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Laser Products Partners With Northwood Designs’ Slabsmith

Posted on 06 September 2016 by cradmin

Slabsmith ScreenshotLaser Products announced a partnership with Northwood Designs, creators of Slabsmith. According to the agreement, Laser Products will use its industry expertise to distribute, develop and support customized applications of the Slabsmith technology for individual countertop fabricators.

Slabsmith is a slab matching and management tool that uses photographs to produce digital slabs that are highly accurate in color, dimensions and unique slab properties. It is the only software that provides users with an inventory management tool that reportedly optimizes slab usage, significantly reduces waste and streamlines countertop manufacturing.

Under the terms of the agreement, in addition to Slabsmith sales, Laser Products will assist customers with the requisition and set-up of the photography and studio equipment needed to optimize Slabsmith. Laser Products will also build customized computer systems that integrate with existing corporate administrative programs and conduct on-site training sessions.

“Partnering with Slabsmith is a perfect fit for our companies and a win-win for our customers,” said Dan Louis, president, Laser Products. “Our company is well-known for manufacturing products that offer simple solutions to complicated problems. That’s what Slabsmith does for slab matching and management. Combining their software with our sales and engineering expertise will help fabricators improve their business and their profits.”

For more information or a demonstration of Slabsmith visit laserproductsus.com/slabsmith.

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Cosentino Launches 3 Online Design Tools for Better Surface Visualization

Posted on 14 April 2015 by cradmin

Cosentino launched three new online tools: a Digital Warehouse that gives fabricators an online library of slabs that can be previewed with clients and  the HD Home Viewer and the 3D Home Simulator, which allow the digital customization of a variety of environments by manipulating the various design elements.

Powered by SlabSmith software, the Digital Warehouse allows fabricators and specifiers to directly order a specific slab of granite or marble online by accessing images and providing measurements of each slab. It also autocorrects images for distortions and lighting and notes imperfections. Users can filter by size or application requirements to ensure material consistency and minimized waste in fabrication. Slabs can be applied to kitchen layout templates to create installation previews. By viewing the slab’s patterns and veining placing seams, appliances or fixtures can be determined before ordering. Right now it is only available for the company’s natural stone products.

The other two tools are for designers and homeowners. The Cosentino 3D Home simulator, for iPads, allows users to customize six environmental elements, including a modern, classic and outdoor kitchen, two bathrooms and an exterior space where Dekton may be applied to the façade. It provides multiple viewing angles and lighting scenarios, as well as 3-D movement and camera zoom capabilities. Designs can be saved in a library for editing or sharing. It’s available through the iTunes app store. The Cosentino HD Home Viewer is a multiplatform simulator with high-definition renderings of six spaces, including kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor and retail environments that can incorporate applications of Dekton. The user customizes surfaces by clicking on countertops, façades, wall coverings, floors, furniture and bathroom elements. It is intended for use on computers and Android, iOS and Windows tablets, smartphones and smart televisions.

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