Cambria Introduces Three New Quartz Designs

Cambria has introduced three new innovative quartz designs—Harlow™, Brittanicca Gold Cool™ and Hailey™—to the marketplace.

Full slabs of each design can be viewed at Cambria’s eight gallery locations or 22 sales and distribution centers across the country. The new design launch is accompanied by events at industry showrooms and galleries including multiple locations in Minnesota, as well as Cleveland, Omaha, Los Angeles, Seattle and Dallas.

HARLOW™, inspired by the warm notes of chocolate brown, maintains an overall light and bright feel. It has a fully saturated, full coverage undulating veining structure that presents bold to soft gradation. The dark, warm brown is a trend that has been tracking since 2022 and is translating all over the US in different applications.

BRITTANICCA GOLD COOL™ is flowing with multihued streams of copper gold and translucent greige that course through the grand design. Accompanied by wisps
and ribbons of warm earth tones against a crisp, cool background, the design has the flexibility to go cool or warm and complements Cambria’s luxurious BRITTANICCA™ DESIGNS. Set against a stark background, its veining is one of the biggest colors of the year.

HAILEY™ has an aubergine colorway, a trending hue that can work with both warm and cool tones. Its sweeping movement represents digital escapism and wellness, as well as a feeling of serenity. The design allows for nontraditional pairings in a space but also can establish a neutral environment.

All three new designs are available in both high gloss and Cambria Matte® finishes and are available in Jumbo slab size: 132in x 65.5in (335cm x 166cm). They come in 2cm and 3cm thicknesses.

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