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Corian® Design Presents Seven New Solid Surface Colors for Fall 2021

Posted on 01 September 2021 by cradmin

Corian® Design, a global brand in advanced surfacing solutions for interior design and architecture, has introduced seven new colors to its Corian Solid Surface Portfolio for interior spaces and architecture. These seven colors are divided into two unique collections, Carrara (Carrara Crema and Carrara Lino) and Artista (Artista Beige, Artista Dust, Artista Gray, Artista Canvas), and a standalone color, Sparkling Granita. These seven new colors of Corian Solid Surface are commercially now available along with the full color palette now including more than 100 colors.

With its design versatility, functionality and durability, Corian Solid Surface can be fabricated with most conventional woodworking tools into virtually any design. According to the company this nonporous material is easy to clean and can be thermoformed into seamless designs so that dirt, mold and bacteria have nowhere to hide.

Additional information about the seven new products includes:

  • Carraras – Inspired by eternal marble stone, prominent veins inform a look in cool and warm colors that are simultaneously classic and modern.
    • Carrara Lino (pictured) – Beautiful gray veins course through the cool white surface to create a perfect interpretation of classically inspired stone.
    • Carrara Crema – A warm beige background is enhanced with enticing monochromatic veins that conjure classic stone in colors that comfort.
  • Artistas – Complexity generates aesthetics with pronounced veins set into neutral grounds. The effect is timeless and contemporary for any application.
    • Artista Beige – Beige is enhanced with similar tones and shades to create a complex look that adds modernity to the warm coloring of the surface.
    • Artista Gray – Enduring gray is freshened with an intricate vein pattern within the surface and dark veins flow through mid-value gray for innovative appeal.
    • Artista Dust – Dark gray, monochrome elements swirl within the dusky background creating an aesthetic that resonates with multiple design styles.
    • Artista Canvas – A comforting, warm ivory surface offers a haven for swirling veins set amongst scattered, light-colored particles.

• Sparkling Granita – Translucent and sparkling particles create an effervescent effect in this fresh white surface to convey energy and visual depth.

The company stated that the material is suitable for use in a variety of residential and commercial applications, including wall features, countertops, vanity tops, tub/shower walls and more. Corian Solid Surface is also renewable and repairable on-site, making it environmentally friendly.

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Corian Design Extends Partnership with Designer Mario Romano

Posted on 18 February 2021 by cradmin

Corian® Design, a leading global brand in advanced surfacing solutions for interior design and architecture, and M|R Walls designer Mario Romano, have announced an extension to their strategic collaboration to produce custom decorative walls, designed with Corian Solid Surface. The partnership will continue bringing some of the most unique and visually arresting projects to life.

Mario Romano’s multidimensional wall panels are made from carved Corian Solid Surface, using designs which enable seamless installation and unlimited scaling. Each wall panel is carved into interlocking puzzle pieces, then delivered and assembled on-site, offering a complete solution in one step. The finished walls are also waterproof, stain-resistant, and impervious to mold and bacteria.

Many companies along with designers and owners of well-known high-end homes have installed his designs, which serve as true centerpieces. Mario Romano is not just a visionary designer and creative fabricator; he also continually helps educate the market on the qualities and benefits of Corian Solid Surface through inspirational project videos and photography.

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Urban Cement

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Corian Design Launches New High-Performance Porcelain Line

Posted on 16 September 2020 by cradmin3

Corian® Design, a leading global brand in advanced surfacing solutions for interior design and architecture, has introduced Corian Endura™ , a high-performance porcelain made from natural minerals for ultimate durability.

Suitable for residential and commercial projects, Corian Endura is highly customizable and perfect for vertical and horizontal solutions, including kitchen countertops, vanities, and design-forward interiors and exteriors.

Because of its solid structure, Corian Endura offers superior resistance to extreme heat, abrasions, scratches and stains, allowing customers the opportunity to utilize the surface to its full potential. The product is non-porous, easy to clean, Greenguard™ Gold Certified, and does not promote the growth of mold, bacteria and mildew, exceeding demands of modern residential kitchens and high traffic spaces.

