Wilsonart Presents 2020 Quartz Collection

Now, more than ever before, spaces need to be a sanctuary for peace, calm and serenity. That is the bold promise of Wilsonart’s 2020 Quartz Collection.

The Wilsonart® Quartz Collection celebrates nature-inspired colors and contours. From the shape of clouds to the urban feel of concrete to vistas and natural wonders, each is designed to take one’s spirit on a journey.

2020 New Arrivals

Bodega: With a contemporary urban feel, Bodega creates an intriguing industrial look. Its fine-scale particulate and warm mid-tone grey strike the perfect balance of raw and refined.

Oberlin: With large-scale black and brown-black particulates, Oberlin evokes the jagged, rocky edges of Montana’s majestic Mount Oberlin.

Galera: A classic black and white large-scale terrazzo composition, created to transport you to the white and grainy dark beach sands of the Puerto Galera in the northern Philippines.

Karekare: This extra-large terrazzo design features translucent particulates and varying earth tones, bringing a natural vibrancy to homes. 

Trail Ridge: A quartz countertop design that is the perfect starting point for personalization, with a two-toned grey background and light short veins throughout. 

Desert View: Inspired by the amazing Grand Canyon desert, featuring a two-toned warm grey background and subtle short white veins throughout.

Hanola Grey: Inspired by the rocks of Oahu, Hawaii, this peaceful design is two-toned dark grey with undertones of brown. Wispy white veins evoke a sense of water with glistening waves. 

Hamoa: Hamoa is a quartz countertop design inspired by beautiful neutrals found at Hamoa Beach in Maui. With a warm grey background and swirling white veins throughout, Hamoa calls to mind that sunny day on the island beach.

Svalbard: As the world’s northernmost inhabited area, Svalbard is the perfect getaway to experience the magic of the Northern Lights. Svalbard is a bright white quartz countertop design with cool charcoal grey veins.

Tivoli Grey: Tivoli is a small historic town in Italy surrounded by gardens. The light warm grey and short and subtle brown-grey veins of this quartz are designed to transport and transcend.

Clouds Rest: Inspired by low-altitude nimbus clouds this design brings unique contour and softness through a white and grey background that is accentuated by darker grey veining.

Traiano: The muse was the portico-lined piazza found in the ancient imperial town of Foro di Traiano. The white background and warm charcoal veins will add a subtle sense of old world history.

Capogrossi: Intersecting veins in charcoals and browns create a sophisticated fractured look that is bold and captivating. Set on a warm white backdrop, Capogrossi will add warmth and intrigue to any space. 

River Glen: River Glen recalls imagery of a narrow valley traversed by delicate, natural water features. This quartz design will add a crisp, dramatic sense of movement to your interior design. 

Madeira Beach: Inspired both by the sands and celebratory character of the Florida beach. With its warm white background and contrasting but subtle grey veins, Madeira Beach adds a distinguished spirit of joy.

Logan Pass: Logan Pass evokes the feeling of an unending beauty found in Glacier National Park. The two-tone grey quartz design is slightly translucent, with long, wispy, cool-white veins.

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