Video: Space Saving Under Countertop Cabinet Idea

According to various reports, kitchens (and living spaces in general) in many cases are becoming smaller. Whether this has to do with real estate pricing, the green movement, the aging population or many other reasons, it is a trend that has been much written about over the past few years. A simple internet search  will return numerous results about the trend. Regardless of why, it has led to many space saving ideas for storage.

Because cabinets and countertops go hand-in-hand, many fabricators may be affected by the trend. So, that makes upselling all that much more important, whether it is a unique, perhaps coved, backsplash, distinctive edge treatment or high-end sink. Also because of the close tie to each other, many fabricators offer cabinetry (whether pre-fabricated or custom cabinets) that they either make/install or subcontract out. We have seen companies offering plumbing services, flooring, repair, stone sealing and many other value-added products and services.

This video, posted by Incredible Woodworking, shows a space-saving storage idea for under countertop cabinetry that could be a good upsell. Obviously, this is just one of many ideas and every dollar you are able to add to a sale is more profitable because it can be installed without an additional site visit.

Please feel free to share your upsell ideas with us and others in the industry in the comments here or you¬† can always email us at [email protected].