Highly resistant to ultraviolet (UV) light, Corian Endura retains its appearance without fading, making it a great choice for outdoor applications. Made of 100 percent natural minerals, the product is uniquely engineered through compression and then heated at high temperature in a similar way to how nature forges a diamond.

Corian Endura is offered in four product families, including a collection of tones in monochromatic, marble, metal and cement. Designed to complement the aesthetic of Corian Solid Surface and Corian Quartz, the Corian Endura range offers a versatile collection of striking colors and patterns to fit any number of interior or exterior design themes. Corian Endura is now available for purchase. To learn more, visit corianendura.com.

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Corian Solid Surface Offers Widesheet Dimensions

Posted on 14 July 2020 by cradmin3

The Corian® Design support network has stood side-by-side with Architects, Designers and Fabricators across the globe for more than 50 years, working to provide local service and support to customers so they can create solutions that solve the toughest design challenges. Corian Solid Surface in Widesheet Dimensions enables the fabrication of larger, more complex applications.

Help optimize the fabrication process for faster installations in applications that previously required multiple sheet seams to be joined. For the typical project, this means faster less labor-intensive installation periods, and less material for fabricators to inventory. Large scale commercial applications and businesses including healthcare, food service and retail are ideal candidates for this type of application.

Corian Solid Surface in Widesheet Dimensions is available in a wide range of sizes. These sheets allow for coverage of more space with less material waste while also contributing to Green Building and LEED building accreditation.

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Video: Sanding Solid Surface to a Matte Finish

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Video: Sanding Solid Surface to a Matte Finish

Posted on 24 April 2019 by cradmin

This video showing how to sand/polish solid surface countertops, put out by The Fabricator Network, walks the viewer through the process of properly finishing solid surface to a matte finish. According to the video creator, the process specifically follows the fabrication manual procedures laid out by Staron Solid Surface.

It explains the sanding techniques, including the tools, equipment and consumables needed, and offers specific steps.

The video goes on to show how to buff the surface with Scotch-Brite, once again showing the materials needed and the complete process.

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DuPont Launches the Second Issue of its Global “Corian® Design Magazine”

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DuPont Launches the Second Issue of its Global “Corian® Design Magazine”

Posted on 17 January 2019 by cradmin

DuPont has launched the second issue of the Corian® Design Magazine, a global publication developed by its Corian® Design business celebrating the innovative spirit of the Corian® brand, which continues to move forward and break new ground in the international markets of interior design and architecture.

“Corian® is a remarkable brand and a versatile material that over the years has been synonymous with quality and innovation. Last year, we announced a new business and brand vision under a new name: Corian® Design. This brand repositioning saw the introduction of a dynamic tagline – Make Your Space™ – that invites architects, designers and consumers to unlock the potential built into our offerings. Starting in 2018, we have undertaken a series of steps to transform our business. We have expanded our product offering across all regions, aligned ourselves to respond more quickly to industry trends, deepened our commitment to digitalization, strengthened our cooperation with business partners and customers, and launched our global Make Your Space™ communication campaign. To help champion the advantages inherent in our product line, we also have created the Corian® Design magazine, aimed at design-conscious individuals curious to see what our materials, products and solutions could do. This second issue is showing that our vision and strategy is materializing at 360 degrees,” said Julie J. Eaton, Vice President and General Manager of the Corian® Design business.

In the second issue, the Corian® Design vision is presented through a series of interviews with global managers of the business. Julie J. Eaton describes the new brand and business model, while other managers present the opportunities in the residential market, the Corian® Exteriors initiative, the hospitality segment, the Corian® Quartz repositioning and the introduction of Corian® Solid Surface with Resilience Technology™.

