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Artisan Group Welcomes New Member: Granite Mountain Countertops

Posted on 09 November 2020 by cradmin3

Artisan Group has announced the addition of a new member to the group. Owned by Michael Howard, Granite Mountain Countertops operates two locations with nearly 30 employees in Bozeman and Billings, Montana.

Granite Mountain Countertops was originally part of a family business that included drywall, painting, tile, remodeling and general contracting and development. Howard bought his father and family out of the granite and tile division in 2013, becoming the sole owner.

The company is a full Park Industries Facility with the exception of a Baca Miter Saw. Howard’s vision is to grow the company to $10-15 million annual revenue in the next three to five years.

“We are excited for the opportunity to be a part of the Artisan Group and feel that we are a great match,” said Howard.

Artisan Group offers their own brands of premium countertops including: Metro Quartz, Artisan Stone Collection granite and marble, Saratoga Soapstone and Heritage Wood.

“We are strategically growing the group with premier fabricators in key cities,” said Jon Lancto, Artisan Group President. “The Artisan Group brands of stone and wood countertops span the United States and two Canadian provinces. We were the first group of our kind to unite the best countertop fabricators in the business, and have not waivered on our membership requirements. This ensures that homeowners always know they’re getting the best product possible when working with an Artisan Group member.”

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Artisan Group Intubation Box

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Artisan Group Members Manufacture Intubation Boxes to Help Fight COVID-19

Posted on 26 May 2020 by cradmin3

Artisan Group, a network of countertop fabrication professionals, announced its members are now manufacturing intubation box shields to protect ER medical professionals from COVID-19 when they intubate a patient. Members are providing these shields to hospitals at no cost. Thus far, 12 intubation box shields have been provided to hospitals and emergency rooms, and emergency doctors expect use of these boxes to become a standard practice going forward for any intubation.

Orders will be coordinated and provided by the Artisan Group member that is closest to the facility needing the shields. The intubation shields can be shipped flat in a box and are easily assembled onsite. For more information or to place an order, visit https://artisan-counters.com/artisan-group-intubation-shield-production/.

There is a GoFundMe page set up at https://www.gofundme.com/f/intubox if you would like to donate. So far $9,500 has been raised to offset production costs.

Artisan Group President, Jon Lancto commented, “We’re so proud of our members’ willingness to jump in and help with this cause. They are putting their manufacturing skills to work and we are grateful to be part of such a wonderful group of professionals.”

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Artisan Group New Website

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Artisan Group Launches New Website

Posted on 11 May 2020 by cradmin3

Artisan Group, a network of countertop fabrication professionals, announced that it has launched a new website at Artisan-Counters.com. The new site is focused on providing leads to its existing members, as well as attracting potential new members and vendors.

The new website features a modern design, information about each product category offered by members, a member locator and links to their websites, as well as information on joining the group. New imagery, text, and functionality create a better way to build the Artisan Group network, while effectively delivering its message to the intended audience.

Artisan Group President, Jon Lancto commented, “We’re delighted with the new website and thrilled to share it with the public. A redesign has been long overdue, and this refresh will make it easier for folks to find us online and engage with our group. The website is the first impression most people have of Artisan Group, so we’re excited to put our best foot forward.”

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Artisan Group Partners with The Home Trust International

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Artisan Group Partners with The Home Trust International

Posted on 20 March 2019 by cradmin

Artisan Group and The Home Trust International have partnered to promote luxury countertops to affluent consumers and design professionals. This collaboration simplifies a homeowner’s search for extraordinary design services and products. Member brands are carefully vetted to ensure the best experience in buying, building, renovating and shopping for a home.

The Home Trust International promises the very best for the home, across all categories, from large pieces of fine art or furniture to the smallest handmade object or detail. Available exclusively to firms that serve upscale homeowners, the partnership is a perfect match for Artisan Group, an elite network of independent countertop fabrication professionals, who prides themselves on their craftsmanship and customer service.

“Artisan Group has the range of products to serve the affluent market of The Home Trust, through its network of countertop fabricators,” said Jon Lancto, Executive Director, Artisan Group. “Our group members pride themselves on quality, being the first stone fabrication group in the world to have all members accredited by the Natural Stone Institute. This partnership is a great way for us to expand our reach with beautiful customized granite, marble, quartz, quartzite and soapstone countertops, bathroom vanities and other stone applications.”

The extensive network of Artisan Group members allows the organization to offer high quality stone surfaces, imported from sources around the globe. Utilizing the most technically advanced, automated shops in the industry, highly skilled craftsmen ensure that each and every installation meets exacting standards. Every countertop is custom-made according to exact specifications.

The Home Trust International is a by-invitation only organization, whose brand partners have been chosen very carefully. Its brand is recognized as the luxury standard for estate homes.

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StoneTalk Episode 40: Jon Lancto

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StoneTalk Episode 40: Jon Lancto

Posted on 21 June 2018 by CRadmin2

In this all-new episode of Moraware’s StoneTalk podcast, host Patrick Foley speaks with Jon Lancto of Artisan Group and the Marble Institute of America (MIA). Among the wide variety of topics discussed are the following:

  • Sharing best practices and buying power across companies
  • The trend toward paperless
  • A simple way to reconcile inventory
  • Ever increasing quality

Read the full transcript of this episode here: StoneTalk Episode 40 – Jon Lancto

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Artisan Group Welcomes New Members

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Artisan Group Welcomes New Members

Posted on 05 April 2018 by cradmin

Artisan Group has welcomed new members Summit Stone Works in Buda, Texas and True Blue in San Antonio and Austin, in addition to welcoming back previous member Lakeside Surfaces Inc, based in Western Michigan. The group offers their own brands of premium countertops including: Metro Quartz, Artisan Stone Collection granite and marble, Saratoga Soapstone and Heritage Wood.

