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Tenax Filiflex

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Tenax Offers Filiflex & Airflex Antique Brushes

Posted on 02 July 2021 by cradmin4

For use in fabrication shops, Tenax Filiflex and Airflex Antique Brushes offer a finished texture that reproduces the factory brushed finish.

Filiflex four and five inch snail lock brushes (pictured) are made with many narrow bristles, removing material more aggressively and cutting deeper to create an antique look. Filiflex lock grits are available in 36, 46 and 60.

For a softer antique look, Airflex four and five inch snail lock brushes are available to create a texture that enhances the natural color of the stone. The Airflex Snail Lock grits are available in 120, 220, 300, 400, 300Lux, 400Lux, 600Lux and 800Lux.

Tenax diamond brushes work with existing tools that are used everyday in fabrication shops to create antique finishes on slabs.

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Video: Sanding Solid Surface to a Matte Finish

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Video: Sanding Solid Surface to a Matte Finish

Posted on 24 April 2019 by cradmin

This video showing how to sand/polish solid surface countertops, put out by The Fabricator Network, walks the viewer through the process of properly finishing solid surface to a matte finish. According to the video creator, the process specifically follows the fabrication manual procedures laid out by Staron Solid Surface.

It explains the sanding techniques, including the tools, equipment and consumables needed, and offers specific steps.

The video goes on to show how to buff the surface with Scotch-Brite, once again showing the materials needed and the complete process.

You may also be interested in this video about thermoforming solid surface.

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GranQuartz Offers New Edge Polishing Tools

Posted on 17 August 2016 by cradmin

GranQuartz edge finishing wheelsGranQuartz Offers two new edge polishing combo wheels. The ProSeries Fusion Combo Wheels available from GranQuartz are designed for single pass edge finishing on both bullnose and straight edge profiles. Suitable for Park Industries’ Velocity machines for both granite and engineered stone, they are 130 or 150mm in diameter with Snail Lock Connections. The second ProSeries wheels, the NTR2Combo, are made for made in the same sizes and for the same uses, but on backsplash machines. Best flat, it can be used for round profile polishing and requires very low pressure, reducing stress on spindle heads.

You may also be interested in this video displaying a variety of different edge profiles.

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Omni Cubed Offers No-Spin Backer Pad

Posted on 15 February 2013 by cradmin

Omni Cubed’s new No-Spin Backer Pad is designed to provide faster results and less damage to surrounding vertical surfaces during polishing or refinishing. It has a rigid aluminum Velcro backer, with the addition of a free-floating disc on top. A protective rubber bumper surrounds the disc so when it is pushed against a backsplash, wall or other surface, the disc stops spinning while the pad continues to spin beneath it. It acts as a built-in roller guide to allow fast and precise cut patterns, while reducing the damage caused by the edge of spinning polishing pads. The backer has 5/8-11 threads and includes an aluminum spacer washer to protect against wear caused by polisher spindles. They are available in 4-, 5- and 7-inch sizes and have a maximum RPM of 3,000. A patent is pending on this product.

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Thermoforming Solid Surface

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Thermoforming Solid Surface

Posted on 16 October 2012 by cradmin

Here is another great video, this one posted by Sterling Surfaces – a fabrication outfit in Massachusetts that is well known for its 3-D thermoforming capabilities – depicting the creation of a complex solid surface desk. The desk was made out of LG HI-MACS for the product’s owner LG Hausys, to be displayed at the 2010 Greenbuild show.

The video only provides a glimpse of Sterling’s actual thermoforming station/process, but otherwise does a good job of showing the process from the mold to the final finishing. Well worth a watch for those interested in solid surface:

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New Ceros Random Orbital Sander Offered By Mirka Abrasives

Posted on 27 September 2012 by cradmin

Mirka Abrasives CEROS random orbital countertop sander

Mirka Abrasives is now offering its new Compact Electric Random Orbital Sander (CEROS), designed for dust free finishing. CEROS is almost half the size and weight of competitive sanders, and offers a brushless DC motor, integrated 12-foot cord, DC transofrmer, multihole backup pad and pad wrech, user manual and quick start DVD package, and is available in 5- and 6-inch models. It comes in a durable container for transport and storage.

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