The “One-on-One” section includes interviews with leading personalities, such as interior design star Bobby Berk from USA and Thomas Klee, CEO of Rational kitchen industry, from Germany. Roberto Pagone, Investment Director for Southern Italy of Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, tells the story of the high speed train station in Afragola, Naples, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, featuring exterior cladding solutions based on Corian® Solid Surface; Arch Reza Azard of Projectiles studio from Paris, France, talks about his experience in the design of museums.

The “Portfolio” section offers a wide variety of fascinating images, linked also to recent global color trends, featuring the most recent aesthetics and colors of Corian® Solid Surface and Corian® Quartz in kitchen and bathroom environments as well as in public and commercial spaces.

The “Spotlight” section showcases case histories from the world about Corian® Solid Surface and Corian® Quartz, such as the YMCA in Calgary, Canada, designed by GEC Architecture; the Menai Science Park building by FaulknerBrowns Architects in Wales, U.K.; the interiors of Midwest Inland Port Financial Town trading centre in Xi’an, China, a project by Hallucinate architectural studio; the Adidas store in Santiago, Chile, a project by Oarquitectos; the Dining Hall of the Montana State University campus in the USA; the Tuto Mazara temple in Punjab, India, a project by Singh Modelers.

The “Report” section presents different examples of collaborations between the Corian® Design business and leading firms with unique skills and know-how: Futrus (furnishing solutions for healthcare environments) and MR Walls (decorative, customized wall cladding solutions), both from USA, and Rexa Design (contemporary bathroom solutions) company from Italy.

The Global Digest section includes a series of short articles on significant projects featuring Corian® Solid Surface or Corian® Quartz, from Australia, Belgium, China, France, Guatemala, Israel, Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia and the UK.

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Dye Sublimation - Bringing Your Corian® & Solid Surface to Life With Imagery

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Dye Sublimation – Bringing Your Corian® & Solid Surface to Life With Imagery

Posted on 29 May 2018 by cradmin

Presented by SolidSurface.com

If you want to give your customers another option for adding more artistry and pizzazz to their business, home office, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, family room or bedroom, look no further than using a great selection of solid surface Corian®, HI-MACS, Avonite or any other brand for that matter.

Using a process called dye sublimation, you can transfer any design, logo, photograph or image (no matter how simple or complex) onto the solid surface material.

Dye Sublimation in the Scottish Environment Protection Agency’s offices at Inverdee House in Aberdeen, Scotland. Reception desk project by Keppie Design Architects; photo Simon Price. Photograph courtesy of DuPont.


How It’s Done

Although it may look complicated, dye sublimation is really quite simple and the results are impressive! And, as it turns out, solid surface is the perfect medium for the dye sublimation process. This is because successful dye sublimation is dependant upon an acrylic or polyester base for application due to its ability to bond with the gassed ink dyes that are used.

To start, have your customer provide you with their desired image or text–a photograph, digital or vector image. It’s important to confirm that the image meets the minimum digital or printed requirements to enable creation of a viable digital image file for sublimation.

After going through your quality check process, you can then print the desired image to an ink transfer plate and heat up both the plate and the solid surface material. Once the materials reach the proper temperature, a vacuum process is used to transfer the ink on the transfer plate (now in gaseous form) into the Corian® or other solid surface material. (Note: this process may vary slightly between dye sublimation specialists.)

Presto! The desired image or text is now permanently embedded into the surface, creating a very artistic and unique piece. This printed solid surface piece can now be fabricated, shaped and thermoformed, in the same manner as any other piece of solid surface material.

Think of the Solid Surface as a Blank Canvas…

Just like Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso or Warhol, envision the solid surface material as a blank canvas just waiting to spring to life with whatever imagery your customer desires. Through the dye sublimation process, virtually anything imaginable can be masterfully transferred into the solid surface. Possibilities range from larger endeavors like business signs, paneled installations, wall décor and artistic flourishes added to countertops, to smaller projects like promotional goods, coasters, hot plates, trivets or customized trophies or gifts.

