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CHUAC Complexo Hospitalario Universitario A Coruña

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ISFA Launches Safe Solid Surface Education Initiative

Posted on 27 August 2020 by cradmin3

The International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA), an independent, not-for-profit trade association made up of companies that work with all surfacing materials, launched its Safe Solid Surface campaign. The idea behind the educational initiative is to help make architects, designers, healthcare facility planners, consumers and all other surfacing specifiers aware of the safe, clean and hygienic properties of solid surface during this time when cleanliness is so critical to our health.

An article outlining the extensive reasons this material is a strong fit for those wanting to help ensure safe, quality materials are used in healthcare applications, commercial kitchens, the hospitality industry and even residential kitchen and bath applications has been put together by ISFA, the only non-profit association that focuses on all premium countertop and surfacing materials. Both a more in-depth article version and briefer article version can be downloaded and freely disseminated.

Outlines of the benefits of solid surface, including its hygienic and health-promoting properties, versatility, safety certifications and ease of maintenance, among others, along with a variety of photos are available on the ISFA website at and also on the blog at, a well-known website that provides education and other services regarding the solid surface product.

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HDI Introduces DesignOneSource

Posted on 26 August 2020 by cradmin3

Hardwoods Distribution Inc. (HDI) has introduced its new specification division, DesignOneSource. The new division is organized to provide architects and designers seamless specification support for decorative surface materials across North America by aligning leading global suppliers and front-of-trend interior decor products that adhere to the highest environmental standards. Supported by a vast internal information network, providing instant access to design inspiration, trend insight, vendor coordination, training and technical product support; DesignOneSource can provide the results needed to help succeed through this challenging time.

The DesignOneSource specification team includes 15 experienced industry professionals, combined with an extensive product offering supplied by 66 distribution centers. The easily navigable, and highly informative website,, offers project imagery, documents, tools and numerous support services.

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Cambria Collaborates With Gensler to Launch Coordinates Collection

Posted on 25 August 2020 by cradmin3

Cambria, an American-made, family-owned producer of natural quartz surfaces, along with integrated architecture, design, planning and consulting firm Gensler launched The Coordinates Collection by Cambria this summer.

The collection consists of 14 high-performing quartz designs suitable for both commercial and residential applications. The new colors were designed to coordinate effortlessly together and were created around the Natural Color System (NCS), a scientifically based color system that allows for accurate cross-industrial color communication for designers, manufacturers, retailers and customers. This color system is a global standard for definition, quality assurance and communication of color.

The result of a two-year design, research and development process, the designs were created to work together or on their own, and coordinate in many different ways including tone and texture. The tones match and coordinate, since they are all rooted in the NCS.

The collection draws from six different NCS colors which represent two shades of white; three shades of light, medium, and dark charcoal gray; and one shade of black. The NCS is used widely by specifiers and the A&D community, enabling the colors to coordinate with other specified building materials. This makes it easy to work The Coordinates Collection into design projects. The collection textures range from smooth and rugged concrete looks, to terrazzo-inspired designs, to designs with organic veining.

All designs will be available in Cambria’s Matte finish, which features a smooth, silky touch and no reflectivity, as well as in Cambria’s high-gloss finish. Cambria Matte offers an alternative finish style. The Coordinates Collection will be available in a variety of edge profiles in 1 cm., 2 cm., and 3 cm. thicknesses and jumbo slabs (132-in. x 65.5-in.). All designs will also be available as wall and floor tiles.

Cambria worked hand in hand with the Gensler team to create a collection just as beautiful as it is functional with designs that fit seamlessly into heavily trafficked environments. The products are 100 percent nonabsorbent to prohibit liquid and bacteria from penetrating the surface. The material is scratch- and stain-resistant, maintenance free from sealing or reconditioning, and backed by a transferable Full Lifetime Warranty.

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Wilsonart Quartz Set 3_Shot 7

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Wilsonart Presents 2020 Quartz Collection

Posted on 24 August 2020 by cradmin3

Now, more than ever before, spaces need to be a sanctuary for peace, calm and serenity. That is the bold promise of Wilsonart’s 2020 Quartz Collection.

The Wilsonart® Quartz Collection celebrates nature-inspired colors and contours. From the shape of clouds to the urban feel of concrete to vistas and natural wonders, each is designed to take one’s spirit on a journey.

2020 New Arrivals

Bodega: With a contemporary urban feel, Bodega creates an intriguing industrial look. Its fine-scale particulate and warm mid-tone grey strike the perfect balance of raw and refined.

Oberlin: With large-scale black and brown-black particulates, Oberlin evokes the jagged, rocky edges of Montana’s majestic Mount Oberlin.

Galera: A classic black and white large-scale terrazzo composition, created to transport you to the white and grainy dark beach sands of the Puerto Galera in the northern Philippines.

Karekare: This extra-large terrazzo design features translucent particulates and varying earth tones, bringing a natural vibrancy to homes. 

Trail Ridge: A quartz countertop design that is the perfect starting point for personalization, with a two-toned grey background and light short veins throughout. 

