Cambria Introduces Six New Designs

Cambria introduced six new additions to its iconic quartz design palette. The new designs are fueled by Cambria’s proprietary technology and techniques, and transcend the existing palette to further expand its innovative quartz surface collection. The three new WINDSOR™ designs include Windsor Brass™, Windsor Steel Satin Ridge™ and Windsor Brass … Read more

Cambria Introduces Three New Quartz Designs

Cambria has introduced three new innovative quartz designs—Harlow™, Brittanicca Gold Cool™ and Hailey™—to the marketplace. Full slabs of each design can be viewed at Cambria’s eight gallery locations or 22 sales and distribution centers across the country. The new design launch is accompanied by events at industry showrooms and galleries … Read more

Cambria Launches Six New Designs – Four With Alloy Veining

Cambria has launched six new innovative quartz surfacing designs including four designs with never-before-seen alloy veining. With flowing gilded veining and a cool white, marbled background, the designs within the Berkshire Brass family capture the best of modern and timeless beauty. The veining will develop a patina over time—a quality … Read more

U.S. Customs & Border Protection Announces Final Affirmative Determination of Antidumping & Countervailing Duty Evasion

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (Customs) has determined the existence of a wide-ranging illegal evasion scheme by a network of Chinese producers, international logistics companies, Malaysian companies, and U.S. importers all working together to evade the antidumping and countervailing duty (AD/CVD) orders on quartz surface products from China. As a … Read more

Cambria Introduces Seascape-Inspired Designs

Cambria, a producer of American-made quartz surfaces, has launched four new designs for residential and commercial applications, adding to its existing iconic palette. Following design launches in January and April, Cambria’s latest introduction brings the total to seven new designs in 2022 with additional launches planned for the remainder of … Read more

Cambria Adds Three New Quartz Designs

Cambria, a producer of American-made quartz surfaces, announced the addition of three new designs to its existing palette. Revealed at the 2022 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), the new designs are full of contrasts in texture and color, and offer sophisticated options for designers and builders to bring into … Read more

Cambria Introduces Inverness Collection

Cambria, a Minnesota-based, family-owned manufacturer of quartz surfaces, recently released its newest collection of designs. The Inverness™ designs feature innovative technology and gently textured debossing throughout the veining. The four new designs in the collection are inspired by forces of nature that change the landscape. Featuring debossed veining and gently … Read more

Cambria Launches New Quartz Designs

The latest design launch from Cambria added four new quartz surface designs. The new designs combine warm base colors with bold, shimmering veins. Defined by dynamic earth tones, rich burgundies, and sophisticated grays, these new designs demonstrate the enduring beauty that newfound energy can create. According to the manufacturer, these … Read more

Cambria & Cosentino Settle Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Cambria Company LLC and Cosentino Group, both leading producers of quartz surfaces, announced that they settled a patent infringement lawsuit filed by Cambria. In September 2020, Cambria filed a patent infringement lawsuit seeking damages and an injunction to stop the sale of products infringing Cambria´s patented technology with regard to … Read more

Cambria Adds New Designs, New Finish

Cambria, a manufacturer of American-made quartz surfaces, has introduced four new designs and one finish. According to the company the new additions were designed to evoke journeys made, moments lived and memories created. These new designs incorporate Cambria’s characteristic details: cool whites warmed by honey or complemented by gray, textured … Read more