Depot and Lowe’s, staying organized is a crucial element in maintaining customer relationships and honoring schedules.

Because KAT Fabricators does the majority of its business on the wholesale level, there is no need to maintain a showroom, and attention can be given to production and customer service. Stepping into the modest office, the company is all business. The customer-service department operates just behind the front door, and a few of the desks include state-of-the-art computer systems with dual monitors, which help to schedule up to 10 jobs each day with a high degree of accuracy.

Walking straight back through the office leads to the stone shop, which was originally dedicated to solid surface fabrication but now accommodates granite and engineered stone. Offering a wider variety of materials allows KAT Fabricators to act as a one-stop shop for dealers and builders with an assortment of jobs.

On the other side of the stone shop, is an open yard for warehousing slabs and remnants, and the solid surface shop is just past this. As of 2010, KAT Fabricators was using a CNC machine for sink holes while an advanced straight-line edger does most of the heavy work.

KAT Fabricators constantly and consistently works on improving efficiency and providing service and quality that surpasses that of the competition. This allows them to set competitive pricing without having to rely on low prices to gain new business.

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Fabricator Profile: Aspen Design Focuses on Wholesale

Posted on 27 September 2016 by cradmin

aspen-remnant-yard-300x110Aspen Design and Fabrication (ADF) in Denver, Colo., was opened by Dan Dugard and John Ragsdale in 2002, but they experimented with several different business models before the business really took off. In the 1980s and 1990s, Dugard was an employee of Makita Tools, but one day, a customer of his offered to sell him his countertop fabrication business. Although the deal fell through, it ultimately led to meeting Ragsdale at a scaffolding company where they both worked.

A few years after meeting, Dugard and Ragsdale decided to become business partners and opened a fabrication shop specializing in solid surface and laminate. In the beginning, they worked the shop themselves, and their only customers were walk-ins who needed new countertops for their kitchen remodels.

Soon, ADF landed a commercial job that was too big for Dugard and Ragsdale to handle themselves. They quickly scrambled to scale up the business to handle the work, and after hiring new employees, the company continued to grow and expanded into natural stone and quartz.

Aspen Design and Fabrication used the leverage they received from their million-dollar commercial job to jump directly into the wholesale market, and the majority of jobs come from builders and dealers. Today, the business has added glass and concrete to its offerings and is fully automated with laser templating, a CNC waterjet and CNC edgers.

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Fabricator Profile: NF Granite Experiences Rapid Growth

Posted on 04 August 2016 by cradmin

aa8de576-034a-4112-b40f-74019c6fabb1NF Granite in Pearl City is one of several Louisiana fabricators that is experiencing rapid growth and embracing shop automation. Only a few short years ago, the company relocated to a larger fabrication shop and began to embrace digital systems for both templating and fabricating.

The company operates under the principle that the needs of the customer are of primary importance, and the entire team is committed to providing the best possible service. Because of this ethic, most of NF Granite’s new clients are repeat customers and referrals from past customer.

To help the team serve its clients, several digital systems are used, including an LT-55 Laser Templator Laser Products Industries. This system creates a 3-D layout that can be given to customers showing exactly how their kitchen will look with new countertops. After the countertops are fabricated with the help of a Fusion CNC Saw/Waterjet from Park Industries and installed, a sealer is applied that is guaranteed to last for 25 years.

Even though NF Granite recognizes that customers are important, it also believes its employees are important because the number one factor in a successful business is “hard-working, friendly and motivated employees.”

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Fabricator Profile: Southern Stone Surfaces Looks Forward to Growth

Posted on 12 July 2016 by CRadmin2

kitchen-travertine-countersSouthern Stone Surfaces, located in Nashville, Tenn., was founded in 2006, and today, it is one of the largest countertop fabricators in the region. The company’s specializes in granite, marble and quartz surfacing, and its primary customers are builders and cabinetmakers. However, some retail business is also done directly for homeowners.

In 2013, Southern Stone Surfaces had a banner year thanks to a healthy local construction market in the area, and it outgrew its old processes. At one time, Tom Grimm, the director of operations, and his team were using spreadsheets to calculate surface area, and as business grew, they began to lose track of critical information. In addition, the spreadsheets could in no way integrate with the rest of the company’s systems.