Desert View: Inspired by the amazing Grand Canyon desert, featuring a two-toned warm grey background and subtle short white veins throughout.

Hanola Grey: Inspired by the rocks of Oahu, Hawaii, this peaceful design is two-toned dark grey with undertones of brown. Wispy white veins evoke a sense of water with glistening waves. 

Hamoa: Hamoa is a quartz countertop design inspired by beautiful neutrals found at Hamoa Beach in Maui. With a warm grey background and swirling white veins throughout, Hamoa calls to mind that sunny day on the island beach.

Svalbard: As the world’s northernmost inhabited area, Svalbard is the perfect getaway to experience the magic of the Northern Lights. Svalbard is a bright white quartz countertop design with cool charcoal grey veins.

Tivoli Grey: Tivoli is a small historic town in Italy surrounded by gardens. The light warm grey and short and subtle brown-grey veins of this quartz are designed to transport and transcend.

Clouds Rest: Inspired by low-altitude nimbus clouds this design brings unique contour and softness through a white and grey background that is accentuated by darker grey veining.

Traiano: The muse was the portico-lined piazza found in the ancient imperial town of Foro di Traiano. The white background and warm charcoal veins will add a subtle sense of old world history.

Capogrossi: Intersecting veins in charcoals and browns create a sophisticated fractured look that is bold and captivating. Set on a warm white backdrop, Capogrossi will add warmth and intrigue to any space. 

River Glen: River Glen recalls imagery of a narrow valley traversed by delicate, natural water features. This quartz design will add a crisp, dramatic sense of movement to your interior design. 

Madeira Beach: Inspired both by the sands and celebratory character of the Florida beach. With its warm white background and contrasting but subtle grey veins, Madeira Beach adds a distinguished spirit of joy.

Logan Pass: Logan Pass evokes the feeling of an unending beauty found in Glacier National Park. The two-tone grey quartz design is slightly translucent, with long, wispy, cool-white veins.

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Video: "Designing Your Covid Life"

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Video: “Designing Your Covid Life”

Posted on 21 August 2020 by cradmin3

In their book Designing Your Work Life, Bill Burnett, Executive Director of the Design Program at Stanford, and Dave Evans, Lecturer, Product Design Program at Stanford, Management Consultant and co-founder of Electronic Arts, discuss how design thinking can help transform our present job and our experience of work by utilizing the designer mindsets to create a life that is both meaningful and fulfilling.

In these unprecedented times, full of uncertainty and anxiety, the authors have modified their program to help navigate the issues created by the ongoing pandemic and present us with a series of six videos called “Designing Your Covid Life.”

Burnett and Evans discuss how a Life Design toolkit can be adapted for our unique circumstances. In this first video of the series, “Generative Acceptance” is presented as the first step.

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chromalok logo

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ChromaLok Adhesives Welcomes Industry Veteran Ray Aleksic

Posted on 20 August 2020 by cradmin3

ChromaLok Adhesives has recently added seasoned industry veteran Ray Aleksic to its team. Aleksic has been a part of the solid surfacing industry since 1985.

Aleksic has worked in every part of the surfacing industry, including sheet-manufacturing, fabrication, distribution, and particularly relevant to his new position, adhesives. In his new role, he will help the company’s customers by sharing his knowledge, experience and expertise.

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CaraGreen Durat Baltic_Sea

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CaraGreen Offers New Durat Colors

Posted on 19 August 2020 by cradmin3

CaraGreen, a distributor eco-friendly products as healthier alternatives to conventional building materials, has added to its offering of Durat solid surface products.

As part of their continued commitment to sustainability, Durat has joined forces with the John Nurminen Foundation for the clean Baltic Sea. During 2020-2021, 10 percent of the sales of the new marine-inspired color, “Baltic Sea”, will go to support the Foundation’s Clean Baltic Sea projects. The colorful blue speckles that dot the gray base of this colorway are particles of recycled Durat, further demonstrating the company’s environmental ethos.

In addition, CaraGreen is now offering the recently launched Durat Solids collection. This collection of ultra-saturated pigmented colorways was created in response to a demand for a solid surface without aggregate.

Durat is a seamless material, making it easy to clean and ideal for kitchens, healthcare settings and commercial projects.

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OSHA National Stand-Down

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7th Annual National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls Rescheduled

Posted on 18 August 2020 by cradmin3

The 7th Annual National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls had been postponed and has now been rescheduled for the week of September 14-18.

Fatalities caused by falls from elevation continue to be a leading cause of death for construction employees. The National Safety Stand-Down raises fall hazard awareness across the country in an effort to stop fall fatalities and injuries.

A Safety Stand-Down is a voluntary event for employers to talk directly to employees about safety. Any workplace can hold a stand-down by taking a break to focus on fall hazards and reinforcing the importance of fall prevention. Employers of companies not exposed to fall hazards, can also use this opportunity to have a conversation with employees about the other job hazards they face, protective methods, and the company’s safety policies and goals. It can also be an opportunity for employees to talk to management about fall and other job hazards they see.