Summit Stoneworks was formed in 2006 by two entrepreneur brothers building high-end custom homes in the Austin area, and is now owned by Sam Roberts and Brandon Self. With the acquisition of Designer Showroom and Summit’s rapid growth, it has 60 employees and 13 installation crews that serve the builder, commercial and residential sectors.

True Blue has been in business in San Antonio since 2007 and Austin since September 2017. Principals Tom Callahan and Eric Cole are focused on the business to business market with their customer base being predominantly designers and builders.

Established in 1992, Lakeside Surfaces Inc. is one of the largest fabricators of surfacing products in the Midwest. The company was founded by current President, Rob Riegler, who began as a certified Corian fabricator. By listening carefully to customers and business partners, Lakeside has been able to steadily increase service area and fabrication capabilities as the surfacing market has evolved.

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Artisan Group Takes Part in Shop Tour and Metrics Meeting

Posted on 17 November 2017 by cradmin

The second Artisan Group Annual Shop Tour & Meeting had all but five member companies represented, including new members Paxton Countertops and Bedrock Granite. Meetings for the attendees included a Predictive Synergistic System test, intense Metrics Program and Best Practices sharing.

The group began with a welcome dinner at Olive & Ivy Restaurant sponsored by Park Industries. Meetings were followed by golf at Talkingstick Golf Course and shooting at the Scottsdale Gun Club, both activities were sponsored by Braxton-Bragg. The winning golf foursome was: Brad Pearce of Front Range Stone, Jon Lancto of Artisan Group, Bill Hickey of Braxton-Bragg, and Nick Wadenstorer with Baca Systems. Alan Jorgensen with Bedrock Countertops won the sharp shooter award at the gun range. Another group took a tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright museum.

Dave and Becky Stockett, of Stockett Granite & Tile, hosted the entire group in their home for a dinner on Thursday. Sponsors for happy hour, dinner and transportation were Baca Systems, Architectural Granite & Marble and GMA Garnet.

The meeting ended with a shop tour of Stockett Tile & Granite, where members learned about the capacity, layout and growth plans for the company. Then, Artisan Group discussed best practices, the new PR co-op plan and the latest detailed metrics results.

The group’s 2018 Shop Tour will be hosted by Brad Pearce of Front Range Stone.

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Artisan Group Appoints New Executive Staff

Posted on 07 September 2017 by cradmin

Sunil Palakodati

Sunil Palakodati

Artisan Group announced two important changes to its executive team. Sunil Palakodati has replaced Chad Seiders as Executive Director, and Jon Lancto will fill the newly created role of President. Both appointees possess an intimate understanding of the Artisan Group’s vision and goals, and will serve to strengthen the organization’s leadership.

Mr. Palakodati is currently the CEO of Architectural Granite & Marble, where he is responsible for all aspects of the multi-location countertop distribution company. Previously, he served as EVP and Managing Director for Masco. His business development and operational expertise will be invaluable to Artisan Group as it maintains its status as a network of independent countertop professionals.

Jon Lancto is a stone industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience in the countertop fabrication and installation business. He has served as an Artisan Group board member, is the founding President of ISFA (International Surface Fabricators Association), and is currently the President of MIA (Marble Institute of America).

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Fabricator Profile: Solid Surfaces Inc. Stays on the Cutting Edge

Posted on 27 January 2017 by cradmin

Screen-Shot-2016-01-12-at-8.17.12-AMSolid Surfaces Inc. was one of the first solid-surface fabricators to automate its shop, and the company takes pride in staying on the cutting edge of surface materials and fabrication processes. After updating the business’s software, Mitch Makowski, president of Solid Surfaces Inc., found that he and his team could communicate more efficiently, which streamlined the entire fabrication process.

To keep Solid Surfaces Inc. at the forefront of technology, the company formed a partnership with DuPont to field test new processes for fabricators, and the technicians at Solid Surfaces have been able to provide feedback that has helped shape and refine these techniques.

For the last 30 years, Solid Surfaces Inc. has been headquartered in Rochester, N.Y., and today, the original shop is accompanied by a sister facility in Buffalo with a separate division, Florida Surfaces LLC, located in Orlando. The company is accredited by the Marble Institute of America (MIA) and is a member of The Artisan Group.

Read more of this Fabricator Profile here: Solid Surfaces Inc. – Customer Profile

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Artisan Group Launches Aventine Quartz Line

Posted on 08 June 2016 by cradmin

Artisan group Aventine QuartzArtisan Group, a North American group of 35 countertop fabricators, launched its exclusive Aventine Quartz line with 23 colors. The color palette is contemporary with whites such as Luxe, Glacial and Titanium White; grays like Concrete, Graphite and Sage Honed; and veined marbles like Calacatta Aventine, Toffee and Vogue. Aventine joins the group’s offerings of Artisan Stone Collection granite and marble, Saratoga Soapstone and Heritage Wood countertops.

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