Fabricator Profile: Crowley’s Granite & Quartz

By Katherine Gifford of Moraware

I say this with absolute confidence: Every shop needs a Leta.

For the last 17 years, Leta McConnaughey has been the guru behind the shop’s Moraware set-up. Not only is she kind and engaging, Leta is curious and eager to continuously make things run better. Her role as Estimating and Scheduling Manager has benefitted Crowley’s immensely and will continue to as she continues to fine-tune their processes.

So, how has she done it?

Becoming a Moraware Guru

Leta credits her experience to a few things. Her curiosity fueled her to explore the software and play around with the features on her own. For example, Leta will go in and make test quotes to try to figure things out, or go into different aspects of each platform to understand what she could be using it for. Because she’s in CounterGo and Systemize so much, she’s usually aware of any changes to the platforms immediately.

The secret to getting good at Moraware? Leta says it’s being curious, but also being willing to email support and ask. She also encourages others to regularly watch the YouTube videos and browse the “fantastic” knowledge bases. This will help you learn what other features you maybe aren’t using yet, which could really help your process in some way! Then…you guessed it…go in and play around with it.