Tile Backsplash Ideas for Showrooms

It’s not always possible to sell every customer on that full height granite or coved solid surface backsplash, no matter how hard one might try, which often makes tile the go-to product. And for tile countertops, a tile backsplash is only natural. Many types of tile also make a great … Read more

How Stainless Steel Countertops are Fabricated

This video, by Tigpro, is a bit promotional, but it shows the process of creating a stainless steel countertop, which I’ve never seen before. It goes through the selection of material, cutting (shears), bending (press brake), welding of integral stainless steel sink (TIG welding), creation of the wooden substrate (very … Read more

Radianz Quartz Surfacing Fabrication Video

Here is an instructional video put out by Salvo Corp., a South African material distributor of Samsung Radianz quartz surfacing (in and of itself quite interesting). This 8-1/2 minute video covers quite a few topics, including material handling and storage, sawing, seaming, edge lamination, polishing, CNC sink cut-outs, radius requirements, … Read more