Southern Stone Surfaces met its growth by adopting advanced technology and increasing inventory, which allowed the company to reduce turnaround times dramatically. Among the equipment available in the shop are a digital Laser Templator from Laser Products Industries and a Fusion Saw Jet from Park Industries. Southern Stone Surfaces has also made a commitment to “invest in green, environment friendly tools and processes” and has streamlined its customer service experience with an efficient software system.

Read more of this Fabricator Profile here: Southern Stone Surfaces

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Fabricator Profile: Rock Tops Is a Full-Service Fabricator

Posted on 06 June 2016 by cradmin

quartz_2-lgRock Tops Granite and Stone, LLC was located in Clovis, N.M., three years ago, but the company has since moved to Plainview, Texas. When the company was in New Mexico, it focused exclusively on fabricating quartz, granite and solid surface countertops for customers at big-box stores, but after the move, Rock Tops expanded into the retail market.

The characteristic of Rock Tops that makes the owners and employees the proudest is the fact that the company is full-service countertop fabricator that offers custom work and can complete quality work at lower prices than the competition. The prices at Rock Tops are discounted anywhere from 25 percent to 40 percent compared to the prices set by its competitors, and prices for granite installation start at only $35 per sq. ft.

The primary goals at Rock Tops Granite and Stone are to create beautiful countertops and to keep customers satisfied throughout the entire process. The company’s staff offers a diverse skillset and workmanship is always state of the art.

Read more of this Fabricator Profile here: Rock Tops

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Fabricator Profile: SolidTops Reinforces Countertops

Posted on 05 May 2016 by cradmin

granite-install-11SolidTops is a leading countertop fabricator in Easton, Md., that has developed an innovate method for reinforcing finished countertops to reduce the risk of breakage. Many types of countertops, including natural stone, quartz and solid surface, can break during transit or well after installation when the substrate shifts over time, and the best part about this method is that it is simple, cost effective and low tech.

Evan Kruger, president of SolidTops, explains that the company has a technician affix a laminate backer sheet to the underside of each cutout with a contact adhesive. Clear backer sheets are normally used to balance the backside of laminate panels, and it adheres quickly and easily to nearly all smooth, dry surfaces with spray adhesive. Once applied, the backer sheet becomes a permanent part of the countertop, and it greatly increases its durability.

Kruger also says he uses this method to replace rodding sink cutouts, and he estimates it has saved him hundreds of hours in transport preparation every year.

SolidTops, LLC, was founded by Kruger more than 20 years ago, and he currently employs about 40 countertop specialists. The company works with a full range of surfaces, including granite, quartz, marble, solid surface, tile and other materials.

Read more of this Fabricator Profile here: How SolidTops Reinforces Countertops

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Fabricator Profile: Cutting Edge Stoneworks

Posted on 05 April 2016 by cradmin

BrittanicaKitchenEven though Cutting Edge Stoneworks is hidden in the back of a standard business park in Mooresville, N.C., with virtually no signage, the company remains a local success. What’s even more intriguing is the fact that owner Mike Giordano believes the company’s success is directly attributable to flying under the radar and not following the crowd.

Cutting Edge Stoneworks has done what many other fabricators are now shying away from, which is building a successful and profitable business by specializing in only one market segment: wholesale. Most of the company’s clients are commercial builders and remodelers, but a smaller portion are residential kitchen-and-bath dealers, remodelers and general contractors.

Giordano has 22 years of experience fabricating and installing countertops, and he founded Cutting Edge Stoneworks in 2007, right before the economy started its downward spiral. Giordano and his wife say they were able to grow a strong business at this time despite the recession because of their passion, attention to detail and emphasis on quality work and the success of their customers.

At the business park, Giordano operates a 15,000-sq.-ft. fabrication facility decked out with state-of-the-art technology, including a five-axis CNC saw, advanced router, waterjet cutter and an inline detail machine. At the same time, he employs skilled crafters who perform detailed work by hand on a full range of countertop materials.

Read more of this Fabricator Profile here: Cutting Edge Stoneworks

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