Northwood Designs, Inc. Announces Latest release of Slabsmith Software

Northwood Designs, Inc. has announced the latest release of Slabsmith software for stone fabricators.

This release of Slabsmith (v2023.6) includes many new features, most notably the addition of advanced 3D features within the Perfect Match™ layout module.

According to the company, with this release previously difficult or impossible 3D assemblies are now simple, quick, and accurate to implement. Full height walls, fireplace mantels, or even entire rooms can be easily created from a standard 2D DXF digital template.

In addition to the 3D features, cost and pricing properties have been added as well as the conversion of the inventory activity log to a “Temporal History” which along with the coming Report module, provides the ability to obtain more detailed information about inventory value, trends, use, etc.

Also released with 2023.6 is the updated and new “Live Scan” module for physical inventory reconciliation. This module runs on a small tablet along with a barcode scanner to make correcting mistakes in inventory and updating slab positions in the warehouse a simple and painless operation.

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