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Island Stone Introduces Textured Movement Surface

Posted on 27 July 2020 by cradmin3

Cascade Collection glass tiles from Island Stone combine classic shapes with a textured finish to create subtle movement on the surface that mimics water. A dynamic alternative to matte- or gloss-finish glass tile, the custom engineered texture offers a compelling visual that is modern and fresh. The aesthetic is ideal for creating a retreat-like vibe on shower walls, kitchen backsplashes, interior and exterior accent walls, and more.

The tiles come in six nature-inspired colors—Midnight; Mojave; Oceania; Pure Silk; Stratos; and Tule. The hues coordinate with Island Stone’s Glass Essentials line, allowing designers to easily mix and match the tiles along the wall and around the room. Three patterns are available: 1” x 2” Straight Set mosaic; 2” x 8” field tile; and 6” x 12” field tile.

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ISFA Nancy Busch

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ISFA Names Nancy Busch New Executive Director

Posted on 23 July 2020 by cradmin3

Nancy Busch was recently hired to serve as the Executive Director of the International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA). She officially begins her role on August 3.

Previously, Busch was a Sales Manager for Willis Supply, a North American distributor of world-class building materials including Corian® Solid Surface, Corian® Quartz, Arpa High Pressure Laminate, FENIX NTM®, FENIX NTA® and Artisan sinks. She managed a sales team that covered the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Hawaii, earning several awards during her tenure. She has also been involved with the Architectural Woodworking Institute’s Washington Chapter, was a past Co-Chair of Programs for the Puget Sound Chapter of the NKBA.

“Nancy has real-world experience with the products and processes used by our members,” said ISFA President Augie Chavez. “She is a real champion for the industry, is enthusiastic and has expressed great interest in serving our membership further advancing the goals of the association. The ISFA Board of Directors is confident that she will perform well in the role.”

Having worked 14 years at Willis Supply, with increasingly larger and more diverse responsibilities, Busch has proven herself as a go-getter with a well-established knowledge base. Prior to her work with Willis, she was an independent kitchen & bath designer, earning an NKBA Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer (AKBD) certification. She also studied fine art and design at Pacific Lutheran University after earning an Associates of Arts & Science degree at Pierce College.

Busch accepted the position that was recently vacated by Amy Miller who served in the role since 2017 and left to become CEO of a charitable organization in her home town in Ohio. “Amy did an amazing job during her time as ISFA Director,” added Chavez. “We wish her the best and she has gracefully agreed to help Nancy transition into the Executive Director position.”

“I’m excited to begin my work with ISFA and carry on the advancements it has made over the past several years,” said Busch. “I believe my background in distribution will allow me to roll up my sleeves and quickly get involved in serving the organization and its members.”

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Cosentino Silestone Et.-DOr-Et.-Bella-and-Polaris-1-1

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Cosentino Introduces New Silestone Colors

Posted on 22 July 2020 by cradmin3

Silestone by Cosentino has introduced three new colors: Et. Bella, Et. D´Or and Polaris. The new hues offer a modern, reinvented take on some of the most sought-after marbles and stones, coupled with the latest technological advancements only Silestone can offer.

Following the introduction of the Silestone Eternal Series in 2017 and its expansion in 2018 and 2019, Cosentino has added to the series with Silestone Et D’Or and Silestone Et Bella. The Eternal series is the first in Silestone’s offering to have veining and highlights run completely through the material, including the edges, resulting in an even more natural appearance. The two new hues bring the collection to a total of 12 colorways.

Silestone Et D’Or (left) features soft golden veins across a bright white background fit for the most elegant spaces and is inspired by the prominent and long-lasting marble trend. Silestone Et Bella (middle) combines the elegance and warmth of natural stone featuring grey veins and white hues, with a versatile, dramatic look for both classic and contemporary design.

Polaris (right), which features white veins that subtly contrast a darker gray background, joins the new Silestone Artika Series. Inspired by onyx and quartzite materials, the new series will feature natural stone looks with high translucence and purity. The new innovative hue, Polaris, presents a 3D effect and is partially translucent, which allows the color to glow when backlit.

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NSI tucker-award

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Natural Stone Institute Announces 2020 Tucker Design Award Recipients

Posted on 21 July 2020 by cradmin3

The twelve winning projects of the 2020 Tucker Design Awards will be celebrated during a virtual ceremony on August 18 at 11am. The 2020 Bybee Prize recipient will also be announced during this virtual celebration.