Companies can conduct a Safety Stand-Down by taking a break to have a toolbox talk or another safety activity such as conducting safety equipment inspections, developing rescue plans or discussing job specific hazards. Managers are encouraged to plan a stand-down that works best for their workplace anytime. See Suggestions to Prepare for a Successful “Stand-Down” and Highlights from the Past Stand-Downs. OSHA also hosts an  Events page with events that are free and open to the public to help employers and employees find events in your area.

Employers will be able to provide feedback about their Stand-Down and download a Certificate of Participation following the Stand-Down. The certificate pages will be active on September 14, 2020, for employers to enter their information and print their certificate. Share your Stand-Down story on social media with the hashtag #StandDown4Safety.

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Dekton Kitchen - Laurent

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Cosentino Expands Dekton Slim Offering

Posted on 14 August 2020 by cradmin3

Cosentino announced an expanded color offering for Dekton Slim, the large format surface with an ultra-thin 4-mm thickness, which includes four hues from the celebrated Dekton 2020 Collection and the Natural Collection.

The new colors include Helena, Laurent and Rem from the recently launched Dekton 2020 Collection, and Aura15, a luminary from the Natural Collection. These latest additions bring the Dekton Slim offering to a total of 20 contemporary colors, further expanding the potential applications for the material.

At half the thickness of the thinnest slab the brand previously offered, Dekton Slim offers new solutions for projects demanding high-performance, while boasting easy installation in an array of applications: Furniture, cabinetry doors and drawers, backsplashes, wall cladding and more.

The new introductions include:

  • Dekton Aura15 features a striking white background with dark veins, inspired by Calacatta and Carrara marbles.
  • Dekton Helena has a translucent appearance of white and grey hues and is inspired by onyx natural stone.
  • Dekton Laurent (pictured above) is inspired by the natural stone Port Laurent. The striking colorway features a dramatic dark brown background crisscrossed with veins of gold.
  • Dekton Rem resembles one of the most elegant white marbles in the market, thanks to the minimalist design of its brown and grey veins with gold touches, its austerity and linear structure of the Calacatta Lincoln is boosted.

Created from a sophisticated blend of raw materials from glass, quartz and porcelain, Dekton has a high resistance to UV rays, scratches, stains and thermal shock. It can be quickly cleaned with a damp cloth and soap, and no sealing is required. Its large format (3,200 mm x 1,440 mm) covers sizable surfaces, reducing the number of joints needed.

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EverCommerce Releases Q1/Q2 2020 Market Report

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EverCommerce Releases Q1/Q2 2020 Market Report

Posted on 13 August 2020 by cradmin3

At the end of July, MarketSharp, a leading software company for contractors and Remodelers, announced that its parent company had just released the first semi-annual market-trend report for 2020. That parent company is EverCommerce, which provides business management tools, customer retention solutions and marketing information to more than 200,000 service businesses around the world.

According to the report, the market for U.S. home services is not as volatile as it would seem after the global COVID-19 pandemic and a National Emergency that was declared on March 13. In the first quarter, before the emergency was declared and stay-at-home issues were ordered in many states, the combined market grew by 68 percent over the same period in 2019. However, after the pandemic hit, the same market dropped by an astounding 75 percent in only three weeks.

In May, however, the market began to look up again, especially in the realm of exterior services. Interior services and remodeling jobs remained severely impacted at this time as people were uncertain about how to remain safe with contractors working inside their homes. This has not stopped a great number of homeowners to declare that they still intend to have remodeling work performed before the end of the year.

Other than the advent of new technologies in the sector to connect companies with contractors and customers, such as virtual consultations and estimates performed by drones, EverCommerce declared that it had uncovered three trends that have created a new “normal” in the market:

  1. After individuals were confined to their homes for several months, 70 to 75 percent of homeowners said they would complete a renovation project by the end of 2020. Among the top renovations being planned is upgraded kitchens.
  2. The top spenders for home renovations are millennials because of their tendency to buy older homes.
  3. Exteriors gathering spaces are becoming more popular in a phenomenon dubbed as “porching”. Outside spaces have been deemed safer than inside spaces for socializing with friends, family and neighbors.

Following are several other findings uncovered in the report titled U.S. Home Services Consumer Demand: Trends and Insights Q1/Q2 2020 Report:

  • Overall, demand for home services began climbing again in April, with May hitting an all-time high for the year.
  • Although there were double-digit declines after March, May saw a double-digit recovery.
  • In May and June, demand for interior and renovation services were higher than the same months in 2019.
  • Kitchen services were impacted the most by the pandemic as many states declared these renovations non-essential.
  • Regional differences in the recovery of home services varied widely.

The report signs off by stating that although the construction industries were impacted to a lesser degree than other industries, forecasting for the second half of the year will be difficult.

To download the full report, you will have to give your name, company name and email address, but you can get it here: U.S. Home Services Consumer Demand: Trends and Insights Q1/Q2 2020.

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