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Porcelanosa Opens New Showroom

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Porcelanosa Opens New Showroom

Posted on 23 November 2018 by cradmin

PORCELANOSA, a global leader in the innovation, design, manufacturing and distribution of luxury tile, kitchen and bath products, has opened a new showroom in Chestnut Hill, Mass. The brand new showroom located six miles west of Boston, in Chestnut Hill, Mass, has a 5,200 sq. ft., exhibition space, showcasing three full-size kitchen displays and 35 full lifestyle bathroom vignettes, all featuring some of PORCELANOSA’s top products.

The new PORCELANOSA showroom is located on Boylston St. in Chestnut Hill, Mass. and is Massachusetts’ 2nd showroom to open. The new space is a great addition to the existing showroom located at Boston Design Center in Boston. A grand opening party took place on Wednesday, October 17th and was attended by PORCELANOSA clients, local media, bloggers, and influencers.

In the new showroom, customers and industry professionals alike can meet with dedicated in-store Design Consultants to select products and take home free tile samples for residential renovation projects. Industry professionals including architects, developers and builders can also schedule meetings with personal Architectural & Design Sales representatives that work on larger commercial projects. The showroom has kitchen and bathroom displays, and an extensive tile library with hundreds of tiles to choose from.

The showroom is also part of “The Street,” which is one of the region’s most delightful destinations for shops, eateries, entertainment and culture. Both a leader in national retail trends and a cornerstone within its Chestnut Hill community, The Street enchants its visitors with a collection of 40 unrivaled brands, as well as lively events by way of art, live music, fitness and kid-friendly fun.
PORCELANOSA currently has 30 showrooms in the United States, including newly opened showrooms in the Miami Design District and San Diego, Calif. The company is slated to open another showroom in Toronto, ON, Canada.

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Video: Upselling – 55 Ideas For Bathroom Countertops

Posted on 16 January 2018 by cradmin

This video put out by RR Design depicts 55 different and interesting ideas for bathroom countertops that go well beyond the typical vanity. Not only does it show a variety of colors, sizes, shapes and edge profiles, but it also displays numerous materials.

Regardless of material, the bathroom can be a great upsell when putting in new kitchen countertops, and as this video shows can also be a great independent sale.

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LAUFEN Hires New Global Projects Manager

Posted on 08 June 2015 by cradmin

Laufen project manager Nazneen AhmedLAUFEN, the Swiss-based designer and manufacturer of bathroom sinks and other bathroom products, hired Nazneen Ahmed as its new global projects manager for its Global Projects Team based in New York. Ahmed joins the team with sales and international project management and development experience. In this newly created position she will manage specifications for large local and global projects for the companny, predominately in the New York Metro area. Her new appointment at LAUFEN will concentrate on contractors, developers, architects and designers who predominately support large commercial projects.

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Bathroom Countertop Ideas – An Approach to Use with Your Customers

Posted on 05 February 2013 by cradmin

By Express Countertops

A good approach to take with customers with regards to bathroom countertops is as follows:

Are you looking for bathroom countertop ideas to help your room stand out and truly your own style?

With a wide range of options available for countertop material, accessories, and colors, you have the versatility to choose a design that is unique to your home.

But how can you make sure you choose the right countertop for your home?


Consider Unique Materials and Surfaces

One of the great things about bathroom counters is that you have options for materials that you simply can’t use in a kitchen countertop.

Think about surfaces like glass and cultured marble: These wouldn’t work in a kitchen because they are easily damaged by hot pans, sharp knives and day-to-day use. This isn’t an issue with a bathroom, so you can incorporate these unique surface materials for countertops that can truly set the mood.


Speaking of Mood…

The kind of mood and ambience that a room creates is important no matter what that room’s purpose. A kitchen should have a different feel from a bedroom, which should have a unique feel from the living room and basement. Things are no different for the bathroom.

Think about whether you want to encourage relaxation or invigoration with the bathroom and plan its design around that.

In addition, you can go for a classic look or a modern look, depending on your personal tastes.

Think about adding features like fixtures made from natural stone or tiles made from bright colors and you can create a look that people will appreciated when they walk in, even if it’s on a subconscious level.

When it comes to your bathroom counters, you can have them be the centerpiece of the room’s design rather than another fixture that simply blends in with everything.


Making the Most of the Space

Even if you have a small bathroom, you don’t need to give up on unique bathroom countertop ideas. There are still a number of things you can do to make the room as personalized as possible; you just need to be more creative.

Some of the things you can do in this instance include:

  • Installing a Floating Vanity – This means having a vanity that doesn’t touch the floor, and this will give you some space underneath for whatever you might need it for.
  • Shelving to Match Your Counters – Storage space is extremely important in a bathroom, and even more so in a small one. Have enough shelves to keep all your things, and make sure they are made from a material that matches your counters.
  • Consider Light Colors – Light colors not only create a relaxing mood, but have been known to create the illusion of more space as well. Consider this option when designing your bathroom and you’ll have a more welcoming room because of it.


Moving on from There

Knowing what kind of material, color and mood you want for your home’s bathroom are a start, but these bathroom countertop ideas are only the foundation.

Play around with different ideas, and take advantage of your professional countertop fabricators and installers expertise. They may bring up new features or suggestions you never even considered.

But most of all—HAVE FUN! The bathroom countertop is your chance to truly let the creative juices flow and pick a design that can be more beautiful than functional.


About the Guest Blogger

Express Countertops has been helping Maryland, DC, and Virginia homeowners with all of their countertop needs for over a decade. We fabricate and install countertops, streamlining the buying process, to save customers time & money! Call us at 866-609-2162.


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