The 2020 Tucker Design Award recipients are:

Eric Inman Daum, LLC
Boch Garden Pavilion
Norwood, Massachusetts

Valode & Pistre
Grande Arche de la Défense
Paris, France

Royal Alberta Museum
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Eric Eggemeyer
Eggemeyer’s General Store
San Angelo, Texas

Place Vauquelin
Montreal, Quebec Canada

Liederbach & Graham Architects
An American House
Hinsdale, Illinois

McCrery Architects, LLC
Sacred Heart Cathedral
Knoxville, Tennessee

Meyer & Meyer
Archangel Estate
Brookline, Massachusetts

Sculpture Park & Bosque at 1775 Tysons Boulevard
McLean, Virginia

Scott L. Aker, AIA
June 5th Memorial Park
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

MdeAS Architects
645 Fifth Avenue, Olympic Tower
New York, New York

FFKR Architects
Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jurors for the 2020 Tucker Design Awards were Bob Mortensen (Mortensen Associates), Renae Kwon (Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates), and Julia Manglitz (TreanorHL).

The biennial Tucker Design Awards competition, which began in 1977, honors members of the design community who exhibit innovation and excellence in the use of natural stone. The Bybee Prize, named in honor of the late James Daniel Bybee (past president of the Building Stone Institute and former president of Bybee Stone Company), is awarded to an individual architect or landscape architect for a body of work executed over time and distinguished by outstanding design and use of natural stone.

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Princeton Chemical Company Presents Join.It™- Premium Surfacing Adhesive

Posted on 20 July 2020 by cradmin3

Princeton Chemical Company is now offering its flagship product Join.It™
direct to fabricators in the surfacing industry. Join.It™ is proudly manufactured in the USA.

Each Join.It™ glue match has been assigned a Match Grade, making it easy to select the color you want and eliminate waste. Using Join.It’s™ match grade can drastically reduce the number of colors needed in fabrication and the reduced inventory results in lower overall costs and increased profits.

Join.It is a methacrylate-based adhesive that produces strong, durable bonds for solid surfaces, quartz, natural stones, ceramic & sintered materials and a wide range of other surfaces. It is made for professional use in seaming countertops, backsplashes, wall panels, integral sinks and bowls, and on trend designs to satisfy today’s discriminating consumers.

The 10:1 adhesive is packaged in 250ml cartridges for ease of use and for the confidence in consistently dispensing the right proportional mix.

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BB Industries

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Braxton-Bragg Changes Name to BB Industries, LLC

Posted on 16 July 2020 by cradmin3

Braxton-Bragg, one of the most respected distributors in the stone industry for the past 26 years, has changed its name to BB Industries (BBI), to reflect the company’s explosive growth in people, products and partnerships.  

“As our company has grown and evolved to the point where we are nearly unrecognizable, so now it is time to mirror that change in our name,” said CEO Rick Stimac. “We have added some of the most experienced sales consultants in the industry to our team, brought thousands of premium products to our offering, as well as partnered with top industry brands. This massive growth and transformation warrants a name that matches our innovation. We are committed to being the best product supplier and a true partner in the stone industry.”

BBI represents the company’s tagline of Better Service, Better Value, as well as adds industry to symbolize the group’s larger footprint.

“Nothing is changing but our name and our growth objectives,” added Stimac. “We have been very strategic with our company growth since I took the helm three years ago, and have reconstructed our organization in nearly every aspect from staff to offering. BBI will not waver from our total dedication to world class service, top-of-the-line products, industry education, expanded CNC offering and the industry’s only 30-day money-back guarantee. We feel the BBI image represents our 26 years of experience, while embracing all of our changes, and striving to meet our new objectives.”

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Business Sense July 2020

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Business Sense: Do Countertop Fabricators Really Need Scheduling Software?

Posted on 15 July 2020 by cradmin3

By Katherine Gifford of Moraware

If you’re not using scheduling software, what are you currently using to organize your fabrication schedule? A magnetic board, a whiteboard, maybe a color-coded Google Calendar?

Second question: how much time do you spend each and every day on scheduling? An hour, a couple of hours, maybe even half the day or more?

It’s no secret doing scheduling this way is a pain. But even so, can fabricators make it work instead of investing in a scheduling software?

Let’s explore it!

Using a Whiteboard or Magnetic Board for Countertop Scheduling

You can use a physical board like a whiteboard or magnetic board for scheduling. We talk to hundreds of fab shops that have used this method at one time or another. You can purchase a large whiteboard that’s either plain for your own customizing or one that’s already set up like a calendar.

Get some dry erase markers, and start deciding how you want to color-code different activities. Perhaps all red activities are installs, and maybe all green activities are templates.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using a physical calendar for scheduling purposes.

1. It doesn’t go where you go.

If you use a whiteboard for scheduling, you can’t see it unless you’re standing right in front of it. What if you’re not at the office and a customer calls about the current status of their job? 

You won’t have a good answer for them unless you have a photographic memory, and even that is problematic. What if an adjustment was made to the whiteboard since you saw it last?

One of the largest problems with fabricators using whiteboards is they don’t have access to it when they’re at home or out in the field.