Dye sublimation in various design concepts developed by R.D.Wing Co., Inc., for the AIA 2006 Convention, DuPont Corian Booth. Photo courtesy of R.D. Wing Co., Inc.

Dye sublimation is unique in that the process permanently embeds and preserves a selected image or text in the actual solid surface substrate. As a result, your customer can also have the creative flexibility to choose between a matte or high gloss finish for the final touch.

Quite literally, dye sublimation allows the imagination to be the limit on what is created. So bring out the inner artist in your customer and offer them dye sublimation on their next solid surface project.

Dye Sublimation in the Pediatrics and Pediatric Emergency Reception Area of the Hospital Universitari Sant Joan de Reus, Spain, Decoration by FernandezCoca.com; Photo courtesy of curArte and DuPont.

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Corian Celebrates Fifty Years With Three New Colors

Posted on 16 August 2017 by cradmin

White Onyx

White Onyx

Corian®, the solid and non-porous high-tech surface material from DuPont celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Corian, a synthetic and versatile material, has gained much recognition and acclaim internationally. Represented in both residential and commercial environments, Corian is utilized in kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, lighting, technology and healthcare.

To celebrate the occassion, Corian has introduced three new distinctive surfaces: Concrete, Onyx and Prima.

Concrete Corian has been made available in four colors: Carbon, Ash, Weathered and Neutral. Concrete was inspired by the modern, urban landscape. With its understated pattern of fine particles, Concrete aims to be both strong and noble in its appearance.

Onyx Corian has been made available in two colors: Gray and White. Onyx is inspired by the classic, semi-precious variety of ornamental stone. With its rich, veiny texture, Onyx has a certain visual modernity and fluid aspect.

Prima Corian has been made available in eight colors: Limestone, Dune, Smoke Drift, Cosmos, Evening, Cocoa, Nimbus and Windswept. Prima was created to celebrate ‘on-trend’ design. With hues inspired by nature, Prima embodies and captures a range of poetic moods.

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Inflatable Solid Surface Project

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Inflatable Solid Surface Project

Posted on 13 January 2016 by cradmin

In this video posted by Dezeen, a design and architecture magazine, London designer Rachel Harding, a London-based designer, used Corian solid surface, which we are all familiar with in countertop applications, in a very unique way. While it may not be a countertop application, per say, it is pretty amazing. What Harding did was to create a balloon-like chair by inflating it.

For those of you who are solid surface fabricators or enthusiasts, this is well worth the time to watch.

You may also be interested in this video on embedding wireless charging into countertops.

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Fabricator Profile: Classic Marble Design Focuses on the Customer Experience

Posted on 06 January 2016 by cradmin

Solid-Surface-300x261Even though its closest competitor is 27 miles away, Classic Marble Design, Inc. in Clinton, Okla., places an emphasis on customer service. The sales manager, Esther Switzer, looks at customer service before anything else, whether it is improving the look of the showroom or adopting policies for less-intrusive installations.

Classic Marble Design estimates that 85 percent of the company’s business is through word of mouth. The only marketing done by the company are radio spots on a local station and an ad in a local classified newspaper, Penny News. Repeat customers are extremely common. “Virtually everyone we do business with eventually returns for an additional project,” claimed Switzer.

One of the tools employed by Classic Marble Design is the “goody bag.” At the end of each job, customers are left with a bag that includes brochures on care and maintenance, a $50 gift certificate for a future referral, a scented candle, a thank-you card and a survey about the products purchased and services performed. The goody bag serves a double purpose in that it also smooths the way for installers to ask for the check to cover the balance of the bill.

Classic Marble Design is located about 90 miles west of Oklahoma City and was founded in 1997 by John and Janelle Russell and Brett and Marci Russel. Most of the jobs done are residential, but some commercial work is also performed. The company works with a full range of materials and brands, including Corian and LivingStone solid surface, Cambria and Radianz quartz, granite and other natural stone.

Read more of this Fabricator Profile here: Classic Marble Design, Inc.

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