Video: Solid Surface Cove Routing and Sanding

This video put out by fabricator Olive Mill, in California, shows the basics of how to route and sand a solid surface, cove countertop. The video begins with a fully fabricated countertop with the cove insert and backsplash glued up for the purposes of time. The demonstrator uses a specialty … Read more

Video: Space Saving Under Countertop Cabinet Idea

According to various reports, kitchens (and living spaces in general) in many cases are becoming smaller. Whether this has to do with real estate pricing, the green movement, the aging population or many other reasons, it is a trend that has been much written about over the past few years. … Read more

Video: Interesting Rope Edge Design on Granite Countertop

This video from Custom Edge Denver, shows a hand-crafted custom rope edge on a granite countertop. While we would have liked to see the craftsman wearing his safety glasses, his work is obviously well-practiced. Offering unique or different edge profiles has always been a great way to give customers an … Read more

Video: Upselling – 55 Ideas For Bathroom Countertops

This video put out by RR Design depicts 55 different and interesting ideas for bathroom countertops that go well beyond the typical vanity. Not only does it show a variety of colors, sizes, shapes and edge profiles, but it also displays numerous materials. Regardless of material, the bathroom can be … Read more

Upselling Countertops Can Make for Happier Customers in the End

On a recent trip to visit friends in Russia, I immediately noticed their newly redecorated kitchen. I was duly impressed with everything about it, including the cabinets, the range and oven and the integral sink. However, a closer inspection of the sink revealed dark stains at the bottom and a few chips around … Read more

Ideas for Upselling Granite, Quartz or Other Countertop Materials

When it comes to surfacing, it is all too easy to become complacent and just take countertop orders, rather than really put your sales expertise to use, and this is true of granite (or other natural stone), quartz surfacing, solid surface, or really any other material. Upselling can really be … Read more