2. There’s no “Undo.”

The cleaning crew arrives and accidentally cleans everything on your whiteboard. What now? With a whiteboard, there’s no way to hit “Undo” and get all of that information back.

There’s also no way to reference what was on the whiteboard last month, or even last year. 

You might think the chances of someone erasing everything is slim, especially since that whiteboard is literally your lifeline, but it has happened. Teri Wright of Wright’s Woodworking explained their cleaning gal cleaned off the bottom two rows of their scheduling whiteboard, and they had no idea what the next two weeks were supposed to be.

Bottom line: life happens.

While a whiteboard can work for scheduling, it’s obviously not ideal and won’t work long for a growing fabrication shop. 

Using Google Calendar for Countertop Scheduling

In a pinch, you can use Google Calendar to schedule the various tasks in your shop. You can create a color-coded system and make sure everyone is synced up on the same calendar.

In several ways, Google Calendar is a step up from a physical whiteboard. At least your information is accessible “in the cloud,” and you don’t have to be physically in the office to look at it. Your various jobs and activities can also be referenced later in time if needed, though it might be clunky and somewhat of a hassle to do so. 

Google Calendar really isn’t built for some of the more complex things you may want to do, like tracking your activities this month compared to this month last year. Again, it’s possible – it’s just not ideal.

When you use Google Calendar, it’s not your single source of truth. It’s really not a great place to keep and store customer information, so you’ll probably use a combination of tools. We often see shops using Google Calendar, file folders, and spreadsheets.

Again, using Google Calendar or Outlook for scheduling is doable – it’s just not efficient, and at some point, you’re going to outgrow it. Keeping up with it simply gets too chaotic.

You also don’t have any features that are specifically useful for what you’re doing, like reporting, automatic scheduling, and mapping.

Kristian Tharaldson, Operations Manager at Great Northern Granite in Minnesota, explains

“I came on in 2012, and everything was done on paper. It was a corkboard calendar with little pieces of paper with the job address and the material going to that address. We then moved everything to Google Calendar and tried to color-code everything. Then, we realized Moraware was a better version of that. When we switched to Moraware is when everything changed in the company.”

Using Moraware’s Scheduling Software Instead

Systemize, our fabrication scheduling software, is created specifically for fabricators so there are a lot of features that are uniquely beneficial to our industry.

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Corian Solid Surface Offers Widesheet Dimensions

Posted on 14 July 2020 by cradmin3

The Corian® Design support network has stood side-by-side with Architects, Designers and Fabricators across the globe for more than 50 years, working to provide local service and support to customers so they can create solutions that solve the toughest design challenges. Corian Solid Surface in Widesheet Dimensions enables the fabrication of larger, more complex applications.

Help optimize the fabrication process for faster installations in applications that previously required multiple sheet seams to be joined. For the typical project, this means faster less labor-intensive installation periods, and less material for fabricators to inventory. Large scale commercial applications and businesses including healthcare, food service and retail are ideal candidates for this type of application.

Corian Solid Surface in Widesheet Dimensions is available in a wide range of sizes. These sheets allow for coverage of more space with less material waste while also contributing to Green Building and LEED building accreditation.

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Silica Dust Warning Sign

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OSHA Issues Guidance to Ensure Uniform Enforcement of Silica Standards

Posted on 13 July 2020 by cradmin3

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently issued a compliance directive designed to ensure uniformity in inspection and enforcement procedures when addressing respirable crystalline silica exposures in general industry, maritime, and construction.

The new directive provides OSHA compliance safety and health officers with guidance on how to enforce the silica standards’ requirements, including:

  • Methods of compliance
  • Table 1 tasks and specified exposure control methods;
  • Exposure assessments;
  • Housekeeping;
  • Respiratory protection;
  • Regulated areas;
  • Recordkeeping;
  • Employee information and training;
  • Medical surveillance; and
  • Communication of hazards.           

The directive also provides clarity on major topics, such as alternative exposure control methods when a construction employer does not fully and properly implement Table 1, variability in sampling, multi-employer situations, and temporary workers.

OSHA began enforcing most provisions of the construction standard in September 2017, with enforcement of the requirements for sample analysis starting in June 2018. Enforcement of most of the general industry and maritime standards began in June 2018, with enforcement of some medical surveillance requirements commencing on June 23, 2020.

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MSI Angora

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MSI Introduces Angora Collection

Posted on 09 July 2020 by cradmin3

MSI’s Angora collection proves that soft palettes and subtle sophistication go hand in hand. This series of backsplash and wall tiles is crafted from fine Italian marble and features on-trend designs in a soothing palette of cool grays and warm beiges. This classic collection gives a fresh yet familiar look that works well with a variety of decorative styles. Where other tiles make a bold statement, Angora is quiet and captivating. The collection includes: Subway 2×6 (pictured here), Basketweave, Elongated Octagon, Framework Subway and Herringbone.

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