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EverCommerce Releases Q1/Q2 2020 Market Report

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EverCommerce Releases Q1/Q2 2020 Market Report

Posted on 13 August 2020 by cradmin3

At the end of July, MarketSharp, a leading software company for contractors and Remodelers, announced that its parent company had just released the first semi-annual market-trend report for 2020. That parent company is EverCommerce, which provides business management tools, customer retention solutions and marketing information to more than 200,000 service businesses around the world.

According to the report, the market for U.S. home services is not as volatile as it would seem after the global COVID-19 pandemic and a National Emergency that was declared on March 13. In the first quarter, before the emergency was declared and stay-at-home issues were ordered in many states, the combined market grew by 68 percent over the same period in 2019. However, after the pandemic hit, the same market dropped by an astounding 75 percent in only three weeks.

In May, however, the market began to look up again, especially in the realm of exterior services. Interior services and remodeling jobs remained severely impacted at this time as people were uncertain about how to remain safe with contractors working inside their homes. This has not stopped a great number of homeowners to declare that they still intend to have remodeling work performed before the end of the year.

Other than the advent of new technologies in the sector to connect companies with contractors and customers, such as virtual consultations and estimates performed by drones, EverCommerce declared that it had uncovered three trends that have created a new “normal” in the market:

  1. After individuals were confined to their homes for several months, 70 to 75 percent of homeowners said they would complete a renovation project by the end of 2020. Among the top renovations being planned is upgraded kitchens.
  2. The top spenders for home renovations are millennials because of their tendency to buy older homes.
  3. Exteriors gathering spaces are becoming more popular in a phenomenon dubbed as “porching”. Outside spaces have been deemed safer than inside spaces for socializing with friends, family and neighbors.

Following are several other findings uncovered in the report titled U.S. Home Services Consumer Demand: Trends and Insights Q1/Q2 2020 Report:

  • Overall, demand for home services began climbing again in April, with May hitting an all-time high for the year.
  • Although there were double-digit declines after March, May saw a double-digit recovery.
  • In May and June, demand for interior and renovation services were higher than the same months in 2019.
  • Kitchen services were impacted the most by the pandemic as many states declared these renovations non-essential.
  • Regional differences in the recovery of home services varied widely.

The report signs off by stating that although the construction industries were impacted to a lesser degree than other industries, forecasting for the second half of the year will be difficult.

To download the full report, you will have to give your name, company name and email address, but you can get it here: U.S. Home Services Consumer Demand: Trends and Insights Q1/Q2 2020.

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A Look at Oregon’s New Kitchen Trends

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A Look at Oregon’s New Kitchen Trends

Posted on 16 January 2020 by CRadmin2

Being headquartered in Portland, Ore., we here at CountertopResource.com keep a close eye on the latest news in the state that affects countertop trends and countertop fabricators. We know that while Oregon fabricators are only a fraction of our total readership, but we also understand that what goes in one state often goes for many others, especially the ones surrounding the source of the news.

Earlier in January, The Oregonian published an article that takes a look at home design trends for 2020. The information provided was based on consultations and interviews with representatives of Neil Kelly Design-Build in Portland and the House Plan Company in Eugene.

Among the latest findings are that homeowners are looking at livability, environmentally friendly materials and splashes of color rather than the blacks and whites that have recently been so prevalent.

“2020 is a new beginning, and many people feel inspired to update their homes,” said Barbara Miller, design director at Neil Kelly. “Trends and predictions provide a starting point, but we recommend a realistic and thoughtful approach when considering design for your individual home.”

In the livability category, it seems like we will be looking at large, open spaces that can easily be rearranged or redesigned in the future, depending on the changing needs of the homeowner. While many are looking at smaller-sized homes for new construction, the average footprint of a new house is still slightly more than 2,000 sq. ft.

When it comes to color, Neil Kelly’s clients want bold accents and warm textures. Some clients are also being influenced by traditional Pacific Northwest and Asian designs with repurposed wood or artisan tile.

In the kitchen, colorful appliances are taking over, but matte black and graphite remain popular. Kitchen islands are expected to be long and up to 5 ft. in width, which allows for friends and families to gather while meals are being prepared. These large islands are also great for children doing homework and completing projects with enough space left over for everyone to charge their phones and other electronic devices.

Rather than walk-in pantries, customers are demanding concealed prep spaces that include additional countertop space. In addition, breakfast nooks and bars are predicted become increasingly popular and will come in a range of shapes and sizes. Along with a range of sizes, newly styled countertops made from eco-friendly materials that mimic quartz or that have antimicrobial properties will be high in demand.

Next month, we will take a closer look at kitchen and countertop trends from around the country, and we look forward to delivering our findings from a range of respected sources.

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